AMC Update Wednesday 5/27/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/27/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

As Krystal arrives at the hospital with a dozen yellow roses, Jake yells at Tad, who is whizzing down the hall in his wheelchair. After he crashes into Krystal, Tad lies on the floor covered in yellow roses, laughing hysterically. Since he is being released, Krystal offers Tad a ride home. Tad accepts Krystal's offer over Jake's, and Krystal goes to get the car. Tad tells her to take him to Wildwind, saying he could use her help for a couple of weeks in taking care of the girls. Krystal is shocked and doesn't want to confuse the girls about where they live. After she goes for the car, Tad tells Jake there is no way his daughters are going near Dr. Derwood.

While Kendall reads to Ian in the hospital, Erica enters and offers to call Jackson and see if he can work out a deal for Zach with the police, but Kendall tells her Zach doesn't want a deal. Kendall says Jesse is asking questions, and he knows she was at the Chandler home the night Stuart was killed. It is obvious that Kendall is worried that Zach really did shoot Stuart. When Angie enters Ian's room, Kendall is glad to see her and thanks her again, but Angie thinks she really should be thanking Jake, because he wouldn't give up on Ian when everyone else did. Kendall is sorry they didn't stay at the hospital that night and believe that Ian would pull through. She says that if they had stayed a little longer, Scott Chandler and Ian would still have their fathers.

Liza arrives at the hospital asking to see Adam. The guard at his door tells her she isn't on the list, but Liza talks her way in. Adam is not happy to see her. She informs him she is in town to reconnect with her daughter. They discuss her "pregnancy," but she is unwilling to give him the father's name. They spar with each other for a minute. Colby comes into the room and accuses Liza of killing Stuart because Liza wanted Colby to verify her alibi. Erica enters closely followed by a guard who escorts Liza out of Adam's hospital room. Adam tells the guard to arrest Liza. Erica doesn't understand why Jesse isn't questioning Liza. She tells Adam that Kendall was there that night also. He asks to be alone for a bit and weeps for Stuart. Adam and Colby get ready to leave the hospital and go to the funeral for Stuart. She straightens his tie and helps him out.

Colby and Adam run into Kendall. Adam is upset and asks her why she didn't warn him that Zach was on his way to kill him that night. Kendall lets him know in no uncertain terms that she isn't taking accusations from him. She tells him Ian almost died because of corporate greed, and he didn't warn her that the new valve wasn't ready.

She closes their conversation by saying, "Don't preach to me about the sanctity of life knowing you were willing to play God with my son's."

Jesse and Zach are talking, and Jesse doesn't believe Zach killed Stuart but thinks he is just covering for Kendall, so Jesse thinks Kendall was the shooter. Zach looks up, and Liza is talking to the guard right outside the window. Liza and Jesse have a brief visit. She tells him she will tell Zach she identified Kendall at the Chandler's the night Stuart was shot even though she just recanted and signed a statement to that effect. Liza goes to Zach and tells him she identified Kendall with a gun outside the Chandler mansion the night of the murder. Zach tells her to "fix it" by retracting her statement. She says she would be the prime suspect if she did, but Zach doesn't care and warns her that if she doesn't, "secrets will come out."

Angie arrives at the police station and sees Liza for the first time. Angie and Jesse have a conversation about Jesse's outlook. He thinks Ryan and Zach are both covering for Kendall. Angie argues against arresting or accusing Kendall.

David goes to see Amanda at Tad's house, and when Amanda opens the door, David barges in, and they begin to argue about Amanda standing by Jake. She assures David she trusts Jake, but David asks her if Jake Martin is really worth it. David tells her she and Jake won't keep him from his child.

Tad, Jake, and Krystal walk into the room. Jake immediately wants to know what David is doing there.

David talks to Jake about the ethics committee, and Jake assures him he will never get his hands on that baby. Jake and Amanda talk, and Jake assures her they will get David out of their lives. She seems to think she would like to be Liza.

Tad and Krystal go see Jenny. When Krystal leaves, she finds David waiting for her outside, not very happy that she did not get her daughter.

Liza greets Kendall at the church. Zach is sent to the state pen after Erica thanks him for sparing Kendall. Erica has Natalia go to the holding cells and bring Ryan to see her. Natalia jumps right up to do it. Jesse shows up at the church to arrest Kendall, but Liza tells him she recanted her story. It makes no difference - Kendall is arrested, but not before she tries to take a swing at Liza.

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