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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/26/09


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Angie and Jake talk about David appearing before the Ethics Committee. Amanda comes in and tells Jake that she had a routine checkup. Amanda asks if David is really going to be busted and Jake says that David is going to be busted, thrown out on his ass and kicked out of town.

Liza tells Jesse that she knows who killed Stuart. Liza says that she was on the terrace and the only person she saw was Kendall.

Kendall says that she doesnít understand why Zach is telling her to stay away from him for good. Ryan says that Zach is trying to protect Kendall. Kendall realizes that Zach confessed because he thinks that she killed Stuart and asks if Ryan believes it too. Ryan says that he knows that Kendall would tell him if she killed Stuart. Kendall realizes that Zachís confession is a lie and says that he is only doing it to protect her.

Zach says that he has waived his right to an attorney. The judge recommends that Zach seek the advice of counsel. Kendall stands up and says that she is Zachís counsel.

Jake says that they have documentation that Adamís symptoms and cardiac arrest are a result of the drugs. Amanda asks if David could finally be stopped. Jake says that by the time the Ethics Committee is done with David, he wonít be chief of staff and he might lose his license to practice medicine.

Krystal says that Angie tested Adamís medication and that she knows that David switched the pills. David says that Angie suspects it, but there is no way he is going down for it because they canít prove it. Krystal asks what David is going to do and he says that he is going to fight. Krystal asks if he has a plan. David says that he is going to say or do whatever he needs to so that he can beat it because he isnít going to lose his job on top of losing his children and his grandson.

Liza says that she went to see Colby, but she was sleeping, so she left. Liza says that she saw Kendall on the terrace with a gun. Jesse asks if Liza saw Kendall pull the trigger and Liza says no, but it was only a few seconds after she saw Kendall that she heard the gunshot.

Zach says that Kendall isnít an attorney. Zach pleads guilty and the judge says that sentencing will take place on 6/3. Kendall tells Zach that she didnít kill Stuart and asks him to change his plea and tell the truth. Zach says that he did tell the truth and tells Kendall to take care of the kids. Zach asks Ryan to make sure that Kendall takes care of the kids and Ryan agrees. Zach is taken back into custody and Kendall asks Ryan if he really believes that Zach killed Stuart.

Krystal says that David doesnít have to fight because any hospital in the country would be happy to have him on their staff. David says that he isnít fighting and that he is going to fight and win. Krystal says that they will crucify David. David says that he has never backed down from a fight in his life. Krystal says that this is about Amandaís baby, not Davidís job. Krystal says that David wants to stay close so that he can grab the baby as soon as it is born and David says that the baby is one of the principal reasons that he is staying in Pine Valley.

Kendall goes over what happened with Zach and says that maybe Zach really did it. Ryan tells Kendall that it was Zachís choice to confess. Kendall asks how Zach could say that he didnít want the boys to know him and that she doesnít believe that Zach meant it. Kendall says that she needs to do something.

Ryan tells Kendall to raise the boys to be the men that Zach would be proud of. Kendall says that she has to get back to the hospital. Ryan asks Kendall to call him later. Kendall tells JR that Zach confessed. JR says that knowing his uncleís killer is behind bars is some sort of closure. Scott says that he wanted to save lives with the valve, but instead it almost killed Ian and got Stuart killed.

Jesse asks if Kendall is inside and Ryan says that Kendall left. Jesse asks if Ryan knows where Kendall is because he has some questions. Ryan says that the case is closed because Zach confessed. Jesse says that Zach is protecting someone and it is the same person that Ryan is protecting.

Gayle and David talk about the Ethics Committee. David says that he doesnít know what he would do without Gayle. Angie comes out and says that the committee is waiting for them and asks David if he is ready. David says that he wouldnít miss it for the world.

JR says that they screwed up, but that doesnít mean that they give up. JR says that they canít fix it or make it right, but they can use it to make better decisions. Scott says that he is burying the valve with his father.

Ryan says that he isnít protecting anyone because he knows that Kendall didnít pull the trigger. Jesse says that he has a witness who was on the property that night. Ryan admits that Kendall went to the Chandlerís and that he went after her. Jesse says that he needs more details. Ryan says that he knew Kendall was angry and that he had to be the one to go get her. Ryan says that Kendall didnít have a gun, while remembering Kendall saying that Adam saw her with a gun. Ryan says that he was with Kendall when he heard the shot. Jesse arrests Ryan for obstruction of justice. Jesse says that he just wants to keep Ryan on ice until he can talk to Kendall and make sure her recollections are the same as his.

Kendall bumps into Liza. Kendall asks if Liza is in town for long. Liza says that she came to see Colby, but they will have to catch up one of these days. Kendall tells Liza to sit down for a minute because stress isnít good for the baby. Kendall and Liza talk about Zachís arraignment. Liza says that she has to go because her mother needs her. Kendall says that they will catch up soon.

Zach asks what they do now. A man says that Zach will enjoy one of the cells until they can arrange transportation to the state prison. An officer comes over with the ballistics report saying that the bullets match Zachís weapon. The officer says that there are still some unidentified latent prints, but they are mostly Zachís. The man says that the case is closed because the suspect confessed and tells the officer to put the gun in a shoebox.

Marian talks about when she left for the convention. Liza tells Marian to sit down. Marian asks what she is going to do without Stuart. Marian says that Stuart was her one true love.

Krystal makes a call about Marissa. Marissa walks in and says that she isnít back for the reason that Krystal thinks.

David admits that he hates Adam, but says that he did not drug him. Angie says that David threatened Adam multiple times. David says that he has too much respect for the hospital to abuse his position like that. Jake reminds everyone that David had his license revoked once before. David admits that Jake is right about his license being revoked, and says that he has made mistakes, but says that he would never risk the career that he worked so hard for to bring down someone. Angie says that David and Adam were at each otherís throats over Little Adamís custody trial. Gayle admits that she drugged Adam because she loves David and that she would do it again. Dr. Polansky tells Gayle that she is relieved of her duties and will be brought up before the nursing board. David thanks Dr. Polansky.

Marissa says that she heard on the news that Scottís adoptive father was killed and it made her think about losing her parents and finding her real parents. Marissa says that family is family. Marissa says that she was thinking that maybe she owed Krystal and David another chance.

David tells Gayle that she was brilliant and thanks her. David hands Gayle a check and she says that it is more than they discussed. David tells Gayle that he has a special patient that needs around-the-clock care and asks if she would be able to do it. Gayle says that she will leave immediately and asks David if he will visit. David says that he will visit as often as he can and thanks her again.

Marian says that she wants to put up some of Stuartís paintings. Scott and Liza admit that they miss being close to the family. Scott says that Stuart is working his magic from Heaven by bringing the family back together.

Zach asks what Ryan is doing there. Ryan says that Jesse has a witness to what happened at the Chandlerís. Ryan says that he told Jesse that he was with Kendall when they heard the shot. Zach asks what will happen if Ryan and Kendallís stories donít match. Ryan says that if Zach confessed because he thinks that Kendall did it, he made a mistake because she didnít do it. Zach asks if Ryan thinks that because he doesnít want to believe it.

Kendall tells Ian to sleep well and that she loves him. Jesse comes in and asks how Ian is doing. Kendall says that Ian is doing better. Kendall and Jesse step out into the hall. Jesse asks Kendall where she was the night of Stuartís murder. Kendall says that she went to the chapel to pray and it worked. Jesse says that he has 2 witnesses that place Kendall at the Chandlerís the night that Stuart was killed.

David tells Krystal that the Ethics Committee ruled in his favor and suggests that they celebrate. Krystal says that Marissa is back and wants to give them another chance and it might work out so they can be a family.

JR says that he wants Zach in prison, Stuart buried and Adam healthy so they can start being a family again, or at least have a fresh start. Liza says that she hopes it works that way.

Ryan tells Zach that he knows about the pact. Zach says that when Jesse stopped him at the hospital, Kendall left with one thing on her mind. An officer comes to get Zach.

Kendall admits that she was at the Chandlerís. Kendall says that she was on the terrace and saw Adam and JR fighting, and that JR had a gun. Kendall says that she hid when she heard someone coming. Kendall says that it was a woman, but didnít see who it was. Kendall then went back to the house and saw a gun on the floor and picked it up. She pointed the gun at what she thought was Adam, but couldnít do it, so she ran towards the garden. Kendall heard the gunshot and kept running. Kendall saw Ryan by the garden and they left, but admits that Zach had a gun too. Kendall admits that she didnít tell Jesse before because she wanted to protect Zach. Jesse asks if Kendall was alone when the gun went off and she says yes. Kendall says that she would like to get back to Ian, and Jesse says that they are done. Angie comes up. Jesse says that he doesnít think Zach killed Stuart. Angie says that Zach confessed, but Jesse says that he believes that Kendall did it. Angie says that Zach confessed so that Kendall could stay with their son, but if Jesse arrests her, he will be keeping her away from her son. Jesse says that if he doesnít do anything, an innocent man, and father, will be taken away from his son and he isnít sure he can do that.

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