AMC Update Friday 5/22/09

All My Children Update Friday 5/22/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Tad dances with nurse Gayle then falls to the floor. Jake tells Tad that there is nothing wrong with him, but he is acting a little different. Tad thinks that acting different may be a good thing because Jake is so sour and could use a little happiness and maybe should act different.

Colby sees Scott and shares her grief with him.

Adam cries for Stuart; he blames himself for Stuartís death. Adam wants to see his brother. Adam dared people to kill him, and Stuart begged him to be kind and generous to people. Adam questions why he is not dead. J.R. tells him that maybe Stuartís legacy to him is a second chance. According to Adam, it was Stuartís idea to dress in his clothes to witness the will of Chandler Enterprises to Scott. J.R. takes Adam to see Stuart, and Adam gives a heartfelt speech to Stuartís corpse.

Liza sees Jesse. He wants to know where Liza was when Stuart was shot. Jesse talks about Liza accusing him in the past of rape, and she tells him that she thought the past was forgotten. She tells Jesse she was at the Chandler mansion. Liza lies and tells Jesse that she and Colby talked at the fence of the Chandler mansion. She offers Colby as her alibi and tells Jesse that she did not pass the front gate. Liza talks to Colby, but Colby is not comfortable lying for Liza. Colby wants to know if Liza tried to kill Adam. Liza answers no. Liza tells Colby that she broke into the Chandler mansion to speak to Colby. She saw that Colby was asleep, so she left but she did not shoot Stuart. Liza was seeking a second chance from Colby. Colby runs away from Liza to see her dad. Liza hugs Jake. Jesse asks Colby to corroborate Lizaís statement, but Colby does not lie for Liza.

Annie is handcuffed to a chair at the police station. Zach is in the doorway of another room and he yells at her that the cops caught her. She tells him that she turned herself in. She tells Zach that Adam was hiding with her the night of Stuartís murder. She also tells Zach that she saved Adamís life. She asks Zach if he confessed, and he tells her he did. Zach tells Annie to go to hell. Annie says she will be there right next to him.

Kendall is asleep in Ianís room and having a nightmare of her murder attempt on Adam. Ryan hears her talking in her sleep. He warns her about talking out loud about Stuartís murder. Kendall tells Ryan about her anger over what Adam did to Ian. He suggests that she not talk about it. He tells her that Ian is alive and that is good. Kendall says that Ian is alive, she is OK, and Zach is in jail. Ryan tries to pry, but Kendall does not offer any other information except that she was told that Ian is getting stronger and healthier.

Ryan runs into Jesse at the hospital and asks him about Annie. Jesse believes that Annie seems lucid and rational but she is not a poster child for sanity. Jesse asks Ryan if he has something he wants to tell him.

Zach talks to an attorney about his arraignment. The murder is premeditated. The arraignment cannot happen until the forensic evidence is completed.

Marian returns to the Chandler mansion. Scott holds her as she cries.

Liza wants a child as a second chance because she failed with Colby. Liza will do anything to get her way. Jake does not like Liza as an adoptive parent for Amandaís baby.

Zach calls Ryan to the police station to tell him about the arraignment. He asks Ryan to keep Kendall safe and away from him. Ryan reminds Zach that if Kendall finds out about the arraignment, she will be there. Kendall shows up at the arraignment, and Zach orders her away. She tells him that she is staying.

Zach tells Kendall to stay away from him and to raise the kids with Ryan because he is their father now. Ryan shows up and tells Kendall that Zach is trying to protect her. Kendall does not understand why Zach is behaving the way he is because he confessed. A light bulb comes on, and she realizes that Zach thinks she killed Stuart.

Liza tells Jesse that she knows who killed Stuart.

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