AMC Update Thursday 5/21/09

All My Children Update Thursday 5/21/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Amanda visits Jake at the hospital after being told about Stuart and Adam.

Tad kisses Liza, and Liza kisses him back. Tad is talking a mile a minute and making corny jokes. He is talking non-stop.

Adam realizes Stuart is dead, and he grabs his arm as he has a heart attack. Annie gives Adam CPR. Aidan urges Annie to give it up because Adam is not responding, but Annie revives Adam. Annie asks Aidan to take Adam to the hospital. Annie apologizes to Aidan for her behavior. Aidan gives Annie her passport.

Krystal is feeling sorry for Adamís loss of Stuart, but David is angry that Adam was not killed.

Natalia brings Adamís pills to the hospital and gives them to Angie. Angie notices a false label on the bottle posing as a hospital label.

Scott and J.R. talk about Stuartís death. Scott believes that Adam conned Stuart into putting on a suit to pose as Adam. J.R. believes that his father loves Stuart too much to set him up. Scott wants to know where Stuart is if Adam loves Stuart so much. Scott has one last visit with his father and apologizes to him for his greed over the valve; he blames himself for Stuartís death. J.R. hugs Scott, and Scott cries in his arms.

Ryan wants Jesse to find Emma. He hangs around the station, bugging the police.

Angie butts into Krystal and Davidís conversation and tells David that the label on Adamís medicine is a forgery from the hospital pharmacy. Something toxic was found in Adamís pill bottle. She blames David, but he denies any wrong doing. Krystal wants to know if David has been dosing Adam. She also wants to know if Adam will die. She insists that David tell her the truth. Krystal tells David that they should leave town because Angie is on his trail. David makes it clear to Krystal that he will not leave town because Amanda is having his baby. Krystal feels that David does not love her because she cannot give him a baby. He tells her that he really loves her.

Jake cannot believe his eyes when he sees Adam; he says that Adam is back from the dead.

Emma congratulates Annie and tells her she did a good thing by saving Adam. She also tells her that she misses her daddy. Annie calls Ryan and tells him to return to the penthouse because Emma needs to come home. Ryan sneaks out of the jail without informing Jesse of the latest news about Emma.

Adam is brought to the hospital. He thinks that J.R. wanted him dead. J.R. tells Adam he did not shoot him because he hates him and loves him but cannot kill him. Adam asks J.R. to tell him that Stuart is not dead. Adam cries when he finds out that Stuart is dead.

Liza tells Jake about the pregnancy and then gets reacquainted with Amanda. She knew Amanda as a child. Jake does not like Lizaís scheme to let Amandaís baby pose as her new baby. Jake asks her to leave town and not to bother Amanda with her scheme. Liza tells Jake that she called her mother and told her about Stuartís death.

Ryan is glad to get Emma back. He sends her to her room so that he can speak to Annie in private. Aidan finds Annie at Ryanís and he tells Ryan how Annie saved Adam. Ryan tells Annie that if she has changed, she should turn herself in to the cops. Annie asks Ryan if she can give Emma a bath and brush her hair before the cops come. Ryan gives his permission. Annie turns herself in after Emmaís bath.

Jake and Angie have the goods on David after getting the toxic screen results.

Tad dances with Nurse Gayle and then falls out on the floor.

Liza is surprised to see Jesse and finds out about his return from the dead. Jesse wants to know Lizaís whereabouts when Stuart was shot.

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