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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/20/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jake tries to get Tad to talk. Tad laughs, then moans in pain. Jesse tells Tad that he took a bullet to the brain. Tad asks if they found a brain in there during surgery.

David says that Zach did an amazing thing and that Adamís payback was long overdue. Kendall says that David doesnít care about Zach, but is glad that he doesnít have to go down for murder. Kendall says that a long line of people wanted Adam gone. David says that Zach confessed.

A man tells Zach that his lawyer is there, but Zach says that he didnít ask for one. Liza says that she came anyway and introduces herself.

Scott asks what the backpack is doing there and Colby asks what is in it. Scott says that it is Stuartís clothes and asks why he would leave it there.

Ryan listens to a message from Annie saying that Emma is safe and realizes that Annie and Emma were still in the mansion when the gunshots went off. Ryan asks Aidan where Emma is and Aidan says that he has been trying to look for her.

Annie tells Emma that they have to get up and that they can take a nap when they get to where they are going. Adam asks Annie not to leave him there alone.

J.R. tells Erica that it isnít Adam. Erica realizes that it is Stuart.

Dr. Steele asks Tad questions and Tad answers them. Tad starts telling jokes and Dr. Steele asks if Tad is always this funny. Dr. Steele leaves. Tad tells jokes to Jake, Jesse and Opal. Jesse tells Tad what happened.

Kendall defends Zachís actions and says that Zach doesnít belong in prison. David says that it is obvious that Kendall is still emotionally attached. Kendall says that she will always be connected to Zach because he is Ianís father. Kendall says that Zach sacrificed everything for Ian and her. David asks what Zach sacrificed for Kendall.

Zach realizes who Liza is. Zach says that Liza is full of surprises. Liza says that she heard he was arrested and drove straight there. Liza says that she is Zachís legal representation and he says that he has already confessed and doesnít want legal representation. Zach thanks Liza for caring, or at least pretending to, but says that he doesnít care how long they put him away for. Liza says that Zach isnít thinking about his boys. Liza says that single motherhood is rough and Zach says that Kendall wonít be single for long. Liza asks if Kendall went back to Ryan.

Ryan asks Aidan where Annie has taken Emma. Aidan says that Annie was supposed to stay in the Maldives and that her coming back wasnít part of the plan. Ryan says that Aidan covered for Annie again. Aidan says that he thought he could keep her under control and Ryan says that Aidan is just as crazy as Annie is. Aidan says that Annie was hiding out in the cellar and that he tried to stop Annie from going after Emma. Aidan says that Annie canít leave the country because he has her passport. Ryan suggests that Annie might still be at the mansion with Emma. Aidan says that all hell has broken loose at the mansion. Ryan says that he is going to the mansion because he has to protect his daughter.

Adam asks where he is and Annie says that they are in his attic. Annie tells Adam what happened. Annie says that she heard a cop say that someone was killed downstairs.

Colby says that Stuart leaves things there all the time. Scott says that Stuart doesnít know about Adam and it will destroy him. Colby says that Stuart was the only one in the world who understood her father.

J.R. asks who would do something like this to Stuart. Erica says that whoever did the shooting thought it was Adam, not Stuart.

Adam asks Annie if she knows who was killed. Annie says that they stayed out of sight. Adam says that he feels like he is still in a fog. Annie says that Adam will be fine and that they have to go. Adam says that he is going with them and promises not to slow them down.

Ryan shows up at the mansion and says that he needs to search the house for Emma. Natalia agrees to help Ryan look.

Liza changes the subject from Ryan and Kendallís relationship to her impending motherhood. Zach says that he is no more pregnant than Liza is. Liza says that she is having a baby, but not carrying it and that she is pretending to protect the child. Liza tells Zach to call her when he decides to fight for his future instead of throwing it away.

David says that he doesnít see what Zach sacrificed for Kendall. Kendall asks what difference it makes. Kendall says that no one should pay for killing Adam. Erica walks in and says that no one will pay for it. David asks what Erica knows.

J.R. calls Colby and asks if Scott is there. Colby says that Scott went to the gatehouse to tell Stuart about Adam. J.R. says that Scott wonít find Stuart at the gatehouse and Colby asks how J.R. knows.

Tad continues telling jokes. J.R. walks in and asks to talk to Jesse for a minute.

Zach talks to Ian.

Kendall, Erica and David talk about Stuartís death. Erica says that someone has to break it to Zach.

Tad talks to Kathy. Angie and Jake tell Tad that Stuart was murdered, not Adam.

Scott asks Colby if she has seen Stuart and Colby says that J.R. wants Scott to meet him at the hospital.

Ryan and Natalia search the house and Ryan finds the tunnel that no one else found.

Adam says that as soon as the coast is clear, they should make a run for the terrace doors. Annie asks why Adam is helping her and why he is running from his own estate. Adam says that Annie helped him when he was incapacitated. Adam says that everyone wanted him dead.

Ryan finds something that belongs to Emma and a pill bottle for Adam. Ryan says that they could still be in the house.

Annie says that Adam is fine. Adam says that someone died there and the outline is too large for his children. Emma asks if they can go. Annie says that the terrace looks clear and that they are going to make a run for it. Adam says that he can give Annie her life and freedom back, along with her daughter if she lets him go with her. Adam says that he just needs some time to get his mind clear again and Annie agrees to let him go.

Liza shows up to see Colby. Colby says that she didnít need Liza before and she still doesnít. Colby realizes that Liza is pregnant and says that she has been replaced. Liza says that nobody could ever replace Colby and that she went to a sperm bank. Colby says that Adam is still alive and that Stuart was the one who was shot. Liza says that she has to find Marian and that she will be back. Colby asks Liza not to come back.

David punches a hospital tray. Krystal asks what is wrong and David says that Adam isnít dead. David says that the body in the morgue is Stuartís.

Zach asks about Tad. Jesse says that Tad will be fine and so will Adam. Jesse says that the body in the morgue is Stuartís. Zach says that it was a stupid mistake. Jesse says that Zach doesnít make stupid mistakes and asks who Zach is protecting.

Kendall asks why Stuart was wearing a jacket and tie. Erica asks how Kendall knew what Stuart was wearing and Kendall says that she assumed he was. Kendall admits that she went to the mansion to kill Adam because she thought he killed her baby boy. Kendall says that Zach showed up and took over, and that it never occurred to them that it would be Stuart. Erica tells Kendall how Zach could get away with it. Kendall asks how Erica knows so many details and asks if she was there. Kendall says that Erica saw everything that happened.

Liza shows up to see Tad. Liza asks who would want to hurt Stuart.

Scott asks J.R. what is happening. J.R. says that they didnít know that Stuart was in the house. J.R. says that they didnít know and Scott realizes that it was Stuart and not Adam.

Liza reminds Tad that he promised to tell her what was going on. Tad tells Liza that she has to lean in more because he is hoarse and his throat is shot. Liza leans in and she and Tad kiss.

Colby says that Adam must have hid in the attic during the shooting. Natalia asks if Adam was the victim and Colby says that the body turned out to be Stuartís.

Scott says that Adam set Stuart up to take the bullet for him. J.R. says that Adam would never set Stuart up. Scott asks where Adam is and J.R. says that it is a good question. Scott says that he will find Adam and make him pay.

Erica says that she was in the dining room when she heard the gunshot and she saw Zach standing over the body. Erica says that she ran when Zach leaned over to check for a pulse because she didnít want to be able to incriminate Zach in any way.

Jesse asks Zach who he is protecting. Zach says that he killed Stuart and that if he gets out of jail, Adam is dead too.

Krystal says that when Adam finds out about Stuart, his life will be over.

Aidan says that he saw Adamís body. Adam realizes that it was Stuart and clutches his left arm in pain.

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