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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/19/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Opal says that Tad has to be all right. Angie says that Dr. Steele is a brilliant neurosurgeon. Jake asks if Tad was angry enough to try to kill Adam. Opal says that Tad wasnít, but J.R. was. Opal asks God not take Tad away. David comes in and says that Dr. Steele thinks he can get to the bullet. Opal asks David to save Tad and David says that Tad is in good hands.

Kendall says that Ryan was in the ER when Adamís body was brought in. Kendall says that Adam was murdered, but then realizes that Erica already knew because she didnít look surprised. Erica says that someone has been threatening Adamís life on a daily basis lately and asks if there is any idea of who killed Adam. Kendall says that Erica already knew about it because she saw it in Ericaís eyes. Erica says that Kendall is being ridiculous and not thinking clearly. Kendall asks if Erica was at the mansion when Adam was killed.

Little Adam says that Grandpa David took him to bed when the lights went out, but came to see Grandpa Adam. J.R. tells Krystal that David did this, but she says that he didnít. J.R. says that he saw David at the gate and David was in the house, so he tells Natalia to tell Jesse what she heard.

Jesse tells Zach that there is still time to take back his confession. Ryan walks in and asks what Jesse is doing to find Emma. Jesse says that he has people out there looking for Emma, but right now heís investigating a murder. Zach tells Jesse to help Ryan because he already has a confession. Jesse says that Zach is claiming to have killed Adam, and that if Zach is guilty, he knows that Ryan helped.

Erica says that she was at the Yacht Club taking a bath. Kendall points out that there is mud on Ericaís shoes. Erica says that she must have stepped in some mud on his way to the hospital. Kendall says that Erica might want to do a good job of cleaning the mud off her shoes because Kendall would hate to see an expensive pair of shoes ruined. Erica asks if Kendall knows where Ryan and Zach are.

Ryan says that he wouldnít help Zach kill anybody and that he is there to find his daughter. Jesse asks Ryan how he heard about Emma. Ryan says that he heard it on a police radio. Zach says that the guilty party is cuffed to a chair and suggests that Jesse work on some of the crimes that havenít been solved. Jesse says that he has issued an Amber Alert. Jesse apologizes for not calling Ryan and says that it has been one hell of an evening. Ryan says that they both know who took Emma and that he will handle it himself. Jesse says that Ryan isnít going anywhere because Ryan made himself a part of the murder investigation by covering for Zach at the hospital. Jesse tells an officer to cuff Ryan and Ryan struggles with an officer at the door. Zach tells Jesse to let Ryan go because he had no idea what was going on. Jesse says that Ryan is being held for questioning because he deliberately lied to an officer of the law to give Zach time to carry out his plan. Zach asks if Jesse really believes that he would let the man who stole his wife help him with a murder. Jesse says that almost everyone in town wanted Adam dead and that nobody is going anywhere until he figures out what happened.

Krystal says that David didnít kill Adam and that she talked him out of it. J.R. says that he will find David himself if Jesse isnít going to do anything. Natalia reminds J.R. that he was told to stay there, but lets J.R. walk past her. J.R. tells Ryan that he saw Annie and Aidan. J.R. tells Jesse that David was the triggerman. Zach asks Ryan how Ian is doing and Ryan says that Ian is hanging in there. Zach tells Jesse that he shot Adam, end of story. Jesse says that he doesnít believe it was that simple. Zach is arrested for murdering Adam. J.R. says that Jesse should be arresting David. Jesse asks J.R. to tell him what he knows and then he can go to the hospital for Tad. J.R. tells Jesse about knocking David out at the front gate and taking his gun. J.R. admits that he tried to kill Adam because Adam murdered Dixie.

Scott picks Little Adam up and covers him up on the couch, then hugs a weeping Colby.

Erica wipes off her shoes. Kendall tells Erica that Ryan and Zach are both in custody. Kendall says that the police want to talk to her, but no one will tell her what is going on. Kendall asks Erica to stay with Ian. Erica asks if Kendall wants Jack to meet her at the station, but Kendall says that Zach probably already has a lawyer and she doesnít need one.

J.R. says that Tad showed up and took the gun before he could pull the trigger. J.R. says that the next thing he remembers was getting water thrown in his face by some woman. J.R. says that he was on his way to the kitchen and bumped into Annie in the hallway. J.R. asks if he can go to the hospital. Jesse agrees to let J.R. go and says that he will let J.R. know if there are any more questions.

Angie says that Tad is out of surgery. David says that they got the bullet out, but wonít know anything else until Tad wakes up.

Krystal asks if there is any news on Tad and Jesse says that he is still in surgery. Krystal tells Jesse that David left before Adam was killed. Krystal tells Jesse about arguing with Adam and grabbing for his gun. Krystal says that she and David came to confront Adam about blackmailing her. Jesse asks if it was about Babeís sister. Jesse asks if Krystal killed Adam. Krystal says that she didnít and that she is positive that David didnít either because he drove away before she left. Jesse asks for Krystalís shoes for evidence and she agrees. Jesse tells Krystal not to disappear because there will be more questions.

J.R. asks Opal, Jake and Angie about Tad. Jake says that they got the bullet out, but they donít know what kind of damage there is. Dr. Steele comes out and says that there will be some inevitable impact. David says that they just have to wait for Tad to wake up.

Kendall shows up at the police station and talks to Zach about Ian. Zach tells Kendall that he killed Adam and apologizes. Jesse tells Kendall that he doesnít think he has the whole story and that is why she is there being questioned.

Opal says that not knowing what is going to happen is killing her. Angie tells Opal that Tad came through the surgery.

Krystal asks David about Tad. David says that Tad made it through the surgery, but they have to wait until he wakes up to see the extent of the damage. Krystal asks if David killed Adam and David says that someone beat him to it. Krystal says that Zach confessed to killing Adam, but that Jesse doesnít believe that Zach did it.

Kendall says that she needs to get back to the hospital. Jesse asks about Kendallís whereabouts. Kendall says that she went to the chapel to pray and then needed to get some air, so she went to the roof. Jesse says that Kendall seems detached. Kendall says that she doesnít know Zach anymore, so nothing he could have done would surprise her. Kendall remembers aiming her gun at Adam, but dropping it and running away when Zach spotted her and says that she never left the hospital. Jesse asks if anyone can corroborate her story. Kendall remembers Ryan grabbing her arm while she was running through the Chandler grounds and says no. Kendall asks why Ryan is there and he says that he has been asking the same thing. Jesse says that he will let Ryan go if he promises to go home and let them find Emma. Ryan says that Emma is with Aidan and Annie and hopefully they havenít left the country. Jesse says that the FBI and Interpol are trying to find Emma. Ryan and Kendall leave.

Natalia asks about Colby and Little Adam. Scott says that Little Adam is sleeping and Colby is having a tough time. Natalia and Scott talk about Adam. Scott says that he could be the new owner of Chandler Enterprises. Natalia says that it puts Scott at the top of the suspect list for Adamís murder. Scott says that he has thought about running a big corporation and that there is now way that it is him.

Krystal says that she needs to know where they stand. David says that they have plenty of time to talk about their relationship and that they need to stay focused to get through the investigation. David and Krystal hug.

Jake tells J.R. that they need Adamís closest living family member to identify the body for the death certificate that the police keep requesting.

David says that Ian is getting stronger and that they should be able to get the new valve in him soon. Kendall says that she doesnít know how she is going to find the strength to make it through another operation. David says that what matters is that Ian finds the strength. David says that Zach did an amazing thing because Adamís payback was long overdue.

A man tells Zach that his lawyer is there, but Zach says that he didnít ask for one. Liza says that she came anyways.

Ryan listens to a message from Annie saying that Emma is safe. Ryan realizes that Emma and Annie were still in the house when the gunshots went off.

Jake says that Tad is waking up and tries to get Tad to talk. Tad laughs.

Scott tries to help Colby. Scott picks up a backpack and unzips it and asks what it is doing there.

Erica tells J.R. that he doesnít have to do it alone. J.R. says that it isnít Adam.

Annie sings to a sleeping Emma, while Adam sleeps nearby with his empty prescription bottles lying next to him.

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