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All My Children Update Monday 5/18/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Kendall, David and Zach point their guns at Adam, while he stands in his study.

Opal asks Krystal if she came through the house. Krystal tells Opal that it is bad and Opal asks if it is Tad. Aidan asks what is going on and a gun goes off.

Adam falls to the floor with a loud thump. Kendall, David, Krystal, Zach and J.R.ís voices talk about wanting Adam dead. Adam says that he must die for everything he has done to everyone.

Jesse and his officers enter the Chandler Mansion with guns drawn. Jesse says that he has a body in the living room and that the person was shot in the back.

Kendall tells Ryan that they have to go back. Ryan says that if they go back, the cops will find them. Kendall says that she will not leave him. Ryan tells Kendall that Ian is alive and needs her.

Jesse tells the officers that the shot came from the terrace and yells at someone not to move. Jesse shoots through the terrace door multiple times and realizes that he shot Tad. An officer calls for an ambulance. Krystal, Opal and Scott rush out. J.R. shows up and Scott tells him that Adam was shot in the back and is dead. J.R. starts calling for Little Adam.

Aidan asks Little Adam where Emma went. J.R. comes in and talks to Aidan about what is going on with Annie. Colby comes in and says that Emma wandered off. J.R. says that Annie kidnapped Emma after she shot Adam. Aidan escapes out the window when J.R. says that he is going to get the cops.

Opal talks about her vision and says that she knew it was coming. Krystal tells Opal that Tad isnít going anywhere because he has two little girls who need him. Opal says that she never should have let Tad get anywhere near the mansion. Opal, Krystal and Jesse hear someone running across the terrace. Jesse tells an officer to call for backup because another suspect took off across the lawn. J.R. comes out and tells Jesse that it was Aidan, who is working with Annie. Jesse says that Annie is halfway across the globe and that Interpol is watching her, but J.R. says that he saw her in the mansion with a gun. Jesse orders an APB on Annie and an Amber Alert on Emma. Jesse asks where the tunnel goes and J.R. says that it goes to the garden.

Kendall tells Ryan that she needs to see Ian. Ryan tells Kendall to clean off her shoes so that she doesnít get arrested, but Kendall says that maybe they will arrest her anyway. Ryan says that Kendall didnít kill Adam, Zach did.

David tells Gayle that Adam is dead. David tells Gayle that if anyone asks questions, they were together. Gayle says that she will go with the story as long as they do spend a whole night together. David kisses Gayle and tells her that they will very soon.

Kendall and Angie talk about Ian. Angie says that Kendall needs to thank Jake because he refused to give up. Kendall asks how the kids are. Ryan says that he hasnít been able to get in touch with Colby, but Corinna put Spike down hours ago. Jake comes in and tells Angie that they have a male patient coming in from the Chandler mansion with a gunshot wound. Kendall tells Ryan that Adam saw her at the mansion with a gun and that if he talks, Ian will lose both of his parents. Ryan says that he will make sure that Adam wonít talk.

J.R. asks what happened. Opal says that Tad got shot trying to keep J.R. out of trouble. Jesse says that he needs to ask some questions. J.R. says that Annie killed Adam and asks what else Jesse wants to know.

Zach runs by the gate and fires his gun in the air in front of an officer. Zach surrenders to the cops and an officer reports back to Jesse that they have a suspect in custody. Jesse asks if there is any sign of Emma.

Tad and Adam are brought into the hospital on stretchers. Angie has Dr. Steele paged. Opal tells Angie and Jake how Tad got shot. An officer tells Angie and Jake that they need the bullet pulled out of Adamís back to see if it matches the weapon found on the scene. Jesse asks for additional units to be dispatched to the Chandler Mansion to look for a missing child. Ryan asks about the missing child. An officer says that the little girl was taken by her own mother.

Jesse asks Zach where Annie is and where Aidan is. The officer says that Zach is the one who shot by the gate. Jesse asks who else is in the house and J.R. says that Colby is with Little Adam. J.R. says that he wants to go to the hospital. Jesse says that he does too, but he has work to do and needs J.R.ís full cooperation. Zach says that he came to kill Adam.

Colby cries and asks why Annie had to kill Adam. Colby asks why Annie couldnít just take Emma and go. J.R. says that maybe it was Annieís plan and Adam tried to stop her. J.R. says that he saw Annie with a gun right before Adam got shot. Scott asks if J.R. was too drunk to stop Annie. J.R. says that he was sobered up by then and remembers a woman throwing a glass of water in his face. Scott asks J.R. if he thought Zach wouldnít make them pay for risking Ianís life.

Zach says that he came in through the terrace and the parlor was empty, so he searched the house after finding the gun and found Adam back in the parlor. Zach says that he left the house when he heard someone coming and then fired when he had a shot. Zach says that Adam killed Ian, but Jesse says that Ian isnít dead.

Kendall talks to Ian. Ryan tells Kendall that Adam was brought to the hospital in a body bag. Ryan says that Tad is in critical condition. Kendall asks why Zach isnít there if he isnít a suspect. Ryan says that he canít think about Zach right now because Annie took Emma.

Jesse tells Zach that Ian is alive. Zach tells Jesse to take the cuffs off so that he can go see his son. Jesse says that Zach isnít going anywhere. Jesse says that Ian was in stable condition when he left the hospital. Jesse says that the story doesnít make sense to him. Jesse asks why Zach would stop at the fuse box first. Zach says that there were women and children in the house. Jesse says that he has proof that Zach is lying. Zach says that Jesse has evidence against him, including a motive. Jesse says that everyone in town wanted to see Adam Chandler dead.

J.R. says that a bullet in the back isnít Zachís style. Scott says that maybe Zach wanted the cops sniffing around someone else or frame one of them. J.R. tells Scott to keep his mouth shut. Scott says that they are all suspects and that is why there is a cop outside the door making sure they donít leave. Krystal tells them to stop because it isnít a game. Scott says that he wants to make sure the right person goes down for murdering his uncle. Krystal says that it doesnít need to be solved because Zach is innocent. J.R. asks Krystal where she was when Adam was shot because he saw her holding a gun on Adam when he came home. Krystal says that when she left, J.R. was holding a gun on Adam. Colby says that it isnít true, but Krystal says that there is a very good chance that J.R. did it. Scott tells Krystal to back off. Colby says that J.R. would never shoot their dad. J.R. says that David would and that is why Krystal wants it wrapped up real quick. Krystal says that her husband isnít a killer, but J.R. says that it is ďclassic Hayward.Ē Krystal remembers talking to David about Adam being a dead man. Krystal says that she ran into David in the garden after she left, but David turned around and left. Krystal says that David hasnít been in the house all night, but Little Adam says that he has.

Jake, David and Dr. Steele look at Tadís CAT scan. Dr. Steele says that there is a good chance that Tad will be a very different man after the surgery. Jake and David argue about who should help with the surgery. Jake says that all he cares about is saving his brotherís life and David tells Jake to stay away from the OR.

Erica and Kendall talk about Ian. Kendall says that she went up to the roof to get some air and that was why she wasnít found when the news about Ian came in. Erica says that she was in a hot bath and had her phone turned off. Kendal tells Erica that Adam was murdered and realizes that Erica already knew.

Opal says that Tad has to be all right. Angie says that Dr. Steele is a brilliant neurosurgeon. Jake asks if Tad was angry enough to try to kill Adam. Opal says that Tad wasnít, but J.R. was.

Little Adam says that Grandpa David took him up to bed when the lights went out, but came to the house to see Grandpa Adam.

Ryan shows up at the mansion looking for Emma. Officer Bailey says that there is no sign of Emma or Annie.

Aidan calls for Annie and Emma. Aidan finds Annieís passport still in the basement.

The wall in the linen closet at the mansion moves, signifying that someone is hiding in the tunnels.

Ryan says that he needs to see for himself that there is no sign of his daughter. Officer Bailey says that they are under strict orders. Ryan punches the officer and runs onto the property.

Jesse says that he can wait as long as it takes to get the rest of the story. Zach remembers Kendall promising to kill Adam if Ian died. Jesse says that if Zach wants to take back his confession, he will erase it all and they can start over. Ryan walks in.

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