AMC Update Friday 5/15/09

All My Children Update Friday 5/15/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Ian flatlines and Zach storms out his room at the hospital but is stopped by Jesse. Kendall leaves the hospital after Zach gives her the nod to proceed with their plan to kill Adam. The hospital team is called in to work on Ian, and Zach returns to his room and watches the code-blue team work. While standing in Ianís room, Zach remembers time spent with Ian.

Annie still has Aidan tied up in Ryanís basement. Aidan tries to reason with Annie to untie him.

J.R. takes David gun and knocks David out. David awakens.

Tad calls Adam to warn him that J.R. is looking for him. Tad rushes over to the Chandler mansion when he cannot reach Adam on the phone.

Krystal is at the Chandler Mansion and stops Adam from answering the phone. She blames Adam for ruining her life and then picks Adamís gun up off the table. Adam taunts and teases Krystal to shoot him. Adam asks if he can apologize to Krystal and urges her to shoot him. She doesnít. She drops the gun. As she drops the gun, J.R. walks into the room and says it is his turn, pulling a gun on Adam. Adam taunts J.R. Krystal runs into David and tells him what happened with Adam. David tells Krystal to get into the car and to not look back. J.R. accuses Adam of trying to kill his mother. He also tells him that David Hayward will show up next. Tad comes into the room and tells J.R. to put the gun down. Tad attempts to take Adam to jail for his protection, but Adam hits him with a stick and escapes.

Ryan peeks into Ianís room while the code blue team is working on him. Jesse looks for Kendall and Zach, but Ryan asks him to leave the Slaters alone. Ryan covers for the Slaters and tells Jesse that they are in the chapel praying. Angie gives up on Ian, but Jake continues and revives Ian. Jesse looks for Zach and Kendall to tell them that Ian is alive.

Kendall arrives at the Chandler mansion and remembers her promise to Zach to kill Adam. She cries at the gate for the loss of her son. Kendall finds a gun lying on the floor. She sees Tad lying on the floor and he calls her name.

Annie arrives at the mansion, and Stuart asks if she needs help. Kendall is hiding out. Someone in heels is walking around the mansion as well. Annie cuts out the power at the mansion. Lil A is afraid, so he comes downstairs in the dark, calling his family members names. David encounters him and brings him upstairs to his room. David asks Emma and Lil A to stay upstairs in the room until the lights come on.

Jesse finds out that the Slaters are not in the hospital. Angie is concerned because the Slaters do not know that Ian is still alive. Ryan arrives at the mansion.

Adam hides from Tad. Aidan escapes from his bondage, and J.R. sneaks up on Annie.

Kendall sees Adam hiding in the room. Zach sees Adam. Zach, Kendall and David point their guns at Adam at the same time. A shot rings out, and Adam hits the ground.

Opal sees Krystal and tells her that she knows bad things will happen.

Adam is lying on the floor and his voice says it is time for me to die for all I have done to everyone.

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