AMC Update Thursday 5/14/09

All My Children Update Thursday 5/14/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

David arrives at the Chandler mansion to collect Lil A for a day at the zoo. Adam has been pushing Lil A to hate David, and Lil A tells David that he does not want to go with him. Lil A wants to stay with his dad. Colby comes in with Emma and wants to take Lil A to the park, but he wants to stay with his dad.

Marissa visits Krystal and tells her that she followed her to Babeís gravesite and heard her reasons for giving her away. Marissa gains understanding of Krystalís situation at the time she sold her. Marissa wants peace. She understands that when she was sold, Krystal gave her a gift of two of the best parents who taught her honor and trust. She rejects Krystal and David and tells them that she is leaving town. Krystal tries to make Marissa stay, but David arrives and tells Krystal to let her go. He agreed with Marissa, telling him that he would become obsessed with her as he was with Babe, and is with Lil A. Krystal says that he blames her but tells her that he blames Adam. David tells Krystal that he lost his grandson and his daughter while Adam gloats. If Krystal would have trusted him, he could have saved the people he loved.

Jesse and Tad discuss the Satin Slayer as they look at the suspectís board in Tadís living room. Opal comes into the room and sees a vision of a bloodied Ryan sitting in front of the poster. Opal leaves to find Ryan and gives him a warning. Opal believes that someone is going to die. Tad wants to blame Adam for Dixieís murder and wants Adam questioned and or arrested. Jesse gets a call telling him that Zach Slater is causing trouble at the hospital. If Ian dies, then Zach will blow.

Kendall wakes up and finds Zach missing; she becomes afraid but Zach returns. She tells Zach that she thought he had left. Kendall says that Ian canít die but if he does, the Slaters make a pact that if Zach cannot get Adam, then Kendall will kill him. Kendall talks about Ian and how she can feel him trying to fight back to get to them. She pledges that if Ian dies, then so will Adam.

Ryan speaks to Zach, trying to get information about what Zach is planning to do. Zach walked away from his life, his father and Kendall, but Ryan knows that if Ian dies, Zach will not walk away from that. Zach does not answer. Opal finds Ryan and tells him of her vision. She also tells him that Aidan was at his penthouse. Ryan asks Jesse to arrest Aidan and check to see if Annie is in the Maldives Islands. Jesse tells Ryan that he has his hands full watching Zach.

Scott talks to Stuart about the valve. He knows that once it is fixed, it will save lives. Stuart tells him that Ian will be OK. Scott disagrees with the way Adam makes J.R. earn his love. He like the way Stuart loves him. According to Stuart, Adam loves his way. They plan a fishing trip together once Ian is better.

J.R. warns Adam that keeping David Hayward from Lil A is dangerous. J.R. tells him that half the town is gunning for him and he should lay low. J.R. suggests that Adam leaves town. Adam tells J.R. that in the event of his demise, Scott will be given Chandler Enterprises. J.R. is shocked. Scott overhears the conversation and rejects Adamís offer. J.R. opens Adamís drawer and takes Adamís gun, but he replaces it.

The lights flicker at the hospital, and Opal screams.

Adam tells Stuart his plan to give Scott Chandler Enterprises. Stuart asks Adam if he wants Scott to be harder, and Adam thinks that Scott could be. Adam has drawn up the papers leaving everything to Scott.

J.R. visits Tad. Tad tells J.R. that Adam killed Dixie. The gardener told him that Adam asked him to pick Gardenias the day Dixie died. J.R. is drunk and tries to push Tad to hate Adam. J.R. tells Tad that his father gave the Chandler Company to Scott and he wants someone to stop his father. Lighting strikes and the lights turn off; when the lights turn on, J.R. is missing.

Adam checks for the gun. Krystal confronts him, and he lays the gun on the table. Krystal tells him that he ruined her life as she grabs the gun and points it at Adam.

David returns to the hospital to check on Ian. Ian is bleeding out, and the news is not good. David tells the Slaters that Ian is dying. Zach wants to know how long. David tells them that Ian will not last the night. David goes to the Chandler mansion, carrying a gun. J.R. knocks him out and takes his gun, then cocks it.

Zach and Kendall cry. While they are in Ianís room, the machine beeps, and the nurse tells them that she is sorry. Zach storms out of the room. Jesse stops Zach from leaving. Kendall comes out of their babyís room, and Zach looks at her and gives her the nod to proceed with their plan to kill Adam.

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