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Erica tells Adam not to take the pills. Adam says that Angie has already analyzed the pills. Erica asks if anyone analyzed the woman giving the pills to him. Adam says that Gayle was sent by the hospital, but Erica says that Gayle was sent by David.

David asks Krystal how she could do something like this. Krystal tells David to go ahead and kill her because she knows he wants to and she deserves it. Marissa walks in and tells David not to. Krystal says that she thought Marissa was leaving. Marissa says that she was, but couldnít with things the way they are. David says that they needed to see each other.

Angie says that she canít stand the fact that Frankieís hands were injured. Angie says that she has to go to Frankie. Jesse says that he knows this is rough, but Angie canít go yet. Jesse says that he believes Randi and Brot are the right people to be with Frankie now. Kendall says that the machine seems to be working. Jesse asks where Zach is and Kendall says that she has no idea, but she is scared.

Aidan screams, while struggling to get out of his bonds. Aidan asks where Annie is.

Ryan asks Emma if she is ready to go home and she asks if ďmommyĒ is going too. Ryan says that Mommy isnít there. Emma says that Mommy is there, but Ryan says that she was having a dream.

Erica tells Adam that she caught Gayle in a whispered conversation with David Hayward. Erica suggests that Gayle is a spy for David. Gayle says that it is an outrageous claim. Gayle says that she will have the hospital send someone else. Erica says that Adam has lost his touch because she thought he would have seen through Gayle by now. Adam suggests that he did, but wanted to see how the game was played. Adam asks Zach what he wants and Zach says justice.

Scott says that he got involved with the heart valve because he needed to be the hero for everyone, since he had denied the Chandler part of him for so long. JR says that he will handle it because he has gotten good at dealing with his fatherís damage control. Scott says that he needs to do is because it is his responsibility. JR tells Scott not to change the story.

Marissa tells Krystal and David that they arenít her parents.

Kendall says that she knows the look in Zachís eyes and it scares the hell out of her. Angie says that she is sorry the valve didnít work. Kendall says that the waiting was driving Zach crazy because he is furious that Ian isnít strong enough for the other surgery. Jesse asks someone to check everywhere for Zach. Kendall says that she has called every number that she has for Zach, but he is purposely not answering her calls. Jesse says that there is no question about where Zach went.

Zach asks what Adam thinks he should do. Adam tells Zach to get out of his house. Erica tells Zach that there is something wrong with Adam, but Zach says that Erica needs to stay out of it. Adam says that Zach should be having this conversation with David. Zach asks if Adam knew that there was a problem with the valve. Adam says that they knew, but it was too late to stop the surgery. Adam says that if they knew beforehand, they could have stopped the surgery, but Ian was already on the operating table. Ryan walks in.

Annie brings Aidan some water and apologizes. Aidan asks why Annie is doing this and she says that she canít live without Emma. Aidan says that Annie has to, but she says that she canít because before everything else, she is a mother. Aidan tells Annie that she has to stop this before it is too late. Aidan says that Annie wonít be able to just take Emma. Annie says that she almost had Emma tonight, but that there will be another chance.

Marissa says that she adored her parents. Marissa says that she thinks that Krystal and David will expect her to replace her old parents. David tells Marissa that he is also just finding out. David suggests that they should sit down calmly and talk about it. Marissa says that there is nothing to talk about because Krystal tried to buy her back with a tuition check. Krystal says that she just wanted to help Marissa and that she didnít want anyone to find out. Marissa says that she has no intention of being a part of their lives. Krystal leaves. David apologizes and says that they were both kept in the dark. Marissa says that David has no idea what she is feeling.

Ryan holds Zach back from hitting Adam. Ryan tries to calm Zach down and says that there will be plenty of time for revenge later. Erica tells Zach to get back to the hospital because Ian and Kendall need him. Ryan convinces Zach to leave. Adam thanks Erica for standing by him and she says that she should have encouraged Zach to throttle Adam. Adam tells Erica that he didnít know about the problem with the valve until it was too late. Erica says that if anything happens to Ian, that Adam deserves everything that is coming to him. Ryan tells Zach to take a shot at Adam the right way. Zach knocks Ryan out and goes back to Adamís living room. Erica tries to stop Zach, but he says that he is going to do this his way!

Marissa says that she doesnít trust David anymore. David says that Marissa is rightfully upset. Marissa says that David gets off on controlling people and that he likes to punish the people he canít control. Marissa says that Davidís children and grandchildren are reasons for him to attack the world when he doesnít get his way. Marissa says goodbye to David and calls him Daddy and says that this is her giving him a good excuse to go all super-villain on Pine Valley.

Angie talks to Randi and asks her to get a phone to Frankie, but the line goes dead. Krystal walks up and says that she was sitting in her car and felt like she was having a stroke, so she drove right to the hospital. Angie asks if it was David again, but Krystal says that this time it was all her doing.

Annie tells Aidan about Ryan taking Emma to the Chandlersí and about going to see her. Aidan tells Annie that she would have to act fast, like in the next 24 hours. Aidan gives Annie some advice about using the south side of the building. Annie says that she doesnít know which one is the south side. Aidan offers to draw her a map, if she will until him and give him a pen and paper. Annie agrees.

A reporter asks Scott questions about Ianís status. Scott says that the patient is still recovering from the initial surgery and that a more traditional valve will be implanted as soon as possible. JR is surprised to see Marissa. Marissa says that she just came back to collect her paycheck and tells JR that she is Babeís twin sister.

Zach says that Adam has been getting away with everything, but it ends now. Erica asks Zach what he is doing. Zach draws a red X in the middle of Adamís forehead and says that he will shoot it if anything else happens to Ian. Jesse comes in and tells Zach to drop the gun. Adam tells Jesse to arrest Zach, but Jesse refuses. Jesse says that Adam owes him. Jesse says that Adam wonít be pressing charges and Erica says that she will make sure he doesnít. Zach tells Ryan to go back to the hospital, but to let him know if anything happens with Ian because he has to arrange bail. Jesse says that Zach will be there to hear the news for himself because he isnít being arrested. Jesse asks if Zach is trying to destroy his family. Zach says that if Ian dies, it will destroy his family.

Scott asks if there are any other questions. JR asks if this is a sick joke and Marissa says that Krystal has been hiding it from everyone all these years. Marissa says that Krystal gave birth to fraternal twins and then sold her to afford diapers for Babe. Marissa says that she never knew the truth either. JR says that he wishes Marissa had never told him and that she should have just left town. Scott comes over and asks what is going on with JR after JR leaves. Marissa says that maybe JR saw a ghost.

Krystal says that she would have kept the secret for the rest of her life, but Adam used it against her. Angie asks Krystal why she walked out on her daughter when she knows that she is leaving town. Krystal says that Marissa hates her. Angie says that first reactions are always harsh, but they need to keep the honesty going and work on it. Krystal says that it is too late because Marissa is gone. Angie says that it is never too late, and that all Krystal has to do is find a way to reach out and get to know Marissa.

Kendall says that Zach must hate her for talking him into the surgery, but Zach says that he doesnít hate her or blame her for anything. Kendall tells Zach that now the police will be watching him, so if anything happens to Ian, she will kill Adam.

David tells Babe about her sister.

Marissa tells Scott about being David and Krystalís daughter. Scott says that Marissa has a chance to pick her family and that she can either take off or she can give Krystal and David a chance. Marissa says that she canít give them a chance because it is too sudden. Scott asks if Marissa is taking off and she says that she is. Marissa says that maybe she will find a law school in Rio. Scott tells Marissa that running from unresolved issues doesnít work and it will follow her wherever she goes. Marissa says that she will take her chances with Rio and says goodbye to Scott.

Erica tells Adam that Zach isnít a madman. Adam asks if Erica is blaming him. Erica says that Adam put the survival of his company ahead of the survival of a little boy. Adam says that he wanted to help Ian, but when he found the problem it was already too late. Erica asks what Adam is doing. Adam says that no one seems willing to defend him, so he is taking matters into his own hands. JR comes in and Adam points his gun at him.

Zach tells Kendall that she has Spike to think about. Kendall says that she would kill Adam and get away with it. Zach says that Ian is going to be fine. Kendall says that if the outcome is different, then she knows what she has to do. Ryan walks in and asks what is going on.

Annie says that Aidan is trying to trick her. Aidan says that he wants to help Annie because he loves her. Aidan says that Annie is just being paranoid. Annie says that she will always remember what Aidan did for her, but she canít trust anybody anymore. Annie says that she has to get Emma back on her own, and God help anyone who gets in her way.

Krystal asks what happened to Marissa. David says that Marissa left and he has lost another daughter. Krystal apologizes and says that she was wrong, but that she didnít know what else she would have done at the time. David says that Krystal could have not given Marissa away. Krystal says that she had no choice because she could barely take care of one child.

JR tells Adam to put it down. Adam says that Zach threatened to kill him and no one cared, so he is taking things into his own hands. JR tells Adam not to be stupid and to hand over the gun. Adam says that the gun is the only thing standing between him and a bullet in his head, so he is going to keep it close by. A drawer slams shut and Adam says that JR looks just like everyone else who wants him dead.

Kendall says that she and Zach are coming to an understanding. Ryan says that Angie wants to speak to Zach and Kendall in the hall. Kendall tells Zach to go and that she will be right out. Ryan asks what was going on and Kendall says that they were talking about contingency plans for the future. Ryan asks if Kendall wants to talk about it, but she tells him never to ask her about it again.

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