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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/12/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Krystal tells Babe that she messed up and canít make it right. Marissa comes up and asks what Krystal did, but Krystal says that she was just rambling. Krystal suggests that they leave. Marissa realizes that she shares a birthday with Babe.

Erica asks Gayle if she kissed Little Adam goodnight for Adam. Gayle says yes and Erica calls her a liar.

Zach asks David what is wrong. David says that the valve is defective and that the Chandlers knew all about it.

Krystal says that it is a coincidence that Marissa and Babe shared a birthday. Marissa talks about how Krystal always came to visit, but never brought her daughter with her and asks what she doesnít know. Marissa asks if Krystal is her mother.

Gayle says that she isnít a liar and that David loves his grandson just as much as Adam does. Erica suggests that Gayle is reporting to David about what happens at the mansion. Gayle says that her relationship with David is completely professional and that she protects her patientsí privacy. Erica says that she will be watching Gayle very closely.

Adam tells David to admit that he made a mistake. David says that he was handed a defective valve in the OR and attempted to fix it. Adam reminds David about what he said to the media about the valve. Adam suggests a malpractice suit.

Zach asks Scott if he knew that the valve was defective, but Scott doesnít answer. Ryan and Jesse try to calm Zach down. Zach says that if Ian dies, he will kill him.

Annie watches Emma. Emma wakes up and Annie tells her to go back to sleep.

Krystal admits that Marissa is her daughter and that she wanted to tell her, but didnít want to disrespect her memory of the parents who loved her. Marissa says that her parents didnít tell her, so they did lie to her. Krystal says that Marissaís parents struggled with the decision to tell her about the adoption or not. Krystal says that Lydia and Roy didnít know that she was Marissaís birth mother. Krystal says that Marissa was adopted through a broker and that she had to know how Marissa was doing, so she tracked them down. Marissa asks Krystal why she kept Babe and gave her away.

JR criticizes Scott until Adam breaks it up. Adam says that Ian isnít going to die, and the company isnít going to fold. Scott says that they pushed the valve ahead too fast and that they donít have a defense. Adam says that they will take the offense and claim that it was a surgical error, while they keep their thoughts and prayers on the child.

Zach says that the Chandlers knew that there was something wrong with this valve and now Ian could die. Jesse says that Zach has to keep his head on straight and Zach asks Jesse what he should do.

David says that the valve needs to be replaced, but Ian is too weak and that they need to give him some time to regain his strength. Kendall reminds David that he said there wasnít enough time. David says that he is going to put Ian on ecmo, a machine that will function for Ianís heart and lungs, while he regains his strength. A nurse comes out and tells David that the ecmo team is ready. David tells Kendall that he will do everything in his power to save Ianís life. Kendall tells Ryan that it is all her fault because she pushed for the valve, even though Zach had doubts. Kendall says that if Ian dies, she will never forgive herself.

Zach talks about Ian being on machines that breathe for him.

Marissa asks how you pick a child to give away. Krystal says that she was young, desperate, confused and alone. Krystal says that she poured herself into Babe and tried to give her the best life, so that both babies would. Krystal says that she couldnít bring Babe to the visits because she was afraid that Babe and Marissa would feel some kind of connection. Marissa asks why she was the baby that Krystal gave up. Krystal says that she just pointed without looking and that she couldnít even afford one baby and that she needed the money. Marissa realizes that Krystal sold her.

Kendall asks how long this is going to take. Ryan says that it is going to be all right. Ryan says that he is going to call to check in on Spike. Kendall asks David how Ian is doing and David says that Ian is tolerating the machine well. David tells Kendall that he will get Ian through this. Kendall says that the valve was supposed to be their miracle. David promises that he will make it right since the Chandlers lied to them all.

Adam tells Barry that he wants maximum deniability about the valve. David walks in and reminds Adam that they had a deal. Adam says that David has visited with Little Adam. David says that Adam is turning their grandson against him and that he wonít be denied. Adam says that David lost and tells him to leave Little Adam alone and focus on his own child. David asks what Adam is talking about.

Erica talks to a nurse about Gayle and her relationship with David. A nurse says that ďPatient SlaterĒ is on ecmo and needs to be monitored constantly. Erica asks what happened to Ian. Ryan tells Erica that the valve is failing.

Marissa asks why Krystal would bother to keep tabs on the baby that she sold. Krystal admits that she knows it was wrong, but says that it doesnít mean that she doesnít love Marissa. Marissa asks if David knows and Krystal says no. Marissa realizes that Krystal doesnít want David to know. Krystal says that she wanted to spare Marissa and David the pain. Krystal says that she loves Marissa as much as she ever loved Babe. Marissa reminds Krystal that she kept Babe and tells Krystal to leave her alone.

David says that he doesnít have any children, except Amandaís child. Adam suggests that he could help David be able to play daddy now. Adam gives David clues and David realizes that Marissa is Krystalís daughter. Erica asks Adam if he is all right and he asks her to take him home.

Ryan tells Kendall that Erica was there and that he thought she would be in with Ian. Kendall says that she canít go in there because Zach is in there and she has to do more. Kendall says that she has to find a way to help him through this and protect him. Ryan says that she is doing everything she can for Ian. Kendall says that she was talking about Zach.

Adam apologizes for what is going on with Ian. Erica says that Adam has nothing to be sorry for. Adam says that he was so desperate to save the company that he put the company ahead of the child and now a childís life hangs in the balance because of him. Erica says that Adam couldnít have known that the valve was defective. Adam says that he didnít know the valve was faulty and that when he found it, it was too late. Adam says that he had to save his company. Erica says that she helped and trusted Adam and criticizes him for throwing a party for his company when he knew that Ian was fighting for his life. Adam asks Erica not to go and says that she is all he has left.

JR tells Barry that there is no way to fix this because a child could die and the doctor who invented the heart valve committed suicide. Barry says that it isnít the Chandler way, but JR says that he canít stomach the Chandler way right now and that he would settle for saving one life. Barry says that they have a company to rescue and that they will issue a press release and downplay the defect. Barry suggests that they claim David made a mistake during the surgery. Scott says that David saved Ianís life. Barry says that he also has ideas about how to spin the inventorís suicide. Scott says that they should tell the truth and JR agrees.

A man tells Marissa that she isnít scheduled until tomorrow. Marissa says that she quits and the man says that she canít quit because the customers love her already. Marissa says that she needs her check from the catering gig at the Chandlersí because she is leaving town. JR comes up and asks her why she is leaving. Marissa says that she had a bad night. JR and Marissa talk about their nights and parents selling out their own children. The man comes out and says that Marissaís check wonít be ready until the next day. Marissa says that she will come back. JR asks if Marissa is really leaving. Marissa says that she is, but there is a family thing that she has to do first.

Krystal asks David what is wrong. David says that Ian might die. David starts talking about how Adam is poisoning their grandson and that Little Adam is afraid of him. David talks about how Krystal is the mother of his children and admits that he knows the truth.

Gayle greets Ryan. Ryan says that he is just there to pick up Emma. Ryan asks Emma if she is ready to go home and Emma asks if ďMommyĒ is coming.

Krystal apologizes for not telling him and says that she is glad that Marissa told him. David asks when Marissa found out. Krystal says that it came out at Babeís grave tonight. David realizes that Krystal was never going to tell him and asks how she could do something like that. Krystal tells David to kill her because she knows he wants to and she deserves it. Marissa walks in and tells David not to.

Adam says that he was just trying to do what was best for his family. Erica says that she would never sacrifice the life of a child. Adam says that he has changed his will and named Erica as executor because he trusts that she will do what is right. Erica says that she doesnít want anything to do with Adam. Adam asks Erica to wait. Gayle comes in and Erica tells Adam not to touch his pills.

Barry says that Scott and JR are making a big mistake. Scott tells Barry to set up the press conference and JR says that they will take care of the rest. Scott says that they all screwed up, so they will fix it together. JR says that if he was Scott, he would bail. Scott says that no matter what, this is the only family he has. JR says that it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better and Scott says that they will see this through to the end together!

Kendall asks where Ianís father is. The nurse says that Zach just walked out and that he wasnít happy when he left.

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