AMC Update Monday 5/11/09

All My Children Update Monday 5/11/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Zach tells Kendall that Ian doesnít look right and yells for help.

JR proposes a toast to Kendall and Zachís family and all the other families that will have more time together thanks to the amazing medical advancement.

Opal tells Aidan that Annie was just standing there. Aidan says that there is no one there.

JR thanks Dr. Chappell for inventing the valve and making it all possible.

Scott calls to report a suicide.

David congratulates JR for picking a valve that almost killed Ian. JR says that Ian is fine. David says that JR better pray that the amazing medical advancement holds.

Jake comes in to see Ian and asks what is wrong. Kendall says that Ian seems ok, but Zach asks Jake to check him out. Zach says that he can feel that something is wrong.

Opal tells Aidan about the last vision she had of Annie. Aidan says that all he saw was an empty terrace. Opal says that she has to figure out what is wrong with her. Aidan suggests that she should go home and rest. Opal asks what Aidan is doing around there and Aidan says that he came to pick up some mementos of Emma for Annie. Aidan says that he came to pick up pictures and drawings that would make it easier for Annie. Opal says that she wonít say anything for now and Aidan thanks her. Annie squeals and tells Aidan that she missed him. Aidan asks what is wrong with Annie.

Ryan says that he wants to go to the hospital to check on Ian and Kendall. Ryan asks if it is okay that he leaves Emma there with Little Adam. Erica says that it is fine and asks Ryan to give Ian a kiss for her. Ryan leaves. JR tells David to get out of his face. David says that now that he has visitations of Little Adam, he will be around a lot more often. Adam tells Erica that nothing happened. Erica says that Adam just all of a sudden zoned out. Erica asks Adam if he had another seizure. Gayle says that it is time that Adam took a break and Adam agrees. Gayle says that she will get Adam some food. Adam tells JR that he feels fine. JR says that Adam didnít look fine when he was giving the toast. JR says that Adam bartered Little Adam and that JR wonít forgive him for that. Adam asks if he looks like he gave in to David.

Marissa criticizes David for holding out on his surgical skills when a child was sick, just to get access to his grandson. Krystal comes up and asks if everything is okay. David tells Marissa to keep her judgments to herself and leaves. Marissa says that David doesnít deserve Krystalís tears, but Krystal says that Marissa is wrong. Marissa says that David isnít who she thought he was.

Adam asks Emma to grab some more toys. Little Adam says that he is having a lot of fun and gets to play with both of his grandpas today. Adam tells Little Adam to be careful with Grandpa David.

JR asks Scott where he is. Scott tells JR to get to the Valley Inn because the whole thing is out of control.

Kendall asks about Ian and Jake says that he is the same as he was a few minutes ago. Zach tells Jake to check Ian again. Zach tells Jake to page Dr. Hayward. Jake says that David will just tell them the same thing and Zach tells Jake to page David immediately. Jake talks to David about Ianís vitals. David says that he will be there soon to check on Ian. Zach says that soon isnít good enough and tells Jake and Kendall to stay with Ian.

Erica asks where Adam disappeared to. Adam says that he wanted to say goodnight to his grandson. Gayle asks to speak to David alone about a patient. Krystal leaves to get a refill. Gayle tells David that Adam is trying to turn Little Adam against David. Krystal says that he would rather just call it a night and asks if David is ready. David says that he is going to check on Little Adam first. David tells Krystal that she needs to figure out what side she is on. Krystal says that she is on Davidís side and he tells her to act like it.

Opal asks Erica if she has seen Ryan. Erica says that Ryan went to the hospital to see Kendall and then runs off.

Ryan tells Angie that he is there to check on Kendall and Ian. Angie says that they are doing pretty good and that Ian is a miracle. Angie tells Ryan about Frankie being injured in Iraq. Angieís pager goes off and she thanks Ryan before leaving. Ryanís phone rings and Opal tells him that she saw Annie at his apartment.

Aidan confronts Annie about lying to him and about coming back. Aidan tells Annie that she needs to leave the States immediately, but she says that she isnít leaving until she sees her daughter. Aidan tells Annie not to let her missing Emma cloud her judgment. Annie says that she needs her passport and Aidan asks where it is. Annie says that it is downstairs and they head down, but hear the elevator.

Krystal says that she wishes Marissa hadnít jumped on David because he has lost so much already. Marissa says that what David has been through doesnít excuse using a child. Marissa asks why Krystal would blow Davidís chance of getting custody of Little Adam, just for her to be okay with him being in the childís life. Krystal says that it is none of Marissaís business.

David asks Little Adam and Emma if he can hang out there for a little while. David suggests going to the zoo, but Little Adam says no. David suggests going to a movie, but Little Adam says no again. Little Adam says that he doesnít want to go anywhere. David asks Little Adam whatís going on.

Jesse asks Scott and JR what they are doing in Chappellís room. Scott says that his familyís company bought the rights to the heart valve. JR says that he can answer any questions regarding Chandler Enterprises. JR says that when Chappell sold them the heart valve, he must not have thought it was going to be as successful as it is. JR says that he didnít believe Dr. Chappell would kill himself over making a mistake. JR asks Jesse to keep it out of the press, but Jesse says that his job is to protect Dr. Chappellís privacy, not a company. Jesse leaves. Scott freaks out because Dr. Chappell tried to warn them about the heart valve killing people. JR says that they tried to stop the surgery. Scott says that they never should have let it start.

David says that his own grandson is afraid of him. Gayle says that Little Adam will come around. Erica comes up and says that she was hoping to chat with Gayle. Adam asks David if he had a nice visit with Little Adam. Zach tells David to get to the hospital and save his son.

Kendall tells Jake that Zach was just overreacting. Jake tells Kendall that something is wrong with Ianís heart.

Marissa thanks Krystal for coming. Krystal and Marissa talk about Babe. Marissa says that she and Krystal are both grieving and suggests getting through it together.

Scott and JR talk about Chappellís suicide. JR says that he canít bring Chappell back, but he can protect Chandler Enterprises. Scott says that the valve is a ticking time bomb, but JR says that David fixed it. Scott says that they donít know if the valve will hold. JR says that they have to stay positive and believe that it will hold.

David tells Zach to stay there because he canít look after Ian with Zach hovering. Zach and Adam talk about the operation. Zach says that if anything happens to his son because of Adamís heart valve, he will kill Adam. JR calls Adam and says that there is a problem at Dr. ChappellĎs hotel room. Adam says that there is an issue with Ian Slater, and that he is at the hospital. JR asks if Ian is all right. Adam says that they donít know yet and that David is checking him out.

David tells Kendall and Zach that Ian has developed a mild arrhythmia and is showing signs of edema in the hands and legs. David tells them to increase the medication. Kendall calls Ryan and he says that he is on his way.

Aidan says that they donít have a lot of time. Aidan says that they need to get Annieís passport and leave. Annie asks about Emma. Aidan says that they have to get Annie on a flight out of the country. Annie says that she needs to see her daughter because she came all this way for Emma. Aidan says that it is too dangerous for Annie to go see Emma. Annie says that she has to go. Aidan falls.

Erica and Gayle talk about Gayle being a nurse and about David.

Zach and Kendall rush in. David reminds them that he asked them to wait outside. Jake says that it is a lot easier if they wait outside. Jake promises to come find Kendall as soon as he knows what is going on. Kendall and Zach leave the room. David tells Jake that there was a problem in the OR. David tells Jake that there was a backflow from the valve and that he patched it, but there is a chance that it didnít hold.

Zach and Kendall talk about Adam, Scott and David hiding something from them. Ryan walks in and asks about Ian. Kendall says that they donít know and that they are working on Ian right now.

Annie tells Aidan that he slipped and knocked himself out. Aidan says that his shoulder is dislocated. Annie says that she can snap it back in, but Aidan says that it isnít a good idea. Aidan tells Annie to do it. Annie apologizes and tells Aidan that she is calling the shots now.

Krystal talks to Marissa about messing something up and not being able to make it right. Marissa asks Krystal what she did.

Aidan asks Annie what she is doing. Annie says that she loves Aidan, but he gave her no choice and apologizes. Annie says that she has to see her daughter and she canít let Aidan stop her. Aidan says that Annie canít just leave him down there and Annie says that Emma is the one she canít just leave.

Gayle talks to Little Adam about Grandpa David.

JR asks Adam if the valve is bad and Adam says that they are still waiting for word. Jesse says that he needs to ask some questions because he is in the middle of a suicide investigation. Jesse tells Adam that Dr. Chappell was just delivered to the morgue and Adam asks if Chappell killed himself.

David tells Zach that something is wrong with the valve. Zach asks what is wrong with it and David tells Zach to ask Jake.

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