AMC Update Friday 5/8/09

All My Children Update Friday 5/8/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Marissa waits on Aidan at the Yacht Club. She is being friendly with him. Annie calls Aidan at the Yacht Club and pretends to be on the Maldives Islands. Annie asks about Emma and tells Aidan she loves him. He tells her they must not contact each other and instructs her to hang up the phone. Aidanís friend tells him that Annie has left the Maldives.

Ian is recovering from surgery in his crib. Zach and Kendall are with him, smiling. Erica comes into the room and asks them if they want coffee. Ryan tells them that David and Scott are having a press conference on the valve and the surgery on Ian.

David and Adam are at a press conference praising the heart valve. Zach listens in with concern on his face. Adam is planning a celebratory party at the Chandler mansion. So far Ian is doing well. The press wants to hear from the babyís parents, but David reminds them of confidentiality.

Zach is suspicious that David is not telling them everything about Ianís surgery. Kendall tells Zach to be appreciative of David because he saved her baby and her life. Ryan walks into the room, and Kendall starts to tell him what Zach told her. Zach tells her to drop it because he forgot they are no longer sharing their feelings with each other.

Ryan is suspicious about David's motives and support of the Chandlers. He asks Krystal about it. She tells him that David represents the hospital and has to support procedures performed in the hospital.

J.R. says that Ian has a ticking time bomb in his chest and if Zach finds out that his sonís valve may stop working, he will be on the warpath. J.R. warns Adam of possible valve failure. Adam tells J.R. they did not know of the valve problems before placing it into Ian.

Erica and Kendall talk about Ian being the perfect mix of Zach and Kendall. Kendall reminds Erica that she and Zach have moved on. Erica remembers Zachís words telling her that, one time, Kendall did love only him.

Krystal is suspicious about David and Adamís agreement; she wants to know the details of the agreement. David tells her that now they can come through the front door to see Little A.

Scott brings Dr. Chappell a check from Adam. The doctor tears up the check after determining that it is a bribe to keep quiet about the valve. He tells Scott that they have to fix the valve before someone else is operated on. He believes that David may not have seen all of the problems with the valve. The doctor gives Scott adjustments to give the engineering department to fix the valve.

David fixed the valveís flow problems that Doctor Chappell says exists before implanting it into Ian.

Kendall joins Zach and asks him what he saw in Davidís eyes. Zach tells her that he saw lies. Zach feels that something is wrong. Kendall tells him to concentrate on Ian. He tells her that Ian will stay healthy, or God help them.

David brings an agreement to Adam for signature. Erica believes that Adam made a deal to save Ian. Adam tells Erica that he made a deal with the devil. While Krystal is listening, Adam tells Erica that at least he did not put Little A up for sale. David has his first visit with Little A. Erica cannot believe that Adam made a deal for Ian.

J.R. runs off when he learns that David is with Little A. David is playing with Little A when J.R. comes in to speak with him. J.R. tells him that he better not try to steal Little A.

Ryan goes home to get his jacket and brings Emma to the party to play with Little A. David orders nurse Gayle to increase Adamís dosage to make him shaky.

Marissa is working the party at the Chandlers. David used Ian as a bargaining chip. J.R. tells Marissa about David and his dad.

Scott tells Adam that Doctor Chappell tore up the check but Adam is willing to increase it to shut the doctor up. Adam sends Scott back to reason with Doctor Chappell.

Aidan enters Ryanís home. Opal enters Ryanís home and finds Aidan then sees Annie at the glass door with her palm on the window.

Scott finds Doctor Chappell hanging from the ceiling.

Zach sent Erica, Kendall and Ryan to the Chandlerís party while he stays with his son. Kendall joins him with Ian then leaves to get coffee. Zach watches Ian then calls his name once and then twice with concern.

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