AMC Update Thursday 5/7/09

All My Children Update Thursday 5/7/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Jake tells Amanda that he loves her, and then they kiss. Jake and Amanda talk about their romance. Opal is happy that Jake and Amanda are together.

Tad and Ryan talk about Adam possibly killing Dixie. All fingers are pointing to Adam as Dixieís killer. Ryan gets a call saying Ian is going in for surgery, so he leaves for the hospital.

Erica tells Krystal she knows her secret and that Adam has been blackmailing her. Erica wants to know what Krystalís secret is. Krystal refuses to confide in Erica.

JR is angry because Adam offers David visitation rights to Little A. Adam explains his reasoning for his promises to David. Scott agrees that Adam should not have bargained JRís son. Adam and David agreed that Little A would see David one night per month.

David suggests that the Slaters see Ian before he goes into surgery, but Kendall lacks the strength to do so. Zach offers his hand and suggests that they see their child. Kendall accepts.

Erica lights a candle in the chapel and talks to her mom about being there for Kendall. Opal tells Erica to look inside herself for answers on how to help Kendall. Ryan arrives at the hospital and wants to know why Erica is not in Ianís room. Erica explains that Zach and Kendall need some time with their baby and that she is afraid to offend Kendall by doing the wrong thing, so she will sit and wait. Ryan suggests that he and Erica go visit Ian together, because he thinks that Kendall needs her mother.

Tad talks to Krystal about her behavior and mood swings. He wants her to trust him. Krystal confesses to Tad that Marissa is her daughter and David is Marissaís father. Doctor Chappell tells Adam and JR that the valve is flawed and has a sixty percent failure rate. Krystal tells Tad that Marissa thinks that the people who raised her are her biological parents. She asks Tad not to tell anyone her secret.

Zach, Kendall and Ryan wait in the waiting room. Ryan thinks about taking Kendall away to relax after Ianís surgery. Kendall is telling herself to be strong for Ian. Zach cannot believe that he had a family that he is in jeopardy of losing. Kendall second guesses their decision to use the heart valve. She leaves the waiting room, and Erica and Ryan follow her. Kendall prays for Ian in the chapel with Ryan by her side.

Dr. Chappell tells Adam and JR that the valve is flawed and the risk of failure is high at 60 percent. Adam asks JR to keep quiet about the valveís failure rate. Adam suggests to JR that they forget what Dr. Chappell said about the valve; he fears getting sued.

JR calls Scott and tells him to try to stop the surgery. Scott asks Zach if he has heard anything. Zach allows Scott to sit with him and tells Scott that this is a big day for his valve.

Jake and Amanda romance each other; they drink milk, dance and then make love.

David tells Zach and Kendall that Ianís operation was a success. When Kendall hears the good news, she hugs Ryan as Zach looks on. David tells Scott that the company was lucky he was the one doing the surgery.

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