AMC Update Wednesday 5/6/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/6/09


Written by Gisele
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Opal enters the living room of the Martin home and finds Amanda all packed and ready to take off.  Amanda explains that leaving this way is easier than saying good-bye to Jake, but Opal advises her that running away is not the answer to her problems.  Amanda feels it's the only answer, though, and tells Opal that she left a note for Jake to help him understand.  When Opal reminds her how much Jake cares for her, Amanda says she wishes things could be different, but she really has to get to the airport, so she bids Opal good-bye.

While sitting with Adam at the Yacht Club, an irate Krystal threatens to kill him if he tells anyone that she sold her baby, so he assures her that her "sordid secret" is safe with him, since she helped him regain custody of his grandson. Standing nearby, his private nurse Gayle overhears the threat and reports it to David, who planted her in the position to be his informant. Having also heard the conversation, Erica walks up and accuses Adam of having been "a naughty boy" again.  Since Krystal has stormed off, Erica takes her chair and asks Adam why Krystal wants to kill him.

Although Scott is excited by the imminent debut of his heart valve in Ian Slater, J.R. cautions him not to celebrate too soon, because the baby's mother is his long-time friend, and he's worried that the new technology won't work, but Scott is confident it will.

Since David has already operated on her son, Kendall doesn't understand why he's refusing to help Ian again, so he explains that his foremost reservation has to do with the fact that the heart valve has never been successfully used on a child before.  When Zach mentions that the untested device is owned by Chandler Enterprises, Kendall expresses her dismay that David would be so petty as to risk her child's life because of his hatred for Adam.

Adam refuses to divulge Krystal's secret to Erica for fear that Krystal would really kill him. Erica guesses that he's using the information to blackmail Krystal and urges him to tell her before Krystal makes good on her threat. After they're interrupted by Marissa, who's waitressing at the Yacht Club, Adam assures Erica that if he ever decided to tell anyone Krystal's deep, dark secret, it would be to her.

With his whole family gathered at his home anxiously awaiting more news about Frankie's condition, Jesse is on the phone with a sergeant begging for any information, but all they're told is that he's on his way to a hospital in Germany. While Angie panics, Jesse urges her to find comfort in the fact that their son is still alive. Brot arrives and informs everyone that Frankie is not in critical condition but his hands were crushed in some machinery during the attack his unit sustained. Angie expresses her concern that her son will lose the means to perform his job without the use of his hands but is still grateful he's alive.

As soon as Jake arrives home, Opal pounces on him, upset that he didn't answer his phone when she tried to call him.  After Jake explains that he was in the E.R., Opal informs him of Amanda's sudden departure and gives him her note. To her surprise, Jake decides not to go after Amanda and instead tries to understand her need to get away and make a fresh start even though he cares about her and has told her so.

When J.R. sits at Marissa's station at the very popular Yacht Club, he accuses her of following him, so she offers to have him move to a different table, but he apologizes for coming off like a jerk while she admits she's an untactful buttinsky. After J.R. thanks her for preventing his drinking at ConFusion, he proposes that they start over and reintroduce each other, then asks her to pray for a little boy.

Although he admits his feelings about Adam are a factor, David insists it's the device's unproven viability that's the main reason for his refusal to use it. Zach agrees with the doctor, but Kendall continues to urge him to operate on Ian, so he won't run the risk of bleeding or incur the need for repeated operations in the future. In addition, David finds the fact that Kendall and Zach are on opposite sides to be a deterrent to him since it puts him at risk of being sued, and he apologizes then suggests that maybe another surgeon would perform the procedure. Zach suggests they wait until they hear from the doctors he's contacted in New York, but Kendall is afraid Ian will die if they don't take care of his problem now.

Zach doesn't take kindly to Scott showing up at the hospital to inquire on Ian's operation and demands he leave them alone. Kendall reports to Zach that Ian is just lying there motionless, just waiting, but he's afraid something will go wrong with the new valve. Kendall can't understand why he's not willing to take a risk to save their son's life, but Zach's confidence has been depleted when their relationship didn't work out.

Amanda listens to a Spanish telenovela while waiting for her flight at the airport and smiles.  Meanwhile, Jake watches his favorite telenovela on TV while Opal impatiently paces the floor. When he tries to explain the plot to her, Opal tells Jake, "You know, if dumb was dirt, you would cover about a half-acre." Then she continues to encourage him to go after Amanda because they care about each other a lot, but he thinks he should respect her decision to leave, even though he wanted to take care of her.

Brot tries to comfort the Hubbards and assure them they'll all take care of Frankie when he returns home, but Angie's not willing to wait and wants to go to him because her son needs her. At that, Randi stands up and affirms that she's the person her husband needs, and she's going to Germany.

J.R. shares Ian's condition with Marissa as well as his fear that his company's heart valve will fail and devastate Kendall. When she suggests he try to be optimistic, J.R. accuses her of being like his cousin Scott who thinks that focusing on the downside makes bad things happen. Marissa calls that "a load of crap" because "bad stuff happens, period, and life just simply sucks sometimes." She then divulges how her life was suddenly turned upside down when her parents died and she was left penniless.

Krystal goes to see David at the hospital to make dinner plans. She confides that Adam has upset her, but she refuses to tell her husband what the problem is, so he turns cold and says he doesn't know when he'll be home.

When Erica goes to see Kendall, she spills her frustration at David's refusal to use the new Chandler heart valve, so Erica assures her they won't let Ian die, because she's going to take care of it. She then heads to the Chandler Mansion to demand that Adam convince David to put his company's heart valve into little Ian by telling him all about his wife's dirt. When he hesitates, Erica reminds Adam that she helped him whisk his grandson out of town when the Chandlers were going to lose him, so she doesn't care what he has to do to convince David immediately, regardless of the consequences.

Watching his son lying in his crib, Zach ponders the heart's importance in love, integrity, honor, and forgiveness, then wonders what Ian would do if their roles were reversed.

As she serves J.R. his meal, Marissa assures him she's already put in a prayer for the little boy. No longer the cheerful optimist, Scott glumly approaches his cousin with the news that Dr. Hayward refuses to perform the operation, but J.R. is suddenly the one with the positive attitude as he asks Marissa to pack his food to go.

Brot interrupts the Hubbard's squabble as to who Frankie needs the most with the suggestion that he might need to be alone for a while and not see their anger, fears, or pity.

Zach gives Kendall the bad news that the NY doctors are too busy to help Ian right away and again expresses his fear that something might be wrong with the new valve that they're not aware of, but Kendall thinks there are risks no matter what they do. Zach then comes to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what he thinks since he won't let Jake operate on his son, and he doesn't think anyone can change David's mind.

With Erica standing beside him, Adam approaches David with a proposal to provide him with all the research he wants on his product as well as anything else he wants from him. David is interested but doesn't think Adam is going to like it one bit.

Amanda returns to the Martin home and tells Jake she missed him when she heard their telenovela at the airport and realized that running away isn't going to solve anything. Jake assures her they can solve anything together because he loves her then kisses her while Opal happily watches from the staircase.

Taylor convinces Randi to wait until they hear from the military before she makes her travel plans to see Frankie, then Brot offers to go with her to support them both, since he has been in Frankie's position and knows how it feels.

David approaches Zach and Kendall with the offer to perform the surgery if they agree to use the new device, since he has re-examined all the research and decided that it's Ian's best hope. After Kendall nods and Zach doesn't dissent, David runs to have an O.R. prepped and assures Zach he'll get his baby through it.

Erica approaches Krystal in the hospital hallway and feigns concern over her welfare because Adam has told her how he's blackmailing her, which is perfectly horrible of him, then asks what she can do.

As Adam returns home, Gayle starts whining about "that Erica Kane woman" barrelling her way in there and him taking off like that, but Adam will have none of that insubordination and barks at her to learn her place because she's just hired help. Then he informs J.R. and Scott that their valve will save Ian's life. Smelling a rat, J.R. asks what he promised Hayward in return. When Adam doesn't answer, J.R. accuses him of giving away his son.

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