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Kendall says that when she is with Ryan, it seems like time is standing still. Ryan says that it was a pretty amazing night, and Kendall says that the night isnít over.

Scott shows up at the hospital and asks about Adam. Erica tells Scott that Adam had a seizure and collapsed, probably due to stress. Erica tells Scott that the doctors have insisted that Adam have no more visitors. Scott asks Erica what is really wrong with Adam.

Marissa tries to keep JR from taking a drink. Marissa asks if Babe would want him drinking.

Krystal shows up at the Chandler mansion and finds Tad with blood all over his hand. Krystal says that she came to talk to Adam, and Tad says that Adam collapsed and is now at the hospital. Krystal realizes that Tad is there to find some evidence to connect Adam to Dixieís murder. Krystal tells Tad that Adam didnít have anything to do with Dixieís murder. Tad says that if Alexander is telling the truth about not killing Dixie, Adam makes one hell of a suspect. Tad says that Adam collapsed when JR confronted him about Dixieís death. Krystal says that if Adam is hiding some kind of secret, it would probably be in his safe.

JR criticizes Marissa for talking about Babe. Marissa tells JR that she is staying with Krystal and David for a while so that she can get her life back on track. JR tells Marissa that David is poison and that he destroys everything he comes into contact with. David walks up and says that most people would say that about JR.

Erica tells Scott about all the stress that Adam has been under lately. Scott says that Adam is not one to ever give up control of anything. Scott and Erica talk about Chandler Enterprises and about his heart valve.

Ian starts whining, and Zach says that he seems a little warm. Zach asks Rachael to bundle Ian up because he is taking him to the doctor.

Kendall and Ryan take a shower together while her phone rings. Zach leaves Kendall a voicemail about taking Ian to the hospital. Ryan says that he is going to get refreshments, and Kendall checks her voicemail. Ryan comes back, and Kendall says that Zach took Ian to the hospital. Ryan tells her to go take care of her son, and she asks him to go with her.

Zach tells Joe that Ian hasnít been sleeping and is a little warm. Joe has Dr. Bonner and Dr. Hayward paged. Joe takes Ian.

David says that he wonders what the judge would think about JR drinking. JR says that Little Adam is no longer the judgeís concern or Davidís. Marissa tells David that JR didnít have anything to drink. JR tells David that he isnít going to be seeing Little Adam and that JR will die first. David says that it shouldnít take too long given the direction that JR is heading in.

Krystal tries to help Tad figure out the safe combination. Tad asks Krystal if she knows where the flashlights are kept, and Krystal goes to get one. She comes back and Tad has the safe open. Tad says that there is only one date in Adamís date book that is in red - his dead sisterís birthday. Krystal sees something with her name on it and asks what it is. Tad says that it is probably what Adam is using to blackmail her.

David says that he didnít realize JR and Marissa knew each other. Marissa says that she met JR at the yacht club but met Little Adam first. Marissa asks David if he wants JR to screw up, and David says that he wants a chance to reopen the custody case. Marissa says that the last thing that Little Adam needs is another custody battle, but David says that the last thing Little Adam needs is a drunken father who puts his life at risk on a daily basis. David says that if he ever hears Marissa defending JR again, she will be finding another place to live.

Tad gives Krystal the envelope. Tad says that Krystal can talk to him about anything, and she says that she canít about this. Tad asks what happened to the woman he fell in love with. Krystal says that maybe the woman he remembers died alongside her daughter. JR comes in. Krystal says that she just came by to see Little Adam, and will come back tomorrow. JR tells Krystal that Marissa and David are at ConFusion. Tad asks who Marissa is, and JR says that Marissa is someone very close to Krystal.

Erica and Scott talk about Cindyís death. Scott says that he wants to make a difference with this heart valve and save lives. Erica says that she has no doubt that Scott will succeed. Erica says that his mother would be very proud. Scott apologizes for getting so emotional. Erica says that she knows Scott will save lives with his heart valve and that she also would give anything for one more day with her mother.

Kendall shows up at the hospital with Ryan and asks Zach what happened. Ryan asks if he should call Erica, and Kendall says that she doesnít want to worry Erica, but Zach tells Ryan to call her. Zach says that all they can do is wait for the tests. Zach says that there is something very wrong with their little boy.

David tells Joe that he got the page. Joe says that he thinks they should get an OR prepped immediately for Ian.

Scott thanks Erica for being there for Adam. Erica says that she and Adam have been through a lot together and there is no way she would turn her back on him at this moment. Ryan calls Erica and finds out that she is already at the hospital. Ryan takes Erica to see Zach and Kendall after telling her that something is wrong with Ian.

Krystal says that Marissa is the daughter of an old friend. JR says that Marissa loves sticking her nose in other peopleís business. Krystal says that she will talk to Marissa and leaves. Tad says that he is there because he wants to know the truth about Dixieís death. JR tells Tad to look in Adamís room while he looks downstairs.

David tells Kendall that Ian is in congestive heart failure. David says that they will have to go back in and replace the aortic valve because it isnít working right. Kendall, Zach and Ryan ask about the risks and about what happens if they donít do the surgery. David says that Ian wonít make it if they donít do the surgery.

Krystal confronts Marissa about throwing things in JRís face. Marissa says that she was just trying to stop JR from taking a drink. Krystal says that maybe it isnít Marissaís place to do that. Marissa apologizes, and Krystal apologizes for taking things out on Marissa.

Erica thanks Ryan for calling her as quickly as he did. Ryan says that Kendall needs her family right now. Ryan says that Kendall isnít going to get back with Zach, but Erica says that she wouldnít be so sure.

Kendall promises Ian that nothing will come between her, him and Spike ever again.

JR tells Tad about when he found Dixie gasping for air and Adam smiling when they found out she died.

Ryan says that Kendall and Zach are over. Erica says that Zach loves Kendall and that Ryan should give her up so that he doesnít get his heart broken again.

David orders new scans. Scott and David talk about the possibility of Scottís valve helping Ian. David says that Scott needs to convince Jake Martin first, and then the parents.

Kendall says that she should have been home with Ian instead of being with Ryan. Zach says that Kendall canít feel guilty living her life. Zach asks Kendall if she is happy the way things are, and she says yes. Zach says that it is all that matters.

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