AMC Update Friday 5/1/09

All My Children Update Friday 5/1/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Liza walks into Zach Slater’s home; he was getting him a drink as she walked toward him. She kissed him, then said, “I heard you were looking for me”. He told her that he gave up the search. Zach shows Liza the Queen of hearts he kept from the last game of cards they played. She takes the card and put it in his bosom. She tells Zach that he cheated her in their last card game so she wants her money back. Zach offers to play another game to settle who the winner is. He wants to know who she is, but she refuses to tell him her name. She tells him that she has an easier way to determine the winner. She will shuffle the deck, cut the cards and they both will draw a card. The player with the highest card is the winner. If he has the highest card, she will tell him her name. If she has the highest card he will pay her winnings. Zach pulls a Jack of spades, and Liza pulls the Queen of hearts. Zach thinks she has been cheating. She tells him that he can find the Queen of hearts in her bosom, if he would like to search. Zach refuse to body search Liza. He writes the check, but wants to know her name. She tells him to write the check to cash. He wants to know why she is so secretive, and why she is in town. He tells her that he thinks she is trouble.

David came home from an exhausting day. He asked Marissa to fix him a drink since she is supposed to be a bartender. She offered to give him a massage instead since this is really what she knows. Marissa gives David a message as he talks about making a lot of money and being rich. Krystal walks into the room and sees Marissa giving David a message. David suggests that she gets one, but she passes. When David leaves the room, Krystal tells Marissa to keep her hands off of her husband. Krystal apologizes to Marissa, because she was out of line. Marissa ask Krystal questions about her breakup with David. Krystal tells her about the custody battle and how she turned on David.

Stuart tells Tad and Jesse that he saw Adam touching a ribbon at the gate when Dixie was killed. Tad wants to know if Stuart thinks that Adam could have killed Dixie. Stuart does not want to think about the past so he leaves Tad’s home.

Stuart remembers the day Dixie died Adam was seen tying the ribbon on the gate and he told Stuart that he saw nothing, and to tell no one what he saw.

JR asks Adam if he killed Dixie. Erica comes to the mansion and hears JR ranting at Adam. The door is closed, but she tries to break it in. JR tells her to go away. JR shakes Adam and makes him ill. Adam passes out. Erica is let into the room, and then JR tries to explain to Erica that he thought his dad was faking. JR calls 911, and Adam is taken to the hospital. JR blames Adam for trying to kill Babe, which resulted in Dixie’s death.

Angie examines opal. Opal sees a vision of a bleeding Adam on a gurney. Opal tells Angie of the vision she saw, and then runs out of the hospital.

Natalia is studying for her police exam. Randi comers into the room and looks at a picture of Frankie, then drops it on the floor as she begins to cry. Natalia calls Angie and Jesse to tell them about news of Frankie. Randi, Natalia, Jesse, and Angie are together. Randi tells them that she received a call telling her that Frankie’s convoy was ambushed.

Tads chastise JR, because he told him that he would field all questions to Adam.

David comes into Adam’s room to treat Adam and Colby and Erica tells him to call another physician. Colby is concerned that her father is not waking up and David tells her that he is in postnatal. David and his spy the nurse, treat Adam.

David recommends that Adam have home care with a private duty nurse. Colby mentions that she does not know how to find a nurse, and David tells her that the hospital will recommend one.

Zach is not sure that he wants to find out how much trouble Liza could be. Liza asks Zach to guess her name. Ian wakes up and she acknowledges that Zach has a child. Zach tells her that he has two children. While Zach attends to Ian, Liza looks at a picture of Kendall and Zach, she also takes a peek at the cover of Alexander’s manuscript. He tells her that Ian is fine, but he wants to know her name. She laughs and asks for her check. Zach tells Liza about his family and his divorce. Liza tells Zach he is divorced with his wife’s picture still on the mantle, he is a casino owner with two children and he thinks she is trouble. She tells him that he is trouble. She leaves him with a smile upon his face.

Taylor comes over to the Hubbard’s and explains the procedure of reporting a fatality. They hear a knock on the door, then panicky. Angie tells them not to answer the door, out of panic. Brot is at the door. He tells them positive things. Taylor and Brot know Frankie well, and think he will be fine. The light goes out in the Hubbard’s apartment.

Opal visits Wildwind to speak to Krystal. She is very anxious, and tells Krystal about her visions. Krystal is confused about what Opal is saying. Opal believes that her visions are related to the Cambias manuscript.

The Hubbard’s pray for Frankie, and burn a candle that Angie places in the window.

Erica asks Adam if he killed Dixie. Adam does not know if he did or not.

Krystal arrives at the mansion and sees Tad sitting at Adam’s desk with a bleeding head injury.

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