AMC Update Thursday 4/30/09

All My Children Update Thursday 4/30/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

 Scott has a press conference on the heart valve. He went behind JRís back. Scott arrives at the Chandler mansion and tells Adam that his challenge pitting Scott against JR is a joke. He did the press conference to get a head start on the competition. Scott put together a new team to pick up the work that Dr. Chappell was doing. They are now ready with the prototype. Scott is a fair player. Adam wants Scott to have a cutthroat mentality. Adam thanks Scott for getting a jump over JR and for lighting a fire under him.

Ryan and Kendall are in bed. They slept until noon. She gets up and tells Ryan that she has to go to work. Ryan brings Kendall coffee, and she decides to stay home with him. She calls him the sexiest man alive. He suggests that she go to work and be honest with everyone about their relationship. He will take her to dinner. He wants them to be proud of what they have and stop sneaking around. Tonight they will come out when he takes her out to dinner.

Amanda is at Fusion with Erica asking for her old job back. Erica talks to her about being a new mother and working at Fusion. According to Erica, Fusion is on life-support and is requiring the staff to work around the clock. Amanda would be required to stay busy with Fusion. Erica will think about rehiring Amanda. Jake comes for Amanda, and she asks him to stay out of her asking for a job. Jake says he loves her, and they leave together.

Tad brings Zach a copy of Alexander Cambiasí manuscript. Zach wants no part of it. Tad tells Zach that he is the only person who can separate the truth from the lies. Zach is sick of his fatherís antics. He suggests that Tad burn the manuscript because his father is playing mind games with everyone. Zach says that Alexander is a twisted old man who wants attention.

Taylor and Brot visit Fusion to speak with Randi. Randi has been trying all day to reach Frankie on the web cam. They talk about Frankie and Brotís speech in Florida. Randi talks about how different Frankie is since he left. Randi tells Taylor that she and Frankie will be having a web cam date sometime today. Taylor needs a job but refuses to work with Fusion until they get camouflage makeup.

Kendall comes into the office late. Erica is at Fusion and she tells Kendall that she missed a couple of business meetings. She talks against Kendallís relationship with Ryan. Kendall reminds Erica that she and Zach are history. Erica disagrees with Ryan and Kendallís relationship. Ryan comes to Fusion and kisses Kendall. They leave together to have dinner.

Kendall is uncomfortable having dinner at the Yacht Club. It is her first time in public with Ryan. To prove that she is OK with looks and stares, she holds Ryanís hand, kisses him and then dances with him.

Jesse and Tad discuss the possibility of who killed Dixie. They talk about the murder of Dixie while identifying suspects. JR walks in and sees the board of suspects that Jesse and Tad are discussing in Tadís living room.

Stuart visits Tad and Jesse. They ask him about Dixieís death. Stuart tells them about what he remembers.

Amanda and Jake are at ConFusion. JR visits Jake and tells him that he wants to talk about the heart valve. They need a test patient to try the valve on. Scott arrives, and he and JR argue about the heart valve machine. The prototype is ready for a heart candidate. Scott recognizes Amanda and says hi to her.

Jake gives Amanda details of her babyís birth. Amanda has fallen in love with the baby and cannot give it up.

Zach remembers his father telling him that Kendall belongs with Ryan. Zach tells Erica about his fatherís manuscript. He is devastated that his father is on the scene again. Zach thinks that his fatherís book is the delusions of a mad man, but he remembers that Alexander told him that Kendall offered her life for Zachís life. Zach remembers that Kendall loved him, only him, and he loved her. Erica tells him that he still loves Kendall. Zach does not want to talk about Kendall, and Erica understands. Erica tells Zach that she is visiting because she is concerned about him.

JR talks to Adam about Alexander Cambiasí book. JR asks Adam if he killed Dixie.

Kendall and Ryan continue to dance in public. They close down the Yacht Club.

Randi has signed on the web cam, but Frankie is not there. Randi gets a call from the armed forces about Frankie.

Erica leaves Zach at home alone. Liza comes in (as sexy music starts to play) and walks straight to Zach, kisses him on the mouth and then tells him that she heard he was looking for her.

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