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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/29/09


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Ryan asks what if Dixie’s killer really is still out there. Tad says that Babe was such a sweetheart and asks who would want to kill her. Ryan says that if Tad wants to find out who Babe’s enemies were, he should talk to someone who really knew her.

Krystal says that she just came by to see Jenny. Opal says that Jenny is asleep and that she hopes Jenny’s dreams are better than hers have been. Krystal asks what is wrong and Opal says that she has been having visions again of Annie and Tad. Krystal reminds Opal that they are just visions.

Marissa shows up and says that she was hoping to talk to Krystal. David says that Krystal stepped out for a bit, but that Marissa is welcome to come in and wait. Marissa says that she doesn’t want to impose, but David says that it would give them a chance to get to know each other better.

Erica tells Adam that telling his children about his illness is the worst thing he could do. Adam reminds Erica that she was the one who insisted on him telling them. Erica says that she was wrong. Erica says that the illness could push his kids over the edge. Adam says that he can’t do it alone and Erica says that he doesn’t have to.

Kendall tells Zach that Bianca’s plan didn’t work. Zach says that he saw Reese at the casino.

Reese spends time with Miranda.

Opal tells Tad about the vision she had of him with his head covered in blood. Tad promises that he is okay. Tad tells Opal about Alexander’s claim. Opal says that the poison was meant for Babe which means that someone wanted to murder Babe. Krystal comes out and asks what they said.

Marissa and David talk about Wildwind and about Babe. David tries to get Marissa to tell him her story.

Erica says that she is there as a friend and is offering to help him. Erica says that they will have to come up with a cover story because the family knows that they were assembled for a reason. Adam says that he has already come up with one.

Reese promises to visit Miranda. Miranda says that Bianca would like it too because she has been crying a lot. Miranda says that she misses how it used to be.

Kendall says that she can’t believe Bianca and Reese couldn’t find a way to make it work. Zach says that there is a lot of that going around. Kendall says that Reese and Bianca love each other and asks if it is enough. Zach says that it wasn’t for them. Ryan walks in. Ryan tells Zach about his visit to Alexander and about Alexander claiming that he didn’t kill Dixie.

Bianca tells Miranda to go see if Rachael needs help with Gabrielle. Reese tells Miranda that she will be there when it is time to say goodbye. Reese thanks Bianca for letting her see the girls. Bianca apologizes about the letter that she wrote to Reese after the accident. Bianca says that she should go see if Rachael needs any help with the girls. Reese tells Bianca that she promised Miranda that she would come visit.

Krystal asks Tad if he believes Alexander and Tad says that he doesn’t know what to believe. Tad says that he will find out who killed Dixie. Krystal says that someone would have had to be crazy to want to kill Babe. Tad asks Krystal if everyone at the mansion got along with Babe and Krystal says that everyone did, except Adam.

Colby, Scott, JR and Adam talk about Alexander’s claim of innocence in Dixie’s murder. Scott suggests that Adam should give them the big announcement. Adam says that he plans to retire at the end of the year.

David and Marissa talk about her goals. Marissa says that she isn’t playing Krystal and David says that he hopes that is true. David asks why Marissa is really there. Marissa says that she was hoping to take them up on their offer because the market for an apartment is tough.

Tad says that they have to consider every possibility. Krystal says that if Adam wanted to make an attempt on anyone’s life, he would hire a hit man instead of dosing Lucretia’s batter in the kitchen. Krystal says that the police put Dixie’s case to rest and it is time that Tad did too.

JR asks Adam when the question of who would take over Chandler Enterprises came up. Adam says that he has realized that he has options. JR says that he ran the company when Adam couldn’t. Adam leaves. JR asks Scott if he really wants to run the company. Scott says that he didn’t until 5 minutes ago.

Colby asks if Adam was going to pretend to include her in the challenge and Adam says no because she is still in college. Colby realizes that Adam is trying to provoke JR.

Kendall says that she wanted to apologize to Ryan for getting sucked into the drama again. Kendall tells Ryan that she messed things up for Bianca and Reese, and for them. Kendall swears to Ryan that it won’t happen again and apologizes for his bad day.

Bianca and Zach talk about Alexander. Bianca says that the kids are her life. Reese tells Bianca that she said goodbye to the girls and tells Bianca to have a safe trip and be happy. Bianca says that Reese would make her happy.

Ryan tells Kendall to spend some time with Bianca while she still can. Ryan says that he is really missing Erin today and that he will be fine. Ryan leaves.

Erica shows up at Zach’s and asks about Kendall and Bianca. Bianca tells Erica that Reese is going back to Paris with her. Erica says that she is happy for them. Reese tells Erica that she will do whatever it takes to make Bianca happy and Erica says that she better.

JR asks Scott why he would want to take on a company that is tanking and Scott says that he loves a challenge. Scott asks JR why he didn’t suggest that they work together, instead of throwing a fit. JR tells Scott that he isn’t taking over Chandler Enterprises. Scott says that he is going to turn the company into something good and honorable.

Krystal comes home and finds David and Marissa playing “Chopsticks” on the piano. David says that he told Marissa that she was welcome to stay with them! Krystal welcomes Marissa home!

Stuart and Scott talk about Adam considering having Scott take over Chandler Enterprises. Scott says that he isn’t going to change, but if he takes over Chandler Enterprises will.

David tells Krystal that he thinks it will be nice to have Marissa around because it will bring a whole new energy to the house. Krystal says that she doesn’t want anything to come between them. David says that there is no way that Marissa could come between them.

Tad tells Jesse that Alexander claims he didn’t kill Dixie. Jesse agrees to help Tad and suggests that they start going through the files.

Erica makes Bianca promise to call her all the time. Bianca asks Reese if she is ready. Zach tells them that if they want to make the plane, they have to hurry. Bianca says that Erica will have to say goodbye to Kendall for them.

Kendall shows up to see Ryan. Ryan says that it isn’t a good time for a visitor and she asks who said she was a visitor.

Tad and Jesse look through the files and go over the evidence again. Tad says that maybe someone in the Chandler Mansion killed Dixie and made it look like the work of the Satin Slayer. Tad says that he is going to find the person who killed Dixie and kill them.

Erica says that she hopes Bianca is doing the right thing. Zach says that Reese won’t hurt Bianca again. Erica asks if Zach is worried about Kendall and realizes that she is with Ryan. Zach says that he is going to check on the boys.

Kendall tells Ryan to be with her and says that there will be no more jealousy. Kendall kisses Ryan.

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