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Adam tells Erica that whatever is happening to him is getting worse. Erica says that Adam can beat this with help. Adam says that all he needs right now is a little extra support! Erica says that she can’t keep doing this.

Tad asks who killed Dixie if it wasn’t the Satin Slayer and Ryan says that there is only one way to find out. Tad asks Ryan if he is going to spend time with a serial killer whose only goal is to make everyone else insane.

Adam apologizes for leaning so heavily on Erica. Erica says that she can’t single-handedly keep Adam afloat. Adam says that Erica is the only one he can trust. Erica reminds Adam that he has children, a nephew and his brother and that if they pull together as a family, he can beat it. Adam says that it is stress. Erica says that seizures and memory lapses are a sign that something is seriously wrong. Adam says that he could use a little more time. Erica reminds Adam that she has things going on too.

Ryan says that he wants the truth and asks Tad if he wants to be completely sure that Dixie’s killer is locked up. Tad says that he already is sure. Ryan says that the book isn’t the ravings of a lunatic. Tad says that Alexander is in a psychiatric institution. Tad tells Ryan not to tell JR about it.

JR and Scott argue. Adam asks Erica if she is sure that she wants him to lean on his family. Erica says that she wants Adam to hit them with the facts and force them into lying. Adam asks if Erica has a stun gun. Erica says that Adam’s family is pretty much all he has.

Reese says that she was scared that Bianca wouldn’t come. Bianca says that she is there because Brett and Leslie got married in New York. Bianca realizes that Reese is wearing their rings and Reese says that she wanted Bianca with her. Bianca and Reese talk about a day at the Louvre and a painting. Reese says that she has missed Bianca so much.

Zach asks Kendall what made her decide to go along with it. Kendall says that it was the same thing that made him decide to. Zach says that they want different things, but Kendall tells him that they both want Bianca and Reese to raise their kids.

Reese and Bianca talk about what happened between them. Reese says that she didn’t even realize that she was scared of being a lesbian. Reese says that she wants Bianca and their girls. Reese says that she is sure that she can be what Bianca wants. Bianca says that it seems like Reese is always trying to be what everyone else wants her to be. Reese says that she is what Bianca wants and needs, and is asking for a chance to make Bianca believe it again. Bianca says that part of her wants to open her arms, but there are alarm bells going off.

Kendall says that she loves her sister and wants her to be happy. Zach reminds Kendall that she was threatened by a little girl. Kendall says that Gabrielle was a shock to her and she didn’t feel like a priority when she found out that Zach fathered Bianca’s child. Zach asks Kendall what she wants him to do and she says that she doesn’t know.

Reese says that she is suggesting that they take it one baby step at a time. Bianca says that she could get over being hurt again, but she can’t say the same thing about Gabrielle and Miranda. Reese says that she would never turn her back on their girls. Bianca asks why her love wasn’t enough.

Kendall says that she was awful to Reese and Bianca, and wants to make up for it now. Zach says that Kendall holding out so long is part of the problem. Kendall asks what the other part of the problem is and Zach says that he doesn’t have all the answers. Kendall says that she doesn’t have any answers anymore.

Erica tells Adam to go take control. Adam says that he doesn’t have the energy. JR and Scott keep arguing. Erica tells them to stop because Adam needs to see them. Erica tells Adam not to waste his family’s attention because she isn’t coming back. Adam tells JR, Colby and Scott that they need solidarity. The doorbell rings and stops Adam from telling his family what is going on. The maid comes in and tells Adam that there is someone there to see him. Adam asks Tad what he wants. Tad says that he wants to avoid something that could tear Adam’s family apart.

Alexander and Ryan meet and talk about the book. Alexander says that he sent the memoir to Ryan because Ryan is such a stickler for the truth. Ryan says that he has known the truth about Alex for years. Alexander tells Ryan that he did not kill Dixie Martin.

Erica asks Kendall when she was going to mention Bianca and the girls being back in town. Kendall says that she planned on telling Erica. Erica asks if that was before or after they had left town.

Reese says that it wasn’t about Bianca’s love not being enough, it was about her not knowing how to love herself enough to accept herself. Bianca says that Reese never shared this problem. Reese says that she never admitted the problem to herself. Reese admits that she did everything wrong. Bianca asks how Reese knows that she will be different now. Reese says that she finally understands the issues with her parents and it has been an enormous breakthrough for her. Reese says that she isn’t going back to men, even if Bianca pushes her away. Reese says that she loves Bianca and will never be whole without her again.

Erica says that now she understands why Kendall did such a quick about-face when she practically packed Reese’s bags. Kendall admits that she wanted Reese gone before she knew that Bianca was back in town. Kendall says that she took Bianca to the park to meet with Reese. Kendall says that Zach had something to do with the fact that she really believes that Reese loves Bianca.

Zach says that it looks like Reese could use a drink. Reese asks for morphine. Zach orders Reese a double vodka martini. Reese thanks Zach for trying and for being a really good friend.

Kendall, Bianca and Erica talk about what Reese said. Erica tells Bianca that there comes a time to forgive and forget so that you can be with the person you love.

Ryan suggests that Alexander claimed not to kill Dixie so that he would get some attention. Alexander starts talking about the Fusion curse and says that Babe, Greenlee and Annie were all victims of it. Alexander says that Dixie’s real killer will strike again.

Tad tells Adam that Alexander Cambias insists that he didn’t murder Dixie. Tad asks how they know that Alex won’t send a copy of the book to JR. JR, Scott and Colby speculate about what Adam is doing. Adam says that they have to be very careful so that JR doesn’t find out. JR comes out and asks what he isn’t supposed to find out about. Tad tells JR about Alexander Cambias’ book. JR says that Dixie died because she ate Babe’s breakfast. JR asks who poisoned Babe’s food if it wasn’t Alexander. Tad says that nobody would. JR asks who would poison Babe.

Ryan says that Alexander confessed to Dixie’s murder. Alexander says that he would have confessed to anything they slid under his nose because he was headed for prison. Alexander says that Ryan will feel terribly guilty when his revelation turns out to be true.

Reese says that she handed her heart to Bianca and nothing helped. Zach suggests that they go to see the kids. Reese says that if they show up together, it will just put everyone’s nerves on red alert.

Bianca says that she would have never left without seeing Erica. Erica says that she probably overreacted. Bianca, Erica and Kendall talk about Erica’s relationship with Adam.

Reese remembers her wedding to Bianca. Reese’s cell phone rings and she sees that Bianca is calling.

Erica asks Adam if he told his children about his memory lapses. Adam says that he tried. Erica says that telling his children is probably the worst thing he can do.

Tad and Ryan talk about JR’s reaction.

Bianca says that she is glad that Reese came and Reese says that she is glad that Bianca called. Bianca lets Reese spend some time with the kids.

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