AMC Update Monday 4/27/09

All My Children Update Monday 4/27/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Ryan says that he is going to check something and Opal says that she will see herself out. Seeing a horrifying vision of Annie on the balcony, Opal screams and exclaims, “She was right there.”

Tad asks Jake what movie they are watching. Jake says that they are watching “Natural Childbirth and You” because Amanda likes to know what is going on with her body. The movie starts.

Colby says that she was working on a paper, but can’t concentrate. Colby asks Adam if he ever really loved her mother.

Erica tells Reese that Bianca still loves her and that they should be together in Paris. Erica tells Reese to go to Paris and make Bianca happy. Reese thanks Erica.

Zach spends time with Bianca, Gabrielle and Miranda. Zach says that he felt responsible for destroying Bianca’s family and wanted to do something to fix it. Zach says that he wants Reese to talk to Bianca. Bianca says that the best thing for her to do would be getting on the next plane and going back to Paris. Zach apologizes and suggests that they just go see the family.

Erica asks Reese to take some outfits to Miranda and Gabrielle for her and Reese agrees. Erica gives Reese advice about approaching Bianca. Kendall comes up and tells Reese to stay away from Bianca, but changes her mind when she finds out that Reese is going back to Paris. Reese leaves. Kendall reminds Erica that Reese ruined her marriage, but Erica says that Kendall did that all by herself.

Tad, Amanda, and Jake watch the movie and talk about it. Amanda tells Jake to stop the movie and goes to get some water. Amanda says that she doesn’t want the contractions, crowning, pushing or screaming and that she isn’t doing it.

Adam says that there was a time when he loved Liza very much, but they were too much alike. Colby asks Adam to tell her about the happy times he had with her mother.

Opal tries to tell Ryan what she saw, but he says that he doesn’t need it. Emma comes in and asks why they are all screaming. Opal says that something startled her and says that she is going home now. Opal leaves. Ryan tells Emma to go finish her homework and a man gives him something.

Bianca spends time with Ian and Spike. Zach tells Bianca that he and Kendall aren’t together anymore. Kendall comes in and is surprised to see Bianca.

Colby asks Adam what is wrong. Adam says that he was lost in one of the nicer moments that he had with Liza. Colby asks Adam to tell her about it, but he says that it is part of the past and there is no point. Adam says that he needs to lay down for a while. Colby calls Erica and tells her that Adam is scaring her.

Amanda decides that as soon as she goes into labor, she wants to be knocked out. Jake says that it would be a lot healthier for the “little guy” if she were conscious for the whole experience. Amanda realizes that Jake knows the sex of the baby. Jake says that he might have seen the sonogram and noticed that it is a little boy. Amanda says that she didn’t want to know anything and asks how Jake could have done this. Pete walks in and asks what Jake did to Amanda. Amanda says that Jake ruined everything and tells him to leave her alone. Jake says that he will drive Amanda to the hospital, but she says that she will drive herself. Amanda rushes out and Opal comes in. Opal says that she had a vision of Annie at Ryan’s with her hand full of blood.

Erica tells Colby to take a drive. Colby thanks Erica for coming. Erica tells Adam that Colby called her because she is scared. Adam tells Erica that he needs her.

Kendall asks if Erica knows that Bianca is here. Bianca says that she was going to call Erica after she got the kids settled in. Bianca goes to help with Gabrielle. Zach asks Kendall to stay out of his personal life and Kendall asks him to stay out of Bianca’s life. Kendall tells Zach that Reese went back to Paris. Zach runs out. Bianca comes down and asks where Zach went. Kendall says that she would rather not talk about it. Bianca suggests that they talk about Kendall’s relationship with Ryan instead.

Ryan reads Alexander’s letter about the book.

Reese says that Zach won’t talk her into not going back to Paris. Zach says that Reese can’t go back to Paris because Bianca, Miranda and Gabrielle are in Pine Valley.

Kendall and Bianca talk about Kendall’s relationship with Ryan. Kendall says that Ryan overreacted to her curiosity about the woman that Zach is seeing. Bianca asks if Kendall still loves Zach. Kendall says that she is tired of everyone telling her how she feels. Bianca apologizes and says that she is the one who ruined Kendall’s life and marriage.

Pete says that Colby will finally realize how much she cares about him! Colby shows up and says that she needs to talk.

Erica asks Adam what happened with Colby. Adam says that Colby was grilling him about Liza. Adam asks Erica when the last time they saw each other was. Erica says that she was there for his seizure yesterday, but Adam doesn’t remember her being there. Erica asks Adam how many pills he has had today and he says that it isn’t the pills, it is him.

Kendall tells Bianca that it isn’t her fault. Kendall says that she knows that Zach isn’t involved with Reese and that Reese is still crazy about Bianca. Bianca says that she is still in love with Reese and wants to try again, but doesn’t know if she can trust Reese again. Kendall says that she knows how Bianca feels.

Zach tells Reese that Bianca and the girls are at the house. Reese asks why Zach didn’t tell her. Zach says that Bianca didn’t necessarily come to see Reese. Reese says that she doesn’t know what to do. Kendall calls Zach and suggests that they call a truce and work together for Bianca.

Colby vents to Pete and he asks if there is anything he can do. Colby says that she lost what she might have had with her mom a long time ago and can’t lose her dad too.

The ultrasound technician at the hospital asks if Amanda would like to see her baby. Amanda says that she keeps telling people that she doesn’t want to see him and then says that she wants to see her baby.

Ryan shows Tad the manuscript. Alexander claims that he wasn’t responsible for Dixie’s death.

Erica makes Adam some herbal tea. Adam says that whatever is wrong with him is getting worse.

Ryan says that Alexander wouldn’t have any reason to deny involvement in Dixie’s murder when he is admitting to all the rest. Tad wonders who killed Dixie if Alexander didn’t.

Reese says that she is going to go because Bianca isn‘t coming, but Zach advises her to stay.

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