AMC Update Friday 4/24/09

All My Children Update Friday 4/24/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Randi and Scott are eating cake when the web cam comes on. Randi tells Frankie who she is eating cake with, and they know each other. Frankie and Scott were childhood friends. Scott leaves Randi alone to continue her conversation with Frankie. Frankie is being cut off, but before he leaves, Randi tells him that she loves him. She tells him to be safe.

Little A and JR put flowers on Babe’s grave. Little A wants to pick some more flowers for his mom while JR visits with Babe. JR tells Babe he got their son back, and he wishes her a happy anniversary.

Marissa follows Krystal home. David comes outside to meet Marissa. He invites her inside. Marissa tells David that she and Krystal are friends. She also tells him that Krystal offered to pay for her law school tuition. Marissa tells Krystal that she has bad timing, but she feels a connection towards Krystal, because Krystal helps her to remember her parents.

David offers her a place to stay, but she refuses. Marissa tells Krystal that David is nice and she likes him. Krystal is shocked that David is so understanding. He thinks that Krystal is with Marissa, because she needs someone to mother.

Erica is at Fusion. Ryan shows up. Erica picks up the newspaper and the headlines reads that Annie is on the run. Ryan tells Erica that Kendall has a special place in her heart for Zach; Ryan believes that Kendall still wants Zach. Ryan cannot stand Kendall going back and forth. Erica tells her that Kendall is afraid of ending up alone. Erica wants out of Kendall’s life.

Kendall is skulking around the house trying to listen to Zach’s personal calls. He talks to someone and asks the person to come to Pine Valley; he will send a ticket. He tells the person he misses them. Kendall asks questions about the call that Zach made. She wants to know who it is and is it the woman he had a one-night stand with. Kendall is curious about the woman Zach slept with. She tells him that if he wants to talk about it with her he can. Zach wants to know why she is so curious. Zach reminds her that he respects her privacy and he wants her to respect his. He tells Kendall that he will not tell her who called. Zach reaches the casino and Francesca tells her that she could not find out anything about the redhead he was asking about. Zach follows up on his earlier call and find out that the person he spoke with earlier is now on the plane to Pine Valley.

Kendall finds Ryan at Fusion and he tells her that he is there to get his things, because he no long works at Fusion. Kendall wants to talk to him about walking out on him, but Ryan is not interested. Ryan tells her that he has his hands full with Cambias, and Annie being on the loose. Kendall tells Erica that she choose Ryan over Zach. Kendall tells Erica that Zach is seeing someone else. Erica cannot believe this, and she tells Kendall that she is a big girl responsible for her own life. Erica is no longer interested in Kendall’s life. Kendall is upset, because Zach, Ryan, nor Erica wants to be bothered with her now.

Reese visits Zach and tells him that she plans on going to Paris tonight. Zach thinks that she should wait for Bianca to come to her. Reese shows up at Fusion to ask Erica what she should do about Bianca. She feels that Bianca has reached out by asking Zach to share the picture of Gabby. She wants to know if she should go to Paris or stay in Pine Valley. Erica wants her to return to Paris for Kendall’s sake, because Kendall does not need to see Gabby.

Scott meets JR at the Valley Inn and they begin to argue. Little A asks JR if he can get some ice cream.

Little A runs off without JR. Marissa brings him back and JR is accusatory wanting to know what she is doing with his child. Marissa explains and JR apologizes. Scott introduces himself and apologizes for JR, while calling him an ass.

Zach returns home. He gets a call that his visitor is on the plane. Kendall is at home and listens in on his conversation. Zach heads out and Kendall is curious.

Krystal has a dream about giving birth to twin girls!

Ryan returns home and Opal tells him about a vibe about Annie. She felt that

Annie was in the room with her. Ryan is not interested in Hocus Pocus.

Bianca returns! Zach meets her and the children at the airport. Kendall followed Zach to the airport.

Opal sees Annie at the patio door with blood on her hands. Annie wipes the blood on the glass patio door. Opal screams, and Ryan runs into the room.

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