AMC Update Thursday 4/23/09

All My Children Update Thursday 4/23/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse interrogates Aidan about Annie's whereabouts. Jack shows up at the police station to represent Aidan, and Ryan gets on him. Jack reminds Ryan that everyone has the right to representation. Jesse asks for Aidan’s assistance and offers Aidan a deal. Ryan butts in, but Jack shows up to represent Aidan. Jack tells Aidan he may go to prison if he does not cooperate.

Jack reminds Aidan of the deal that Jesse has on the table. He tells Aidan that he may go to jail if he does not cooperate. He reviews Annie crimes with Aidan. Ryan stares through the window as Jack speak to Aidan. Ryan questions Jack about his conversation with Aidan. Jack says nothing even though Ryan tells him not to hide behind the lawyer/client privilege. Jesse tells Ryan and Jack that Annie has been spotted in London boarding a flight to the Maldives Islands. They do not have an extradition treaty with the US, so Pine Valley cannot request her return. When Ryan asks about Aidan he is told that Aidan will be making bail.

JR put pressure on Scott’s partner, Dr. Chappell to speed up the heart valve project. When told that the project cannot be speed up JR makes an offer to the doctor to buy out his share. The doctor accepts the offer, and JR is now proud that he owns the doctor and his idea. Doctor Chappell turns over his idea for two million dollars. JR is proud of himself, but Scott is angry. Adam is angry, because JR did not inform Scott that he intended to buy out the doctor. Adam instructs JR to work with Scott, and not blindside him.

Scott asks Jake to be his surgeon on the heart valve project. David butts in and offers himself. David wants his name on the valve, but Scott refuses to work with him. He degrades Jake’s skills.

Amanda arrives at the hospital and David tells Amanda that he is all that Jake wants to be, a skilled surgeon and her baby’s daddy. David tells Amanda that he will get custody of her baby. Jake convinces Amanda to stay strong and to keep the faith. They kiss each other.

Angie talks to Tad at the Valley Inn as they have lunch. Angie is worried, because no one has heard from Krystal. Krystal shows up at the Valley Inn, and declares her love for David.

Natalia has moved in with Randi while Frankie is away. Natalia practices for her exams. Randi offers herself as a test subject. Natalia tries to arrest Randi, but Randi gets the drop on her. Natalia feels bad about being beaten by Randi.

Randi and Frankie plan to talk to each other at Confusion to celebrate their thirty- day’s anniversary. She will reach Frankie through the web cam. The web cam goes out of commission while Randi is talking to Frankie. Scott walks up to Randi thinking she was stood-up. He tells her that anyone who stands her up is a fool. Randi tells him about her husband, and her lost connection. They decide to have cake together. The web cam comes back on, and Frankie is curious about who Randi is talking to.

Angie tells Krystal that David says he loves her. Angie believes that David, and Krystal really love each other. Tad laughs. Krystal wants her things from David, and Tad offers to get them.

Frankie tells Randi what he had in mind if he could celebrate with her in person. He would take her for a walk, watch the sunset, light candles in the apartment, then he would kiss her all over her body.

Jake and Amanda get lunch. She calls herself lucky for meeting Jake. He considers himself lucky as well.

Tad runs into David at Wildwind, and David tells him to tell Krystal that he loves her. He returns to his house and tell Krystal that she can stay with his family even though it will be tight. Krystal wants to know what David said. When she gets a hint that he is not mad, she pick up her bags and returns to David. Tad cannot believe that even Angie is becoming David, and Krystal’s advocate. Angie reminds Tad that Krystal is a grown woman and will do what she wants to do.

Krystal returns to David, and he welcomes her with open arms. They kiss and make out in the living room. Krystal breaks away from the kiss and answers the knock on the door; it is Marissa and she says, “Surprise”.

Tad start to figure out that Adam has something over Krystal.

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