AMC Update Wednesday 4/22/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/22/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
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Erica tells Adam that he had a seizure when J.R. and Scott were arguing. Erica tells Adam to take his medication and says that she is going to call a doctor. Adam starts having another attack.

Kendall and Zach meet with David about Ian. David says that Ian can go home today but still has a way to go.

Aidan asks Annie if she is ready for her new life. Ryan says that they are both going to prison. Aidan says that Emma is safe. Ryan says that Annie kidnapped Emma and that they are both going to prison. Aidan says that they are going away for good, and Annie says that they are leaving the country and never coming back. Aidan says that Annie just wanted to say goodbye to Emma. Ryan says that Annie would never leave Emma like that.

Erica says that she is calling an ambulance because Adam needs to get to the hospital since he had another attack. Adam says that he has pills to help him, but Erica says that the pills might have brought it on. Erica has someone paged at the hospital.

David tells Kendall and Zach to keep an eye on any changes in Ian’s sleeping habits. David tells Kendall and Zach to go get their son.

Angie says that she has to take this house call and that she will be on her cell if they need her. Gayle tells David that Angie is headed to the Chandler house and that it is urgent.

Krystal tells the guard that she was just visiting a friend. Marissa demands that the guard gets them all lawyers. Krystal says that Marissa will make one heck of a lawyer some day.

Annie assures Ryan that all she wanted was to say goodbye to Emma so that she and Aidan could go somewhere and be together. The gun goes off when the phone rings, and Aidan tells Annie to get out of there.

Erica thanks Angie for coming so quickly and says that Adam will say that nothing happened. Angie walks in to see Adam. Erica says that Adam took three of the pills. Angie says that Adam should stop taking the medication until she makes sure that the dosage is right. Angie tells David to try to stay calm and relaxed. David comes in and asks where his grandson is.

Zach and Kendall bring Ian home. Kendall points out that there is a message on the answering machine. Zach says that he won’t tell Kendall who he slept with because he doesn’t know her name. Zach says that he is going to work. Francesca talks on the answering machine. Francesca shows up and asks if Zach is home but leaves when she finds out that he isn’t. Rachael comes in and says that it is feeding time. Kendall asks Rachael if she will be okay with Ian for a little while.

Krystal says that she and Marissa get to spend some quality time together now. Krystal gives Marissa a summary of what has happened since Babe’s death.

David asks if everything is okay with Little Adam. Erica says that it has nothing to do with Little Adam. Angie says that she is there seeing a patient who may have had a bad drug reaction. Little Adam comes out and gives David, Erica and Angie hugs. Angie says that she has to get to the hospital to get the pills checked out and says goodbye. Adam tells David that he can leave now. David says that he is a much more accomplished doctor than Angie is and that Adam isn’t looking too well.

Jesse and Ryan talk about Annie. Jesse asks Aidan why he is doing this and says that Aidan needs to tell them where Annie is. Aidan says that Annie is gone and that they won’t find her. Jesse says that Emma is safe. Jesse tells Aidan that if he helps them find Annie, they will forget that he helped her escape. Aidan agrees to tell Jesse where Annie is going.

Kendall shows up at Reese’s. Kendall accuses Reese of sleeping with Zach, but Reese says that it hasn’t happened. Kendall says that Zach came up with a story about a one-night stand with a nameless stranger and she doesn’t believe him. Reese tells Kendall to get out.

Zach returns home to find Rachael with Ian. Rachael says that Kendall went out but said she wouldn’t be gone long. Rachael says that she was just taking Ian up to bed, and Zach says that he will be up in a minute.

Marissa asks what Krystal did to betray her husband. Krystal says that it was a bad mistake that she made years ago, that caught up with her. Marissa asks Krystal why she came to find Marissa if there is so much going on in her life.

David says that he is worried about Adam. Erica says that Adam is the same irascible and stubborn man he has always been. Erica says that she thinks that Adam had a bad reaction to his medication. Erica says that David is up to something.

Aidan gives Jesse the travel schedule and says that Annie is traveling under the name “Esther Waxworth.” Jesse calls someone and says that he has new information. Ryan says that he doesn’t believe a word, and Aidan says that his honesty will be proved when Jesse is off the phone. Aidan asks if he can be untied now. Jesse says that when Annie is in custody, he will honor the deal he made with Aidan. Jesse reads Aidan his rights.

Krystal and Marissa talk about Marissa’s parents. Krystal says that she wants Marissa to finish law school and that she wants to pay for it. The guard tells Krystal that she is free to go. Krystal says that she doesn’t know if she can leave Marissa there. Marissa asks Krystal to go.

Kendall shows up to see Ryan, and he thinks that it is Annie. Ryan explains that Annie escaped again and that Aidan is in custody. Kendall asks Ryan to just hold her for a little while.

Erica and Adam discuss what might be going on with him.

David and Angie talk about the lab results on Adam’s pills. Angie says that the dosage was right, and David says that then there must be something wrong with Adam. They start talking about Krystal. David asks Angie to tell Krystal how much he loves her when she finds her.

Krystal comes back to see Marissa. The guard announces that everyone is free to go because Krystal paid everyone’s bail. Krystal tells Marissa that she will get the law school tuition. Marissa thanks Krystal.

Jesse finds out that Annie wasn’t on the bus but there was a reservation under Esther Waxworth’s name. Jesse says that Aidan lied to them.

Zach shows up to see Reese. Reese says that Kendall was already there and that she doesn’t need this. Zach says that he came by to show Reese something that Bianca sent him.

Ryan says that they can’t do this right now because Opal and Emma are on their way. Kendall says that she needs to hear Ryan say that he loves her. Ryan asks what happened and Kendall says that Zach slept with a nameless slut. Kendall asks Ryan to take her upstairs and make love to her, but he says no. Kendall says that nothing has ever stopped him before and then tells him to forget it and leaves.

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