AMC Update Tuesday 4/21/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/21/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Scott talks to someone about Adam. The man says that he would rather go with other funding instead of using Adamís money. Erica walks in, and Scott says that she will be working on the project with Adam.

Annie calls the school, pretending to be Corrina and says that Emma is sick and wonít be in school. Ryan gets Emma ready for school. Emma leaves for the bus and runs into Annie in the hallway.

Brot prepares for his speech. Taylor calls to wish him luck. They hang up, and Brot leaves for his speech. He walks out the door, and Taylor follows behind him.

Erica and Scott talk about Adam. The man asks about Adamís health issues. The man says that he was thrilled to learn that Adam wanted to fund the research. J.R. comes in, and Scott introduces him to Dr. Chappell. Erica says that Adam is very enthusiastic about the project.

Krystal and Adam argue as David walks in and listens from the other room. Krystal says that she wants Adam to tell her everything because he owes her. David walks out and asks what secret Adam is holding over Krystalís head.

Annie says that Emma doesnít have to go to school today and suggests going to the park for a picnic lunch. Annie and Emma leave. Jesse calls Ryan and says that Annie escaped from Oak Haven.

Taylor walks into Brotís speech as he is announced. Brot starts his speech and has the full attention of everyone as he explains what happened to him. Brot finishes his speech and thanks everyone. Brot leaves the stage.

Erica and Dr. Chappell leave. J.R. and Scott talk about the funding. J.R. says that he is going to get to the bottom of whatever Scott is up to. Scott says that he has nothing to hide and that Chandler Enterprises would make millions from the valve.

David says that he wants to know this secret. Adam says that he and Krystal slept together and that it was a brief affair before he left town. Krystal leaves. David says that Krystal would never cheat on him. David says that Adam has made a big mistake.

Annie spends a day with Emma while Aidan watches. Annie apologizes for not knowing what Emma likes anymore. Annie gives Emma a book that she made.

Ryan and Jesse talk about Annie escaping and taking off with Emma. Ryan says that if Jesse finds Aidan, they will find Annie. Ryan says that if Jesse canít stop them, he will.

Brot returns to his hotel room and pours a glass of water. Taylor knocks on his door, claiming to be room service. Brot says that he didnít want Taylor to come to the speech and asks why she couldnít respect that.

Erica and Dr. Chappell show up to see Adam. Adam says that David was just leaving. Dr. Chappell accuses David of trying to steal his valve design. David leaves.

Krystal walks into an office and says that she is looking for Marissa. Krystal goes to use the restroom, but starts opening doors instead. Krystal finds Marissa. Marissa runs out.

Annie reads the new book to Emma. Emma realizes that Annie is going away. Annie says that she has to go away and that she doesnít know when she can see Emma again. Annie says that Emma has to stay with Ryan.

Jesse orders an amber alert for Emma. Aidan shows up at Ryanís door. Ryan asks where Emma is.

Taylor says that she didnít mean to upset him. Brot says that she needs to let him breathe. Taylor apologizes and starts to walk out the door. Brot stops her and suggests that they order room service. Brot apologizes for going off at her. Brot shows Taylor his schedule.

Marissa comes back to the room to find Krystal still there. Krystal asks what happened to Marissaís parents. Marissa tells Krystal about the car accident. Marissa says that she is working there to pay for law school. Marissa asks about Babe. Krystal tells Marissa about Little Adam and about Babeís death.

Dr. Chappell tells Adam about the project. Adam agrees to fund the project. Erica shows Dr. Chappell out, and he asks her out to dinner. Erica says that it can be arranged, and Dr. Chappell leaves. J.R. and Scott walk in. Scott thanks Adam for his support, but J.R. criticizes Adamís decision. Adam starts to get dizzy and things get blurry. Adam starts to stand up.

Brot tells some of the veterans about looking at himself in the mirror. He looks at Taylor when he is talking. Taylor spends the whole day with Brot.

Marissa asks about Krystalís husband. The owner comes in and tells Marissa not to keep a customer waiting. Krystal tries to stop Marissa from going to see the customer.

Erica and Adam talk about J.R. and Scott. Erica tells Adam that he had a seizure while J.R. and Scott were arguing and urges him to take his medication.

David pulls Adamís seizure medicine out of his pocket.

Marissa gets fired. Marissa tells Krystal not to look her up again. Marissa tries to leave, but the cops show up to raid the place.

Aidan meets Annie at the hotel. Annie thanks Aidan for letting her say goodbye. Aidan says that they have to get going. Ryan walks in with a gun in his hand and says that they are both going to prison.

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