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All My Children Update Monday 4/20/09


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Colby tells Adam that she has to leave because she forgot about a school thing. Adam says that Little Adam is waiting for her to read him a story, but Colby says that she will read him a whole book tomorrow and leaves.

Aidan tells Annie that they escaped and that they are camping out until morning. Aidan says that they have miles to go and asks her how she feels about going red.

Ryan tells Kendall that Ian is sleeping and tells her to close her eyes.

Liza and Zach have sex on a gaming table at the casino while Jake is calling Lizaís cell phone.

Jake leaves a message for Liza. Amanda says that the message sounded personal.

Aidan takes pictures of Annie wearing a red wig. Annie asks why Aidan broke her out, and he says that Ryan was going to have her transferred to a high-security facility and he wouldnít be able to visit anymore. Aidan says that they hide there until dawn and then fly to anywhere she wants. Annie asks what will happen to Emma.

Ryan says that Kendall needs to get some sleep, but she says that it is impossible. Ryan says that Ianís heartbeat is very strong.

Jake tells Amanda that he has a history with this lawyer. Jake and Amanda talk about the possibility of this lawyer and David ever connecting. Jake promises Amanda that David will never get near her. Jake suggests that they go with an open adoption because she could visit once a year, but Amanda says that if she visitís the baby, David would find it. Amanda says that the baby belongs to the lucky parents who can raise and love it in peace and in a home that it deserves.

Zach and Liza talk about their encounter. They both realize that they donít know each otherís names. Zach says that it is too bad that they didnít get to finish their game.

Jake brings Amanda some tea. Colby shows up looking for Pete. Jake tells Colby not to go running off and says that he will make her a cup of tea. Amanda says that she thought the family would be celebrating since J.R. won custody of Little Adam. Colby says that home isnít the problem and that Amanda might be one of the few people who would understand.

Annie and Aidan talk about Emma. Annie suggests taking Emma with them, but Aidan explains that Ryan and Emma are close now and that she would be okay. Annie says that if she canít stay, they need to take Emma with them.

Ryan and Kendall comfort Ian when he wakes up. Zach appears in the doorway.

Liza calls Jake back. Liza says that she is at the casino, and Jake says that he is on his way.

After staring at Kendall, Zach turns away. Kendall says that she is going to get some coffee. Kendall asks Zach if he was going to speak to her, and he says that there is nothing to say. Kendall says that Zach will never have to fight for Ian. Kendall sees lipstick on Zachís collar. Zach says that it is lipstick from the woman he just had sex with and admits that he doesnít know her name. Zach says that the woman believes that he was thinking about Kendall while they were having sex.

Liza asks Francesca to bring a bottle of champagne and two chilled flutes because she has a dear friend coming to visit. Jake walks in and says that he never thought he would see her again. Liza says that she fooled him, and they hug.

Kendall asks Zach if he likes hurting her while their son is sick. Zach says that their son will be fine and so will Kendall. Zach says that it was about a single man living his life. Kendall says that she will see Zach tomorrow, when she brings their son home. Kendall goes back into Ianís room and tells Ryan that the coffee machine was broken.

Aidan and Annie talk about the possibility of taking Emma with them. Annie says that Emma would be disoriented and Ryan would be a mess and she canít do that to either of them. Annie asks where they can go without being caught. Aidan says that not getting caught is his specialty and that he will sort it out.

Liza tells Jake that she is just passing through. Jake says that he was prepared to do the whole thing by email and that they would have gone to see Liza. Liza says that she came to connect with Colby but Colby doesnít want her around. Liza remembers a phone conversation with Colby.

Colby and Amanda talk about their mothers. Colby says that, little by little, she erased Liza from her mind.

Liza remembers the rest of the phone conversation with Colby. Liza says that Colby wants her to leave her alone. Jake says that Liza just needs to give Colby some time and that Liza will have to sign up for the long haul. Liza tells Jake not to give up his baby because he will regret it. Jake says that it isnít his baby and that David Hayward is the real father. Jake and Liza talk about David. Jake says that Amanda wants the baby to be placed as far away from David as possible. Liza says that she found the perfect family - Charles and Nancy Farmer from South Field, Michigan. Liza says that they are going to give Amandaís baby a magical life.

Colby tells Adam that she can handle it. Adam asks Colby to let him know if things donít turn out fine in the end and she agrees. Colby says that there is one thing that Adam can do for her and that is give her a big hug, and he says that he can arrange that.

Annie and Aidan take on new identities: Hope and Tom Matthews from Madison, Wisconsin. Aidan and Annie talk about what she did and why. Annie says that she needs to spend one last day with Emma.

Francesca tells Zach that nobody knows who the woman is.

Jake tells Amanda that the lawyer is sure that she can find a great family. Amanda tells Jake what was wrong with Colby and says that Liza Colby must be carved out of ice. Jake says that Liza has some good points, and Amanda says that they arenít in the Ďmom departmentí. Amanda asks what happens if the baby ends up with a cold-hearted mother. Jake says that Amanda can meet the mother. Amanda says that if she met the mother, she would track them down because she was dying to get her baby back.

Adam brings Colby some hot chocolate. Colby says that she would trade all the money in the world to have Adam make her hot chocolate every night!

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