AMC Update Friday 4/17/09

All My Children Update Friday 4/17/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.


Krystal is sad, because she has had to turn on David. Adam knows about her secret, and he is threatening to expose it. Tad comes over to see Krystal. David is not home, and Krystal is not answering Tad’s questions.

Ryan is short tempered and impatient with Kendall. Kendall wishes to return home to Ian, but Ryan wants attention.

Scott heard David threatening Adam to tell him what he has over Krystal. Scott knocks David out for threatening his uncle with a lethal injection. The nurse at the hospital hides the needle that David intended to use on Adam. Jesse cannot arrest David since there is no needle. Jesse tells David that he is sick and tired of him; he orders David to stay away from Adam.

Amanda has a dream that David takes her baby. She talks to Jake about her dream. Jake tells Amanda that she has strength and courage; he reassures her. They kiss each other. Jake and Amanda apologize for kissing each other. Amanda does not understand why Jake is bothered with her since he is not her baby’s father. Jake tells her he is bothered with her, because he wants to be.

Zach is looking for Ian, because he is not in his room. Angie explains to him that another doctor is giving Ian tests. Zach would rather that David examines Ian. Angie reassures Zach that Ian is being taken care of. Zach tells Angie that he and Kendall are getting a divorce. Angie tells Zach that he looks bad. She asked if he and Kendall tried a marriage counselor. Zach tells her that the marriage is over. She cannot believe that, because she knows that Zach loves Kendall. Zach apologize for acting out earlier.

Kendall comes to the hospital upset, because Zach did not tell her he was bringing Ian to the hospital for tests. She asked Zach what the hell is wrong with him. Zach takes her arm and tries to get her to calm down. She instructs him to take his hands off her. He convinces her that Ian is fine. Kendall thinks that Zach hates her. He tells her that he does not hate her; he tells her he doesn’t feel anything for her at all, nothing at all.

Kendall is mad with Zach and tells him that they both should not stay with Ian because of the tension. Zach says he will stay and she can go home. She tells him that she is staying and he can go home. He agrees and leaves.

Opal brings a doll that Emma left at her house. Ryan initially does not invite her in until she asks to be invited in to have a glass of water. Opal begins to talk about Kendall and Ryan thinks that she wants him to leave Kendall alone. Opal tells him that his relationship with Kendall is none of her business, and she is not judging his love for his friend, Kendall. He tells Opal that he loves Kendall and will not walk away.

David is at Tad’s house threatening Amanda about her baby. She tells him to leave, bur he refuses to. David threatens to take Amanda’s baby. Amanda reminds him that he signed papers relinquishing all rights to the baby. Tad comes in and then Jake comes in holding a gun on David. He makes David leave. Amanda is pleased that Jake defended her; she hugs him after he puts down the gun. Tad asks Jake if he is in love with Amanda.

Zach returns to the casino and his manager tells him that there is a card counter who has won five figures in less than an hour. Zach gets an introduction to his guest, then becomes the dealer. Zach talks to Liza. Liza flirts and tells Zach that he talks too much. Zach ask her why is she there. She would like for Zach to be quiet so they can play the game. Zach tells her he might change the rule to the game since the casino is his house, he can play the game anyway he wants to. Liza reached over and touched his hand; he looked down at her, and pulled her into a kiss as she sit at the table.

Kendall calls Ryan, because she is crying at the hospital. She tells him that she is at the hospital and Zach was rude to her before leaving. She realizes that she should not be bothering Ryan then hangs up. Ryan shows up at the hospital to support Kendall.

Jesse is taking a mental health day off, because of David and the Chandlers. Angie flirts with him, then they make love. The Hubbards are thankful that David did not win custody of Lil A. They plan on having a dinner party and invite Randy, Natalia, and Scott.

Krystal walks into Adam’s room and tells him to ask Scott to leave. She blames Adam for losing everything. She wishes Adam was dead. Adam gives Krystal an address and she visits a grave.

Scott tells Adam why he came into town. He talks about the heart valve. He tells Adam that David is his competitor. Adam wants to invest; he asks Scott how much money is needed.

Jesse and Angie are in the afterglow of love making.

Zach comes around the poker table and throws Liza on the table. He tells Liza no strings, no names. She tells Zach she knows the game is just sex, and then she asks him to please stop talking.

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