AMC Update Thursday 4/16/09

All My Children Update Thursday 4/16/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Annie tells Doctor Burke that she feels grounded. She now knows who she is. She wants to reunite with her daughter Emma. Annie tells doctor Burke that she wants to get healthy. The doctor reminds her that when she becomes healthy, she will have to stand trial for Richieís murder and Ericaís stabbing.

Ryan calls Aidan and tells him to come over and get his phone. Aidan arrives at Ryanís house and confesses to breaking into Ryanís home to steal a picture of Emma for Annie. Ryan tells Aidan that he will not allow Emma to see Annie because he is worried about scarring her for life. He promises that Annie will not see Emma without a doctorís permission.

Aidan returns to Oak Haven to find that Annie is being transferred to another hospital. Aidan is not allowed to say goodbye to Annie. He believes that Ryan is responsible. Aidan sneaks into Annieís room to say goodbye.

Kendall is at the hospital for her appointment with Doctor Hayward.

Adam is listening to Krystalís confession in the courtroom while he is in the hospital. Krystal tells the judge that David should not be granted custody of Little A. Krystal calls David obsessed and says he will do and say anything to get his grandson. She tells the court how David paid Amanda to get J.R. drunk and how David married her so that they would appear as a married couple against J.R. and how David hooked her on pills. Adam wants to leave the hospital, but Erica makes him stay in bed. Erica suggests that Adam takes his medical tests. Dr. Joe Martin will run the tests on Adam.

David loses it in the courtroom. He yells at Krystal and is escorted from the courtroom. David is beaten; J.R. wins custody of Little A. Krystal wants to talk to David, but he says no. J.R., Tad, and Colby thank Krystal for doing the right thing. Krystal wants to save her marriage. Tad cannot believe that Krystal wants David back. Krystal rejects Tad kindness for David.

Jesse tells Krystal to look at how happy Little A is in his fatherís arms and that he knows Krystal did the right thing.

Krystal goes to the mansion and finds David sitting on the windowsill. David knows that Adam got to Krystal. David wants Krystal to confide in him. He wants her to tell him what Adam has on her. David is very hurt over Krystalís betrayal and does not understand why Krystal sold him out.

Erica is in Adamís hospital room. Adam asks Erica to get his pants. Erica throws his pants in the hallway and then orders him to get his own pants. Adam gets his pants out of the hallway, but Dr. Joe Martin prohibits him from leaving the hospital.

Erica sees Kendall at the hospital, and Kendall tells her that she signed Zachís divorce papers. Erica calls Kendall selfish and accuses her of not wanting to save her family. Erica tells her that Zach does not want a divorce because he wants Kendall. Kendall tells Erica that she loves Ryan. Erica tells Kendall she will step out of her life; she is tired of being Kendallís eyes. Kendall is on her own.

Emma draws a picture of her family that excludes Spike. Ryan wants to know why Spike is not in the picture. Emma tells him that Spike is at his home with his dad, Uncle Zach. Ryan looks shocked.

Kendall and Spike come over, and Kendall tells Ryan she signed the divorce papers. Ryan is not convinced that Kendall is through with Zach. Kendall tells Ryan she made a choice but she is not moving out of the Slaterís home because Ian is sick. She tells Ryan that she loves him and asks him to understand for her sake. Ryan wants more. He wants Kendall to move in with him. Ryan doesnít commit, and Kendall attempts to leave. Ryan pulls Kendall into a kiss.

Little A promises to be good if J.R. lets him stay with him forever. J.R. tells Little A that it was not his fault that the court removed him from home.

Tad goes over to Wild Wind and finds Krystal crying because David has left.

David goes into Adamís room after filling a syringe. He pulls the syringe out of his pocket and tells Adam that he does not like to be told no. David wants to know the secret Adam has over Krystal.

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