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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/15/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Angie says that all Little Adam has to do is answer Judge Gordonís questions. An officer comes over and says that they have a room for Little Adam to wait in. Angie gives Little Adam his coloring book and crayons. The officer takes Little Adam into the room. Angie realizes that she forgot the stuffed cow and the caboose. Jesse says that Little Adam will be all right. Angie says that if there is a god in heaven, Little Adam will be going home with his father today.

J.R. says that Amanda owes him and needs to testify against David. Tad says that David is already gunning for Amanda and that the last thing she needs to do right now is take the stand against him. J.R. says that he is fighting for his son, and Barry says that he needs Amanda. Jake says that it doesnít mean that Amanda should open herself up to David. Amanda asks how much worse it can get and says that she will testify against David.

Erica says that David comes and goes from the tunnels as easily as if he lived there. Erica says that David thinks that Adam has something on Krystal and she agrees. Adam says that leverage can be a very powerful tool.

Jay says that David and Krystalís testimonies have to be strong and completely in sync. Krystal and David say that they are ready. David says that they will see Jay at the courthouse, and Jay tells them not to be late. David asks Krystal if she still wants Little Adam, and she says that she does. David says that everything is riding on her testimony and if she changes her story one bit, they could lose Little Adam for good.

Brot makes a reservation from Pine Valley to Orlando and says that he will be travelling alone.

Tad tells Amanda that she doesnít have to testify for J.R. Amanda says that if it werenít for her, J.R. would never have started drinking and there wouldnít be a custody battle. Jake says that there would be a custody battle with or without Amanda being involved. J.R. says that Davidís case rests on him being drunk and Amandaís testimony gives some perspective. Amanda says that maybe if she does this, she could make it right between them. J.R. says that all Amanda has to do is tell the truth. Tad says that if Amanda tells the truth, she could go to jail because she has testified that she didnít coerce J.R. into drinking and if she recants, then it is perjury. Jake asks J.R. not to do this to Amanda. Amanda says that she will take the risk, but Jake says that she wonít. Tad says that J.R. has the power to protect Amanda and her baby by taking her off the witness list. J.R. says that Adam is practically blowing up balloons in celebration of Little Adam coming home, so with confidence like that, they wonít need Amanda.

David says that he knows Krystal saw Adam. Krystal says that Adam didnít say anything and that she is all right. David tries to remind Krystal what kind of man Adam really is. Krystal says that she knows what is at stake.

Adam says that he is convinced that Krystal will make the right decision because she knows where Little Adam belongs. Erica says that she is worried about Adam because he said he wasnít well. Adam says that he feels as well as he ever has. Erica tells Adam that the pressure will be relentless. Adam says that he will look into Ericaís eyes and that she will be his strength. Erica says that she isnít sure that he should be looking to her. Adam says that there is no one that he trusts more. Colby comes in. Erica says that she has to make a quick call to Val before they head to the courthouse and leaves. Colby asks if Erica is moving in again because she is always there. Adam says that his only focus right now is getting Little Adam back home where he belongs. Colby says that nothing is worse than being torn between two parents who you love.

J.R. asks Jesse if Little Adam is there. Jesse says that they have Little Adam stashed in a room and he is fine. J.R. thanks Jesse for taking such good care of Little Adam and says that he hopes Little Adam isnít too freaked out. Angie says that Little Adam is fine. J.R. says that he just wants to get Little Adam home. Jesse says that he is sure that is where Little Adam wants to be, too. Tad comes up. J.R. asks if Tad thinks that Little Adam knows it wasnít J.Rís choice. Tad says that Little Adam will have questions and will wonder what happened or if it was his fault. Tad says that he has investigated a lot of custody suits and normally the court insists on the child being kept somewhere close behind a door with a bailiff in front of it who could probably be distracted. Tad says that if he does this, J.R. better not get caught.

Taylor says that she hoped the plane reservations would be for two so that she could cheer him on. Brot asks if Taylor wants to cheer him on when he falls flat on his face, but Taylor says that he wonít fall flat on his face. Brot says that he would rather humiliate himself without her watching. Taylor says that Brot will be amazing. Brot says that this is something that he needs to do on his own. Taylor says that she is very proud of Brot because he is very brave. Randi comes in and says that they have to see something. Brot asks what it is, and Taylor says ďa laptop.Ē Randi says that it is Frankie.

Adam says that he is sorry that Colby suffered because of what happened between him and Liza. Colby says that she got angrier with her mother because she never got to choose who she wanted to be with. Adam says that today is so important because Little Adam gets to decide. Colby says that she is glad she came home because she loves being with Adam but she was hoping that Liza would come to see her. Adam thanks Colby for choosing him and asks Erica if she is ready for a battle. Erica says that there is an emergency at the studio that she has to take care of.

David says that he is going to go over a few points with Stark. Krystal says that she needs to collect her thoughts and that she will be in. David says that it is going to go their way and goes into the courtroom. Tad asks if Krystal is okay. Krystal says that she doesnít think they should be talking. Krystal says that she needs to get going. Tad says that Krystal can make all the difference by walking into the courtroom and telling the judge what David is really like. Krystal says that David loves Little Adam. Tad asks Krystal not to take J.Rís son away from him. Krystal says that the person with the most power wins. Tad asks if David really has Krystal tied up in knots. Krystal says that she didnít learn that from David.

J.R. visits with Little Adam, and David comes in.

Jake and Amanda go over articles about pregnancy. Amanda says that if she starts bonding with the baby, it will make it a lot harder to give it up. Jake answers the door. Roger says that he has some bad news.

David and J.R. talk to Little Adam. J.R. suggests that they should just ask Little Adam where he wants to live. David says that J.R. is awfully confident. J.R. says that he will do whatever Little Adam says. Jesse walks in and asks what J.R. and David are doing. Jesse says that court is convening. J.R. and David leave. Jesse helps Little Adam fix his tie.

The judge asks Little Adam about J.R., Krystal, David, Adam and Colby. Little Adam suggests that maybe they can all live together. The judge says that the bailiff will take Little Adam back to her chambers but they will see each other later.

Roger says that he watched the video and went over the paperwork and it doesnít add up. Roger says that he isnít sure Jake and Amanda are being completely honest with him. Jake says that he is the father. Amanda says that they havenít been completely honest with Roger. Roger says that this isnít the way he does business and leaves. Amanda says that she didnít like Roger anyway. Jake asks what they are going to do now. Amanda says that they will think of something - anything to keep the baby safe from David.

Jay questions J.R. and Adam on the stand. Adam collapses. J.R. tells them to call the paramedics.

Frankie, Randi, Brot and Taylor talk. Randi says that she has to go but she will be back. Frankie asks if Randi is freaking out. Brot says that she is but that she will be okay. Frankie says that Iraq isnít as intense as when they were all there.

Jake tries to get Amanda to eat something, but she says that she isnít hungry. Amanda says that she blew it with the lawyer and asks what they do now. Jake says that he is working on a plan because someone owes him a favor. Amanda says that she might really trust Jake. Jake says that he doesnít know why she looks like she is going to throw up. Amanda says that it is a new feeling and it feels good. Amanda says that Jake is her very own knight in shining armor. Jake says that trotting out the armor would be worth it.

Adam tells J.R. to get back in the courtroom because it is going their way. Adam says that Little Adam will be home tonight. Krystal says that Stark went too far. David tells Krystal not to feel sorry for Adam. Barry requests a recess so that J.R. can collect himself, but the judge says that J.R. looks fine. Krystal takes the stand.

Randi makes Frankie promise to stay safe; he does, and they stop talking.

Brot tries to help Adam, but Adam says that he can do it himself. Erica shows up and says that there is nothing wrong with Adam. Joe insists on running some tests, and Erica finally agrees. Adam gets a phone call from Colby so that he can hear Krystalís testimony. Jay asks Krystal if she believes that she and David should raise Little Adam, and she says no.

Brot says that he has to run home and pack quickly because his flight leaves soon. Taylor gives Brot the song that they danced to in Iraq.

Jake makes a call and tells someone that he needs their help.

Adam says that it was just the beginning. Jay says that his client is confused and asks for a short recess. J.R. says that he would like to hear what Krystal has to say. David asks Krystal to tell the judge that she made a mistake. The judge asks Krystal why she and David should not be granted custody of Little Adam. Krystal says that David isnít the man who they think he is.

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