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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/14/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
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Aidan asks Annie if she had bad dreams, and she says that she could never fall asleep without a hot kiss goodnight from him. Aidan says that the random thoughts that Annie is having will start to make sense now. Annie says that their relationship makes sense and that it is all she needs. Annie asks Aidan to hold her. Aidan asks Annie if she has seen his cell phone because he hasnít seen it all day.

An officer tells Ryan to get away from Erica. Kendall comes in and finds Ryan with Erica. Ryan says that he is unarmed, and Erica says that he is a friend. Ryan says that he thought they were a lot more than friends. Erica says that she is completely safe. Kendall points out that Erica is also naked and says that she canít wait to hear their explanation.

Zach and David talk about what to do next with Ian. Zach says that waiting is hell, but David says that waiting is difficult and losing a child is hell. David tells Zach about losing Leora. David says that he doesnít know why he has veered into all of this and that it must be because he is thinking about tomorrow when he fights for custody of Babeís only child in family court.

Adam calls Krystal and tells her that she has a serious problem. Krystal says that she will see him in court, and Adam says that he will be there with the skeleton that she buried years ago. Krystal asks what Adam wants, and he says that he wants her there very soon and reminds Krystal that he isnít a patient man.

Annie and Aidan look for Aidanís cell phone. Aidan says that he is a highly trained commando, special ops, and that he doesnít lose things. Annie suggests that this is a message from the cosmos saying that Aidan isnít totally perfect. Annie says that she is wiped out. Aidan offers to lay down with her if she wants, but Annie says that it might be best if she sleeps by herself tonight. Aidan gives Annie a kiss goodnight and leaves.

David and Zach talk about the custody hearing. Zach says that he doesnít know who the best father for Little Adam is because his mind is somewhere else. Zach says that he is worried about his boys. Zach says that he raised Spike as his own. David asks if Ryan is out there fighting to destroy Spikeís life. Zach says no because Ryan is still high on his last victory - custody of Zachís wife.

Kendall says that they thought Erica might have been kidnapped. Ryan says that Erica kidnapped him. Erica says that she only did it for business purposes and that she will fill Kendall in later. Erica tells Kendall to hurry home. Kendall asks if Erica messed with the engine or if she paid someone else to do it. Erica tells Kendall that Ian needs her at home, but Kendall says that Zach is holding fort. Kendall asks how Erica is going to get home and Erica says that Kendall is going to call her a car service. Kendall tells Erica to get dressed and says that she will drive them home.

Reese comes to visit Zach and the boys. Zach says that there is no card and asks what Reese got him. Reese says that it isnít for him and she didnít want to put her name on it because she was afraid that Kendall would torch it. Zach says that Kendall isnít there.

Kendall says that they will hash everything out on the way home. Erica doesn't want to get in the car with Kendall. Kendall wonders how Erica is going to get back. Ryan thinks the cops will be thrilled to chauffer Erica home, but Kendall finds that ridiculous and insists she will drive. Erica leaves. Ryan and Kendall disagree about who was being vicious: Kendall or Erica. Ryan asks Kendall if she really loves him or if she just said it because she thought that was what he wanted to hear.

Krystal shows up to see Adam. Adam asks Krystal to step into the parlor, but she says that whatever he wants to tell her, he can say right there. Adam says that the servants might hear. Krystal says that Adam is bluffing. Krystal says that Adam was there when she had to call the ambulance for Little Adam and she knows it would kill him if anything happened to Little Adam. Adam says that is why Little Adam is going to live there. Adam says that they will go in and discuss how to make that happen.

David says that Jay is supposed to know what happens with the case before it happens. David says that even the janitor at the courthouse could have warned him that the judge wanted to talk to Little Adam before the hearing. Jay says that he told David that. David says that he found out after the judge had the meeting with Little Adam and it was too late for him to prep his grandson. Jay says that the system doesnít operate like that. David says that he does.

Adam says it is good that they understand each other. Erica walks in and sees Adam with Krystal. Adam says that he had forgotten how agreeable Krystal can be. Erica asks Krystal if she needs to sit down, but Krystal says that she is going to go. Erica asks if someone is picking Krystal up, and Adam says that Krystal is fine. Erica says that it looks like Krystal is going to faint, but Krystal says that she just needs to get some air. Krystal leaves, and Erica asks what Adam did to Krystal. Adam asks what happened to Erica. Erica says that there is a plumbing issue at the casino and she was hoping that she could use Adamís whirlpool. Adam agrees and asks if Erica would like a glass of champagne. Erica reminds him that she doesnít drink. Adam asks if Erica wants some cider because he feels a toast coming on to absolute victory!

Emma says that she knows the book she wants and that it has a cat on the cover. Corrina offers to help look, but Emma says that she wants to find her own things herself because she is almost seven.

Ryan says that he doesnít understand why it is so difficult for Kendall to tell him if she loves him or not. Kendall says that she loves Ryan but she hates being grilled. Ryan says that it feels like she is being grilled because she is still on the fence with the answer. Ryan says that Erica was right, Kendall wants him and Zach. Kendall says that Zach, Erica and now Ryan all feel that way. Ryan asks why Zach would accuse Kendall of lying to them both if he was convinced that she is done with him. Kendall says that she has no idea, and Ryan asks her if she has been turning back to her husband.

Reese and Zach talk about the kids. Reese says that she is still holding out hope that she will hear something from Bianca. Zach compares life to building blocks. Zach asks what is in the box, and Reese tells him that it is the prince from ďsleeping beauty.Ē Reese tells Zach that he is still Kendallís prince. Zach says that Kendall wants to have two princes with her when she rides off into the sunset.

Kendall says that she and Zach will always be connected because they share a child but they sleep in separate bedrooms and have not made love. Ryan says that he doesnít want to be caught in the middle. Kendall says that the only reason that she is living with Zach is because Ian is sick and the boys need some sort of stability. Ryan says that kids can give you a million excuses, if that is what you want. Ryan says that he will get himself home and tells Kendall to decide what she wants because she knows where he stands.

Annie and Emma talk about Ryan. Annie says that it would be best if Emma didnít tell Ryan about the visit. Emma promises to keep it a secret. Emma asks if Annie can sleep in her room under the bed. Annie says that she wishes she could but she can come and visit again soon.

Jay says that he hasnít heard much from the Chandler camp because the lackeys have suddenly gone silent. David says that it sounds like the hush of defeat, and Jay suggests that it might be a secret advantage. David and Jay talk about Little Adam. Krystal comes in and says that she is a little weak and under the weather. David says that Krystal never should have left the hospital. Krystal says that she had to see Jenny. Krystal says that she is going to go lay down and asks David to bring her some pills. Jay says that if Krystal isnít feeling well, he could try to get a continuance. David says that Krystal will be fine.

Annie and Emma talk about school. Emma asks when Annie can come home. Corrina comes in, and Emma says that she found the book. Emma asks Corrina to take the book to her room and says that she will get some milk.

Reese thanks Zach for letting her see the boys. Zach thanks Reese for thinking of the boys and tells her not to give up. Reese tells Zach not to give up, either, and leaves. Zach calls Bianca.

Emma says that she is old enough to find her books and pour milk. Emma asks if they could have some cookies, and Corrina says that they can if Emma promises to brush her teeth. Emma says that Corrina can wait for her in her room, and Corrina leaves. Annie promises to come back very soon. Ryan comes in and asks Emma if there is something wrong. Emma says no, but then says yes.

Kendall asks where Ian is. Zach says that Ian is sleeping upstairs and asks if Kendall found Erica. Kendall says that she found Erica in a cabin in the woods with a man. Zach says that it sounds like something Kendall would get into. Kendall asks if someone told Zach that the man was Ryan. Zach says that it has always been Ryan. Kendall says that Zach doesnít know her at all.

Erica tells David to leave or she will scream bloody murder. David says that isnít very gracious of Erica since he saved her daughter and her grandson. Erica says that now she is saving David by giving him a chance. Erica asks what David wants, and he says that he wants information.

Ryan suggests that they should watch a movie because it will make Emma feel better.

David asks why Adam is celebrating. Erica suggests that David should ask Krystal because she was there earlier. Erica says that when Krystal left, Adam was revved for a victory toast and that Krystal looked like a 3-year-old who had just been told that there was no Santa. David asks what Adam has, but Erica says that she doesnít know.

Annie asks if Aidan followed her. Aidan says that he didnít because he knew where she was headed. Aidan says that Annie has a right to see her little girl and that she is lucky she didnít get caught. Aidan tells Annie to hand over the cell phone.

Ryan tells Emma to slow down.

Kendall tells Zach that she has a gift for him and gives him the divorce papers. Kendall congratulates Zach and says that he is finally a free man.

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