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All My Children Update Monday 4/13/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Scott and David talk about developing a new kind of heart valve, and then the conversation changes to J.R.

J.R. asks what Krystal is doing there. Krystal says that she is trying to grab a moment with Little Adam because she misses him. J.R. asks Krystal what she is planning.

Randi and Frankie talk about the goodbye party with their friends. Randi goes to straighten up. Angie asks Frankie what he is doing there.

Zach says that they canít do it because it wonít help anything. Kendall says that maybe she was looking for something that isnít there anymore.

Erica tells Ryan to let Kendall go and find someone else. Ryan says that the trip was just to get him away from Kendall. Erica says that Fusionís whole future really does depend on this trip. Ryan and Erica try to find some cell phone reception. They get a signal, but lose it. Ryan says that they need to get up a little higher. Ryan asks how Ericaís gymnastic skills are.

Frankie says that he left his stethoscope somewhere around there and was back-tracing his steps. Angie says that she hasnít seen one. Angie asks if Frankie is going to be at ConFusion later, and he says that he was just on his way. Angie says that she will see Frankie and Randi over at ConFusion.

J.R. and Krystal argue about David and Little Adam. Jesse opens the door, and they ask to see Little Adam. Jesse says that Little Adam is sleeping because he will be put on the stand tomorrow so the judge can ask him who he wants to live with.

Scott and David continue talking about the heart valve. David asks to borrow Scottís diagrams, but Scott refuses. Scott says that he isnít interested in Davidís help anymore.

Erica says that her battery is dead. Ryan tosses his up, but Erica doesnít catch it. Ryan helps Erica down.

Zach says that it is easy to fall into old habits when youíre scared. Kendall says that she would like to think that there is something special between her and Zach.

Brot and Taylor talk to Frankie about going back. Taylor asks how Randi is doing, and Randi says that she misses Frankie already. Taylor says that they will all miss him together and that she and Brot will be there for Randi until Frankie gets back home.

David says that Scott needs him. Scott says that he isnít getting a good vibe from David. David tells Scott to call him when Scott smartens up. J.R. overhears the conversation Scott is having with David.

Angie and Jesse talk about Little Adam.

Ryan tries to help Erica and realizes that she has a sprain. They start talking about Adam. Erica says that sex can really screw up a friendship. Ryan asks how Erica would know because she just marries them.

Zach says that he is home for the boys and not Kendall. Zach says that he believes that Kendall wants her husband at home and her love affair with Ryan, too. Kendall says that she knows it is impossible to have both. Zach says that Ian and Spike need Kendall and that Ryan might but he doesnít. Kendall asks Zach to fix her a drink. Kendall asks if they can live together without hurting each other. Zach says that he never meant to hurt her but he needed for both of them to know where they stand. Zach says that there will be no more weak moments for him. Zach answers the phone and hands it to Kendall. The police tell Kendall that they found Ericaís car but there is no sign of Erica.

Ryan and Erica find what looks like a hunterís cabin. Ryan says that there probably isnít a phone but it will be shelter for the night. Erica says that she would kill for a hot bath, and Ryan says that there is no need to be so drastic.

J.R. asks his cousin to tell him about this heart valve.

David asks Krystal if everything is all right. Krystal says that she went to see Little Adam, but Jesse wouldnít let her. David says that by tomorrow night, Little Adam will be with them. Krystal says that Little Adam is going to be taking the stand tomorrow because the judge wants to ask him who he wants to live with. David says that Krystal needs to distract Angie and Jesse, somehow, so he can talk to Little Adam. Krystal says that Little Adam has already talked to the judge.

Erica says that she will try anything. Ryan and Erica talk about children. Erica says that Kendall belongs with Zach and asks Ryan to let Kendall find her way back there. Ryan says that in Kendallís ideal world, she would have both him and Zach. Erica asks Ryan if he will give Kendall a chance to work things out with Zach. Ryan says that it is Kendallís choice who she wants to be with.

Zach talks to Ian. David shows up to check on Ian. David says that Ian is looking good. David says that there is always the chance of complications or that the valve repair doesnít hold, but they will cross that bridge if they ever get to it. Zach says that Kendall isnít there, so they should cross the bridge now.

Jesse gives a speech to Frankie at his ConFusion farewell party.

Krystal comes up and orders a drink. Angie tells the bartender to put Krystalís drink on the tab. Angie tells Krystal that Frankie ships out tomorrow and that they just had a very emotional farewell party for him. Angie shows Krystal a picture that will be her new wallpaper on her phone. After Angie leaves, Krystal takes out her phone and looks at a picture of Babe, and then she tries to call a woman but hangs up when she answers.

Brot and Taylor talk with Frankie about Jesse and about the war.

Kendall talks to an officer about Erica. The officer says that they got a call from ďErica KaneĒ and found the car. The officer tells Kendall that Erica is traveling with a man. Kendall says that the officers have to find Erica because she could have been kidnapped.

Ryan tries to find food. Erica says that the bath is all she needs. Erica and Ryan talk about his mistakes and about him beating himself up so much. Ryan says that he doesnít want Kendall to just walk away from the magnificent love that she and Zach have.

Jesse asks Angie if she is ready to go, and Angie says that she is. Angie and Krystal admit that they miss each other.

Brot and Taylor tell Frankie to say hi for them. Brot asks where Randi went, and Frankie says that he will be right back. Frankie says that it is time to go home, and Randi asks what she is going to do without him. Frankie promises Randi that he will always be with her.

Zach says that he likes to know what is behind every door and asks what the worst case is for Ian. David says that if the valve repair doesnít hold, they would have to go back in and put in a replacement valve.

Scott and J.R. talk about the valve, and J.R. says that someone needs to beat David to the punch.

Erica screams when she sees a bug. An officer comes in and tells Ryan to get away from Erica. Kendall runs in and sees Erica and Ryan together.

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