AMC Update Friday 4/10/09

All My Children Update Friday 4/10/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Scott walks up to J.R. and Barry in ConFusion. He hits J.R. for pulling the funding for his company. Scott tells J.R. that, in time, his company would have made money.

Annie apologizes to Ryan for the horrible things she has done. They talk about Emma and Annie’s breakthrough. Ryan tells Annie about Emma’s field trip and how Emma was sent home. Annie asks Ryan to let her see Emma. Ryan wants to talk to Annie’s doctor to determine if she should see Emma. Ryan and Annie disagree about her breakthrough impact. Annie reminds Ryan that he is responsible for her being in Oak Haven. Annie held a gun to Ryan and prevented him from leaving to chase Greenlee the night she died. He now blames Annie for Greenlee’s death. Aidan finds Ryan and Annie arguing and he orders Ryan to leave. Ryan tells Aidan that Annie is lost, angry, and confused. He warns Aidan to be careful and then promises him that Emma will not be visiting Annie at Oak Haven.

Rachael is taking Spike home. Kendall asks Spike for a kiss, and he says no. David releases Ian since he came through the surgery well. Kendall grabs Zach’s hand after David gives them the good news. Zach thanks David for saving his son. David reminds him that his son is fine thanks to “yours truly”. Zach promises not to forget what David has done for the Slater family. David promises that he will not forget, either.

Erica is at the hospital with the Slaters when she leaves a message on Ryan’s phone. Erica also tells Kendall that she is glad that Zach and Kendall are living together again. Kendall reminds Erica of her living arrangements with Zach. Erica tells Kendall that she knows that Kendall is glad that Zach has returned home. Kendall tells Erica that the boys need Zach, but Erica tells Kendall that she needs Zach as well.

David tells Frankie that he has noticed his work in the operating room and he wants to congratulate him for doing a fine job. Frankie cannot believe his ears. When Frankie returns form Iraq, David would like to be his mentor since he is interested in being a heart surgeon. David wishes Frankie good luck.

Randi wants Frankie and her to call in sick since today is their last day together. Frankie is paged to a vacant room. He sees Randi’s shadow through the candle lit curtains. Randi is in a doctor’s coat and tells Frankie to examine her. Randi had the room set up for their love-fest. Jake agreed to fill in for Frankie and he promised that no one would enter the room. Frankie and Randi are asleep at home in their beds. Frankie wakes up and hears gunfire as if he is in Iraq.

Scott mentions that he heard that Babe brought out the best in J.R., but now that she is dead, he is showing his worst.

David shows up at ConFusion and recognizes Scott. Scott talks to him about his new project. Stuart arrives and wants to know why he didn’t know earlier that Scott would be in town. Scott tells J.R. that he needs to talk to Adam. J.R. tells him that his father is off limits because he is not well. Stuart becomes concerned.

Aidan calls Tori’s parents and the police to give them details of Tori’s death. The police arrive to question Annie. The police are satisfied with Annie’s explanations.

Ryan arrives home to find out that Erica brought lots of toys for Emma. Erica needs Ryan to attend a meeting with her in Philadelphia. Ryan decides to attend the meeting. Erica’s car breaks down and she is fretful. Ryan suggests they get help and return home. Erica refuses to return home, and Ryan is sure that Erica intends to keep him away from Kendall. Ryan cannot fix the car, and their phones are not working. The oil pumps onto their clothes as Ryan is looking under the hood. Erica becomes irritated as she begins to look a mess. Erica begins to cry, and Ryan hugs her. She tells Ryan that everyone in her family has lost their minds. She cannot believe that Zach and Bianca decided to have a baby together. She wants her family to be OK so that she can deal with her life only and focus on herself. Erica tells Ryan that he has lost his mind as well and orders him to stay away from Kendall.

Annie steals Aidan’s phone and calls Emma. She promises to visit Emma soon. Emma tells her that Ryan is out of town. Aidan misses his phone.

The Slaters are at home. Ian is fussy, and Kendall is worried that he is feeling bad. Zach puts Ian in his baby bed, and he quiets down. Rachael takes Spike away for his bath. Kendall and Zach are thankful that everyone in their family is fine now. Kendall expresses how grateful she is. Zach hugs Kendall from behind as she looks at Ian over his bed.

David looks up Scott Chandler in the hospital computer. He returns to ConFusion to speak with Scott. Stuart suggests to Scott that he not speak with David. David suggests that Scott uses him to fund his new project and not ask Adam for money.

Erica finally quiets down and tells Ryan that he can have any girl that he wants and he should find somebody else. She tells him that if he plays his cards right, he could even have her. Ryan is amused.

Zach apologizes for holding Kendall. He turns away from her, but she pulls him into a kiss.

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