AMC Update Thursday 4/9/09

All My Children Update Thursday 4/9/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
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Erica picks up Ryan for a meeting in Philadelphia. He knows she wants him away from Kendall. Erica is trying to save Fusion and tells Ryan that she needs his help. Ryan knows she wants him out of town, away from Kendall.

J.R. and Adam are discussing the financial troubles of Chandler Enterprises. Adam stares off into space as J.R. tries to talk to him. Adam blames J.R. for Chandler Enterprisesí recent problems. J.R. tells him that he had to lay off five hundred people in order to save his family. J.R. also tells Adam about a company that is a black hole for Chandler Enterprises. Erica comes into the mansion and thinks that J.R. is talking about Fusion being a problem for Chandler Enterprises. J.R. wants to pull funding off Scottís company because it is the black hole, but Adams disagrees. Erica suggests that J.R. comply with Adam because of Adamís illness. Adam and Colby worry about what the families will do without jobs. J.R. feels that there is something wrong with Adam. Erica tells J.R. that Adamís support for Scott is out of character for Adam. She too recognizes that Adam is not himself. Adam makes a pass at Erica. Erica tells him to keep on dreaming. J.R. asks Erica about his father, wanting to know why he does not seek treatment, and Erica tells him that Adam is trying to help J.R. get his son back. If Adam sought treatment, David would use his illness in the custody case.

Aidan spent the night in Annieís room in a chair. Annie slept well last night because of her revelation of Richie killing Tori. Annie is happy that she found out that Ritchie killed Tori. Annie realizes what Emma must be experiencing because of her mental health break-down. Annie tells Aidan that she must see Emma. She asks him to contact Ryan for her.

Zach is asleep in a chair in Ianís hospital room. Kendall goes over to the chair and pulls the covers up around Zach. He opens his eyes and smiles at her. Kendall tries to convince Zach to go home. Zach tells her he is OK and plans on staying at the hospital as long as his son is there. Zach leaves Ian with Kendall. Ian awakes, and Kendall talks to him about team Slater. Kendall talks to Ian about his fight with illness. She calls him brave and blames herself for the destruction of the Slaters. She admits that she stopped fighting for her marriage. She was selfish and fought for her personal needs.

Emma hit a little girl who called Annie crazy. The school sent Emma home from a field trip because she would not explain why she hit the little girl. Ryan talks to Emma about her mother. The kids at school call Emma and Annie crazy. They also tell Emma that if Annie gets better, she is going to jail because she hurt someone. Emma asks Ryan if the kids are telling the truth.

Kendall finally sees that Zach did not move away from their family. She now sees the special things he did to hold the family together while she was in the coma. She thanks him for his strength. He tells her that he is glad that she is back for the boys. She notices that he did not mention himself.

Aidan explains to Annie that Toriís death contributed to her insanity, which is why Annie thought she was a bad person. Annie remembers that Ryan is the first person who saw the good in her. Ryan made her feel good and worthy of love. Annie worries she made Emma feel like her illness is her fault.

Aidan comes to see Ryan, but Ryan is not receptive. Ryan tells him about Emmaís day and her being sent home. Aidan tells Ryan the story of Tori, Richie and Annie at Annieís seven-years-old birthday party. Aidan sees Annie as having a breakthrough, but Ryan is not buying it. Aidan tells Ryan that Annie needs to see her daughter. Ryan answers no.

Zach returns home to rest and notices that the divorce papers are unsigned. Zach takes Spike to the hospital to see his brother but he urges Spike to be quiet because Ian is sleeping.

J.R. meets Barry, Adamís attorney at ConFusion, to discuss Chandler Enterprises. Scott walks up to J.R. and punches him because he is trying to pull funding from Scottís company.

Ryan visits Annie, and she looks for Emma. Ryan does not trust Annie yet, so he did not bring Emma.

Zach shows Spike his brother while telling him that Ian has to sleep. Kendall tells Zach and Spike that Daddy needs to sleep. Zach tells Kendall that he has everything he needs right there in Ianís hospital room.

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