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Taylor asks Brot if he won the lottery. Brot says that he found out what he is going to do for the rest of his life.

Aidan tells Annie that the doll is a clue. Annie says that there was someone with her and Tori. Aidan asks who was there and Annie says that it was Richie.

Jake says that he wants to raise the baby with Amanda. Amanda says that everyone knows that David is the father, but Jake says that they donít know it in Vancouver or Istanbul. Amanda says that Jake canít be serious, but Jake says that they should pack their bags, grab their passports and leave Pine Valley as soon as possible. Amanda says that Jake would be uprooting his whole life, but Jake says that roots are overrated. Amanda says that they would be looking over their shoulders constantly, expecting David every time there is a knock on the door. Jake says that is the reason that he believes this is the only option.

Krystal says that she knows she has let David down, but he says that she didnít. David says that they will have another baby. Angie comes in and says that there is extensive damage to the remaining ovary and fallopian tube and that Krystal wonít be able to have more children.

Brot tells Taylor about a group of veterans who go around giving motivational speeches to other veterans. Taylor congratulates Brot.

Annie says that she doesnít want to know, but Aidan says that they have to do it so that she can remember. Aidan says that whatever happened in the basement that day might explain a lot of things and that is why she needs to remember.

Krystal says that there ahs to be a mistake because she and David have to have a baby. Angie says that if it was in her power to change it, she would. Angie leaves and asks why Tad is still there. Tad says that he wanted to know how Krystal was doing. Angie says that Krystal is devastated because she canít have another child.

Krystal says that it canít be right. David says that it will be all right. Krystal says that before Angie walked in, they could still plan and dream for another child, but now she has taken that too. Krystal says that she knows how much David wants another child. David says that as long as he has Krystal, that is all he needs.

Annie tells Aidan about Richie hitting her and yelling at her. Annie says that Tori started down the stairs and that she tried to warn Tori not to go.

Krystal says that she canít have children and will understand if that isnít enough for David. David says that Krystal is all he needs.

Tad says that he shouldnít be there. Angie and Tad talk about his compassion for Krystal. Angie says that she needs to go check on Krystal and leaves.

David comes out and asks Tad if he is there to gloat. Tad says that Krystal was desperate to have a baby because she was afraid that David would leave her if she didnít. Tad leaves.

Angie apologizes for waking Krystal up. Krystal asks for David. Angie says that David slipped out for a minute and asks how Krystal feels. Krystal says that she needs to see Jenny. Krystal asks Angie to say that she can go home.

Jake tries to explain to Amanda that he wants to do it because it feels right, but Amanda doesnít understand how Jake could give up his entire life for a child that isnít his. Tad comes in and asks what he interrupted. Jake says that he told Amanda that if she wants to keep her baby safe and away from David, then she needs to leave town with him immediately. Tad says that Jake is right.

Annie tells Aidan about Tori coming down the stairs to help. Annie says that Richie hit Tori with his baseball bat.

Tad says that Krystal canít have anymore children, so Amandaís baby will move front and center on Davidís radar. Jake says that they better leave as soon as possible. Amanda says that she is ready and Tad says that he better make a phone call. Jake tells Amanda to trust him and everything will be fine.

David asks Angie where Krystal is. Angie says that Krystal has been discharged. David says that he has to take Krystal home because she needs him. Angie says that Krystal needed someone else more.

Krystal says that she had to see Jenny. Amanda asks if Krystal should be in bed. Krystal says that Jenny is all she needs.

Jake and Tad talk about the situation with Amanda. Tad says that Jake is in love with Amanda.

Taylor and Brot talk about the support group some more. Taylor admits that she talked to the man from the wounded soldiers group. Brot says that it is exactly what he has been looking for and that it is more special because she sent it his way.

Jake says that he doesnít love Amanda, but she needs to move out of town and he is just the person to help. Tad says that there will be no boundaries with David. Tad and Jake meet with Anthony. Jake asks what he needs. Anthony says that Jake will need a new name because ďJake MartinĒ is about to disappear from the face of the earth.

Amanda tells Krystal about the baby kicking and then apologizes. Amanda asks if David will be coming after her baby now and Krystal says that David promised her that he wouldnít. Amanda says that she doesnít trust Davidís promises. Amanda asks if Krystal wanted to get pregnant to keep David away from Amandaís baby. Krystal admits that it was part of her decision. David comes in.

Aidan asks Annie to tell him what happened next. Annie remembers Richie saying that she killed Tori. Aidan says that Annie didnít kill Tori and that Richie did.

Krystal leaves to change Jennyís diaper. David says that he would like to take Jenny home with him and Krystal for the night, but Amanda refuses. Amanda says that she canít make that decision.

Tad and Jake talk about the arrangement.

Taylor and Brot talk. Brot says that he has a late shift. Taylor says that she is proud of him and he leaves. Taylor says ďI love youĒ as he leaves. Tad stares at Taylor.

David and Amanda argue about him taking Jenny home. Krystal comes back and asks if everything is fine. David explains and Krystal tells him that they arenít taking Jenny.

Aidan says that Annie was vulnerable and traumatized, and that Richie used that to convince her that she killed her own friend. Aidan says that Annie murdered Richie because she was trying to defend Tori.

Tad and Taylor talk about Brot.

David says that they need to get Krystal into bed. Krystal says that she feels so empty. David says that he is going to devote his life to making her feel warm, full and loved.

Amanda watches the video of her and Jake. Jake tells Amanda that they are all set for 5am. Amanda says that she doesnít want to go and canít do it.

Aidan says that what happened in the cellar explains everything. Aidan says that now Annie can heal because she understands what happened. Annie says that she is free.

Brot meets with a patient and she says that she is just there for an allergy shot.

Taylor and Tad talk about what is going on with her. Taylor tells Tad that the love of his life could be right in front of him. Tad picks up the bill and Taylor thanks him.

Jake says that he knows Amanda is nervous because they are leaving everyone and everything behind. Amanda says that it isnít fair for Jake to leave his entire life for a baby that isnít his and a woman who is just a friend. Amanda says that she wonít let Jake do it.

David says that the picture of Babe should be in a frame instead of being folded up. Krystal says that she likes to keep that picture close to her. David says that he is glad Krystal is home, close to him.

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