AMC Update Tuesday 4/7/09

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/7/09


Written by Mandy
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Aidan asks if Annie had bad dreams. Annie says that she is afraid to dream because she doesnít know what she will see. Annie asks Aidan to hold onto her and not let go. Annie says that it is pretty clear that she murdered Tori. Aidan says that nothing is clear and that he can fill in the blanks if Annie trusts him.

Emma asks Ryan if Ian is going to be an angel soon and Ryan says that he hopes not. Spike starts crying and Ryan says that that Spike misses Kendall and Ian. Emma suggests that Ryan should explain to Spike that heaven is really nice and Spike cries some more.

Kendall and Zach spend time with Ian. Kendall says that they need a miracle. Zach says that it is coming because they are a miracle family that always pulls through, no matter what.

Jake, Opal, Amanda and Tad talk about the charges against Adam being dropped. Tad says that Adam owes him a huge favor.

David asks why Adam hasnít been struck by lightning yet. Krystal says that David is worrying her by wishing Adam dead. David says that he meant every word. Krystal says that she has a stitch in her side, but David says that the pain is too sharp. Krystal says that it has been going on for about a day. Krystal says that she might have pulled something, but David says that a pulled muscle doesnít bite that hard and says that they are going to the hospital.

Opal and Tad leave after talking for a while. Amanda and Jake comment on how long it took for Opal and Tad to leave. Amanda asks if Jake is still up for it and he asks if a pigeon has lips.

Aidan says that Annie is a kind, decent woman and that he thinks she lost a piece of herself the day she turned 7. Aidan says that they have to go back to the birthday, but Annie says that she doesnít want to.

Ryan and Spike try to find Emma. Ryan makes Emma laugh and finds her. Ryan says that it is his turn to hide. Spike and Emma count and Emma says that they are coming to find Ryan.

Kendall and Zach talk about who gives the best foot massages. They talk about how amazing the other is with the kids. Zach asks how he could say that he loves the casino more than anything. Kendall says that Zach never put work above his boys. Zach says that he always put Kendall above the world. Zach says that it is going to be a hard recovery for Ian and they will have to pull together to put peace on the home front. Kendall asks if Zach is saying that he doesnít want the divorce. Zach says that he wants Ian healthy and that is all he can focus on right now. Kendall says that she feels silly for mentioning them. Zach tells Kendall to pick Spike up and go home to rest for a while. Zach says that he will call Kendall if there are any changes or if Ian asks for his mom.

Jake and Amanda try to put together a video for the adoptive parents to view, but it gets interrupted when the baby starts kicking.

Aidan and Annie revisit what she remembers so far about her birthday party. Aidan tells Annie that she is doing so well and urges her to go the rest of the way. Annie asks if she really killed a little girl for a doll.

Amanda and Jake talk about the baby kicking. Amanda says that she slipped into the fantasy for a minute of Jake being the father and heard herself ask ďWhy not raise your baby with this man?Ē Jake suggests that he should make Amanda some tea.

Opal visits Ian. Zach says that Ian is holding his own. Opal and Zach talk about Myrtle. Opal says that she has a feeling that Myrtle is working her magic from the great beyond. Opal asks Zach if he wants Kendall back.

Kendall shows up at Ryanís to pick up Spike. Kendall says that Ianís condition hasnít changed. Ryan asks if they are okay.

Tad and Angie talk about Jesse getting the charges dropped. David rushes in with Krystal saying that he needs an open room. David tells Angie to run some tests because it might be Krystalís appendix.

Annie says that Tori wanted to give the doll back and asks why she would want to hurt Tori.

Kendall says that they are fine. Kendall says that she is 90% about Ian and the rest is on Spike. Ryan says that he just wanted to make sure they were cool and that he hopes Kendall would tell him if anything has changed between them.

Zach says that he wants Ian to pull through the crisis and heal. Zach says that everything else can be on hold. Opal says that on hold is better than finished. Opal tells Zach to keep an open mind about Kendall and not close the book yet. Opal says that Zach and Kendall are a matched set.

Kendall tells Ryan that everything has changed. Ryan says that he is going to step back for a while, so that Kendall can spend more time with Ian. Kendall says that she and Spike need to get going.

Jake and Amanda try again with the video, but it doesnít work out so well.

Angie asks David when he and Krystal found out that she was pregnant. David asks if the baby can be saved. Angie says that Dr. Roth rushed Krystal into surgery because it was an ectopic pregnancy. David asks about Krystal and Angie says that Krystal make it with just minutes to spare. David asks if Krystal knows about the pregnancy and say that it will break her heart.

Amanda and Jake eat lunch. Jake asks who they are kidding.

Krystal and Angie talk about the pregnancy.

Zach tells Ian that he needs to come home because they are going to be a family again and everything is going to be all right.

Ryan says that Ian is strong, so Kendall doesnít need to worry. Kendall tells Ryan that she loves him. Ryan says that he wonít hold her to it. Kendall says that he can and then says that they have to go. Ryan says that Spike found a vibrating button on the truck and it will be tough to get him out of there.

Aidan says that the doll is a clue. Annie says that someone else was there with her and Tori.

Jake says that he wants to be the babyís father and raise the baby with Amanda. Amanda says that everyone knows that the baby is Davidís. Jake says that they donít know it in Vancouver or Istanbul. Jake suggests that they grab their passports and get out of Pine Valley as soon as they can.

David tells Krystal that they will have another baby. David tells Krystal to worry about getting stronger and coming home.

Tad picks up Opal and says that he will meet her at the car. Tad asks Angie how Krystal is doing. Angie says that Krystal is heartbroken and the worst is yet to come.

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