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All My Children Update Monday 4/6/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Aidan asks Annie where Tori went. Annie says that Tori is standing right there and now Aidan finally gets to meet her, but Aidan says that there is no one there. Annie says that Tori was just there, but Aidan says that Tori doesnít exist.

Adam surprises Erica and she asks him what he is doing there. Adam kisses Erica. Erica asks why Adam is there and not in the hospital. Erica says that the police are looking for Adam, but she hasnít told them anything. Adam asks about his family.

An officer tells JR and Colby that they found Adamís car wrapped around a tree. The officer says that the car was abandoned. Colby says that they have to go look for Adam, but Tad says that they donít know who was driving the car. JRís phone starts buzzing and he answers it pretending to be talking to Adam.

Zach says that they made the right decision. Kendall sees Ryan and says that she will be right back. Kendall tells Ryan that Ian just went in. Ryan gives Kendall something that Spike made for Ian. Reese walks in and Kendall asks what she is doing there.

Zach asks Myrtle to give Ian a miracle.

Reese says that she was there for an eye exam and heard about Ian, so she wanted to see how he was doing. Kendall says that Ian is in surgery. Kendall suggests that Ryan should go home and that she will call later. Kendall and Reese start arguing. Zach comes up and tells them that it is enough.

David talks to Krystal about his fears concerning the surgery. David tells Krystal about a ritual he does before surgery and she says that she will do it with him.

JR says that his dad must have hung up. The officer asks if Adam said where he was and JR says no. The officer says that maybe Adam left a number on JRís phone and JR asks if there is a warrant. JR says that he wants his father to turn himself in, instead of having a bunch of armed men with itchy trigger fingers going after him. The officer says that JR better talk some sense into Adam then and leaves. Colby asks how Adam sounded. Tad says that there was no phone call. JR says that he just wanted to throw the cops off the scent. Colby says that they donít know where Adam is or if he is okay. Tad says that the car was found near the casino, and they know who lives there, so they have a pretty good idea of where Adam is.

Erica says that she told JR the truth about Adam being admitted to a hospital under Stuartís name. Erica asks if the doctors found anything. Adam says that he was in Atlanta. Erica says that Little Adam is in foster care and that they are waiting for the courts to decide what happens next. Adam asks how he could have let this happen. Erica says that Adam can trust her. Erica asks what the doctors found. Adam says that the doctors didnít find anything and that is why he had to leave. Erica says that it means that Adam is fine. Adam says that there is something going on with him that isnít right.

Annie says that she has spoken to Tori for hours. Aidan says that Annie was lonely, so she created a friend. Annie says that Tori is real. Annie tells Aidan to get out. Dr. Burke tells Aidan that Annie has been mildly sedated and asks if Aidan wants to reveal what happened. Dr. Burke says that he has to report everything to the DA. Aidan says that he was just talking to Annie about how she was feeling and she suddenly got upset. Dr. Burke asks Aidan who Tori is and why she has Annie so upset.

Krystal shows up at the Chandler mansion to talk to JR. Colby says that JR went out. Krystal says that David is trying to destroy her family and might have already gotten Adam. Krystal asks what happened to Adam. Colby says that Adam is missing and that the police found Adamís car in Pine Valley wrapped around a tree.

Adam says that he knows there is something wrong and that he hasnít been himself. Erica suggests that they go back to the hospital so that the specialists can figure out what is wrong. Adam says that the last thing he needs is to tell the public that there is something wrong with his health because Chandler Enterprises is hanging on by its fingernails. Erica says that Adamís health is a lot more important than his business. Adam says that he has his family to think about. Adam says that Erica is the only person he can turn to right now and that he needs her. Erica asks what he wants her to do. Adam says that he wants her to give him some cover and asks if he can stay for a while. Erica says that they can talk about it more, but right now she needs to get to the hospital because Ian is having heart surgery. Adam tells Erica to go to the hospital. Erica asks Adam if he will be okay there by himself. JR and Tad walk up as Erica is walking out and see Adam. Tad asks if Adam is okay. Adam tells Erica to go make sure that Ian pulls through his surgery and that he will be fine. JR confronts Adam about letting them worry. Tad asks what the hell is going on with Adam.

Aidan asks if there is a person named Tori there and Dr. Burke says no. Aidan says that he has heard the name Tori before and remembers Annie saying that she murdered someone. Aidan says that it might have been someone that Annie used to work with. Dr. Burke says that they will have to keep a closer eye on Annie for a while to see if it is going to set her back.

Zach tells Kendall and Reese that their fighting isnít helping Ian. Kendall says that Ryan came by to drop something off for Ian that Spike made.

Reese says that Kendall took a shot at her and asks if Ryan wants one too. Ryan asks why Reese didnít seduce Zach and take him away when she had the chance.

JR asks why Adam didnít stay in the hospital. Adam says that there is nothing wrong with him and that he is needed at home. Adam asks how JR could let Little Adam end up in foster care. JR says that he tried to stop it, but it didnít help that Adam left the country with Little Adam in the first place. Tad says that the arguing isnít going to get the charges dropped. Adam says that he thought they just wanted to question him. Tad says that Adam is wanted for kidnapping and JR says that he has already been arrested. Tad says that he has to go talk to Jesse to find out if he can get the charges dropped. Tad leaves. Adam asks why JR involved Tad. JR says that he was worried about Adam and that he still is. JR shows Adam a picture he drew of Erica. Adam says that he was pretending to be Stuart, so he drew some pictures. JR asks why Adam told everyone that the picture was of his dead sister, Lottie. Adam says that he is going to call in some favors from some judges to find out where Little Adam is. JR says that he knows where Little Adam is, but refuses to tell Adam. JR says that Little Adam is fine and that he has seen him. Adam says that they have to be united. JR says that when it comes to taking care of Little Adam, the only person he can rely on is himself. Adam says that JR doesnít stand a chance against David.

Pete apologizes to Colby for taking so long and says that it took him a while to find Tadís shovel. Colby asks what Pete is going to do with the shovel and Pete says that he was going to help bury Davidís body. Colby says that Pete can lose the shovel because she didnít kill anyone yet. Pete asks what they are doing there. Colby tells Pete about Adamís car being found and says that she needs to find Adam. Pete suggests that it would be better to call the police, but Colby says that JR is too worried that the cops will arrest Adam for the kidnapping charges. Pete and Colby try to find some clues. Colbyís phone rings and she asks JR where Adam is, but JR hangs up on her. Colby says that JR thinks she is a risk to Adamís safety because the cops could follow her. Pete says that Adam is safe, so the case is closed.

Ryan says that it would have made everyoneís lives easier. Reese says that she doesnít love Zach and she has never stopped loving Bianca. Ryan asks what Reese is still doing there. Reese says that she heard that Ian was sick and wanted to check on him. Erica comes up and asks if there is any news. Ryan says that they havenít heard anything yet and Erica asks where Kendall is.

Kendall says that she shouldnít have gone off on Reese like she did. Kendall says that she is so worried and took it out on Reese. Zach says that Kendall has to stop blaming Reese for what happened between them. Kendall says that she has stopped blaming other people for their marriage failing.

Dr. Burke asks Annie about Tori, but she claims that she doesnít know anyone by that name.

David tells Kendall and Zach that Ian pulled through, but the next 24 hours will be crucial. Erica comes up and thanks David, saying that she knows how hard it had to be for him. Kendall asks when she can see Ian. David says that Kendall can see Ian now. Kendall asks Zach if he is coming and he says that he will be there in a minute. Zach asks David what the odds are, after Kendall leaves. David says that the odds are more than 50% and that Ian made it off the operating table without any complications. Zach leaves to see Kendall and Ian.

Krystal comes up and asks about Ian. David says that so far, Ian is doing good. Krystal says that she rushed over to see him because the police found Adamís car in Pine Valley.

Jesse says that the vending machine ate his dollar. Tad says that there is a trick to the machine. David walks up and asks why he wasnít notified that Adamís car was found. Jesse says that David isnít his top priority. David says that he wants Adam arrested and thrown in jail. Jesse says that he will drop David a note when something comes up. Jesse tells David to go away and then says that he canít stand David.

Annie asks why Aidan didnít want her to tell Dr. Burke about Tori. Aidan says that Dr. Burke has to report everything back to the DA and no one needs to know that she thinks she killed someone else. Aidan asks Annie to think of Tori as a little girl because around the time of Annieís seventh birthday, a girl named Tori went missing. Annie gasps as she remembers the past and then says that Tori was her friend and that she killed Tori.

Tad says that Jesse can help him and get Davidís goat at the same time. Tad says that Jesse has to drop the kidnapping charges. Tad tells Jesse off the record that Adam is back in town and that the charges need to be dropped. Tad says that Jesse could get it done if he wanted and itís the right thing to do. Tad says that they could sit back, eat snacks and watch David bounce off the walls.

Krystal asks if the police have found Adam. David says that if Adam is back in town, he canít stay hidden forever. Krystal asks if David thinks that Adam was hurt. David says that with any luck, Adam stumbled into the woods and keeled over from a heart attack because then JR would fold and it would leave them as the only choice the judge could make. David suggests that they should go home.

Adam says that he came back to help and asks why JR is so angry. JR asks why Adam didnít tell him how bad the company had gotten. JR says that he and Barry went over all the assets and dumped the losers to keep the company afloat. Adam says that he will jump right in first thing tomorrow. JR says that Fusion is the only drag that is left on their books. Adam says that they will keep Fusion alive for now. Erica comes in and Adam asks about Ian. Erica says that the surgery went well. JR says that he has work to do and asks if Adam will be staying there. Adam says that they will see. Erica asks if Adam still believes in her as a business woman. Adam says that he believes in Erica as all sorts of woman and asks if she has faith in him. Erica says that unfortunately she does, and that she is afraid it will be her downfall someday. Adam says that no man could ever bring Erica down. Erica says that she expects Adam to fall on his sword if the time ever comes and he says that he looks forward to the privilege.

Reese says that she really does care about Ian. Ryan says that he isnít going to text Bianca and tell her that Reese is sitting vigil. Reese comments about almost sharing her wedding day with Ryan and they get into it about the wedding. Reese suggests that Ryan should go home because it doesnít look like Kendall is coming back.

Kendall takes Zachís hand, while they watch over Ian.

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