AMC Update Friday 4/3/09

All My Children Update Friday 4/3/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Annie is starting to remember the death of a girl. Annie was very young when the girl’s death occurred. Annie tells Aidan that she remembers being in a party dress that had blood all over it. Annie asks Aidan why he is with her and he tells her that he loves her. She thinks that she is a killer, but Aidan does not think that she is. Aidan decides to investigate her past.

JR and Colby were told that Adam is missing. Tad comes over and they talk to him about Adam. JR fills in Tad and tells him that Adam was using Stewart’s name in a Philadelphia hospital. Adam’s lawyer comes over to the mansion to tell JR that Chandler Enterprises is failing. Chandler Enterprises is almost out of cash. There are a few companies under Chandler Enterprises that are losing money at a fast rate. The lawyer suggests that they dump those companies immediately. JR and Colby ask Tad for his help. Tad and JR leave for Philadelphia.

Erica comes to see Ryan. Ryan tells her that she is there to keep him from going to the hospital to be with Kendall. Erica wants Ryan to give Zach and Kendall privacy, because their baby is sick. Ryan wants to fight to make Kendall happy. Erica tells Ryan that he is angry, because Kendall is staying in the Slater’s house with Zach. Ryan tells Erica that he remembers when she uses to push Kendall and him together. She tells him that was before Zach. Erica tries to discourage Ryan’s feelings for Kendall.

David examines Ian. Ian’s heart rate is up and the hospital can proceed with the surgery. David gives the Slaters all of the facts and he leaves them alone to make their decision.

Krystal arrives at the hospital and asks David about Ian’s condition. Krystal notices a look of fear on David’s face; David is afraid to do the operation. Krystal encourages David to operate. David tells her that he has not performed pediatric heart surgery since he performed it on his daughter, Leora. His daughter died which left him traumatized. Krystal talks about David loosing two children, Leora and Babe. She understands why he holds on tighter to the children in his life. She tells him that he can do the surgery on Ian, because he love children and he cannot let the same thing happen to the Slaters that happened to him. He could not save Leora but he can save Ian. Krystal asks David to put Ian back into his parent’s arms.

Annie’s friend, Tori come to her room again. Tori put Annie into a deep sleep to help her remember. Aidan is searching on the Internet for information about a little’s girl death. Annie remembers that Richie was holding a bloody bat. Annie knows that Richie knew that she killed someone.

Kendall is conflicted about surgery for Ian. Zach tells her that Ian is strong and his heart has a steady beat. Zach remember when he first held Ian. There is a flashback of Zach holding Ian for the first time. Zach reminds Kendall that Ian has already defeated the odds. Zach believe that Ian will be OK, because his heart is strong and steady. Kendall is crying when Zach takes her hand and put it on Ian’s heart.

Kendall talk about Ian’s other illnesses when she was not there. She talks about seeing him in his future. She told Ian when he was born not to be afraid, because they all have each other. Zach grabs her hand and tells her that he will go and find David. Kendall calls Erica and tells her that David will be operating on Ian. Erica arrives and Kendall hugs her. Erica tells Kendall that she tried to keep Ryan away from the hospital. Erica tells Kendall that Ian will make it, and so will Zach and she. Kendall smiled at her and returned to the room that held Ian and Zach.

Tad and JR speak to the doctor about Adam. The hospital conducted test but no concrete diagnosis was made. Adam shut down sometimes, which was contributed to mood disorders. The doctor suggested that Adam visit with a psychiatrist. The doctor wants Tad to find Adam, because he should not be on the streets alone. A patient in the waiting room, will give Tad information if he pays for it. He asks for five hundred dollars, but JR and Tad only have two hundred. The patient tells them that Adam drew a picture of Loti every day. He gave them a copy of Adam’s drawing, and the picture was of Erica.

Zach and Kendall tell David they want him to do the surgery on Ian.

Colby called JR, and told him that someone stole Adam’s car.

Erica gets a call, but she does not know who is calling.

Spike made a card for Ian. Emma tells Ryan that the card will make Ian feel better so Ryan has to take the card to Ian. Ryan smiles, because he was looking for an excuse to go to the hospital.

Annie tells Tori that she killed someone, and Richie knew she was the bad guy. Aidan arrives, and Annie thinks that Tori is still in the room. Aidan sees no one.

The Chandler guards found Adam’s car wrapped around a tree, and abandoned.

Adam shows up at Erica’s and then he grabs her and gives her a big kiss. He thinks she is Loti.

Zach hugs Kendall and tell her that they made the right decision about Ian.

Ryan arrives at the hospital and sees Zach with his arms around Kendall. Kendall turns around and sees Ryan.

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