AMC Update Thursday 4/2/09

All My Children Update Thursday 4/2/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

Angie figured out that David saw the puppet on her hand and probably guessed that Little A was living with Jesse and she.

JR arrives and Natalia tells him that Little A is missing. JR knows where he is. He instructs Natalia to call Jesse. JR knows that David has Little A. David is preparing to leave Pine Valley with Little A. Krystal does not want to steal Little A and spend the rest of her life on the run. JR attempts to head over to David’s, but is stopped by Jesse. Krystal will not leave Jenny and never see her again. David is unreasonable, and wants what he wants. David suggest that they steal Jenny as well, but Krystal will not take Jenny away for Tad, because he has had a child stolen before. Krystal convinces David to allow her to take little A back to Jesse’s. Jesse puts out an APB for David. Krystal take back Little A and lies about being the one who kidnapped the child.

Krystal apologies and say that she took Little A for a play date. She says she found Little A when she came over to see Angie. Angie suggests that she stop lying. Angie also reminds her that they are barely talking. Krystal tells them that everyone has broken the laws about seeing Little A; the judge ordered all of them not to visit Little A. If they call the police on her, she will tell the judge that Jesse allowed JR to visit Little A. They all agree to forget the incident. David is off the hook again. Jesse calls off the APB on David.

Kendall tells Ryan she cannot move in with him. She does not want to uproot the kids. They need stability and Zach and she has made an agreement to live together for the boys. She tells Ryan that Zach and she are over, and Zach is still seeking a divorce. Ryan thinks that Zach wants Kendall away from him. Kendall tells him that the boys come first and is the only reason Zach moved back in. Kendall tells him that Zach moved in for the boys.

Zach is at his house giving Ian CPR, because he has stopped breathing. Erica is visiting Zach and he instructs her to call 911. The EMTs arrive and Zach tries to call Kendall to tell her about Ian, but she is busy talking to Ryan. Kendall does not pick up her phone. Kendall assures Ryan that she wants to be with him, because she chose him. Erica calls Kendall and tells her about Ian. Ian stops breathing and Joe call for a code blue. Ian’s heart is failing. Joe also instructs the staff to call for David Hayward.

Kendall arrives and wants to see Ian; she cannot see him, because the doctors are working on him. She wants to know what happened and Zach tells her that Ian’s heart is not working. Ian is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Joe mentions that he called David Hayward, and Zach is concerned. Joe assures him that even though David is a despicable human being, he is a wonderful cardio specialist. Kendall tells Zach that it is not fair that Ian is having problems, because he has had so many since birth. Zach encourages her to be positive. Zach and Kendall look into their son’s crib and start to tear up. Kendall is upset that she cannot help her baby; she feels helpless. Zach tells Kendall to hold onto a miracle.

David arrives at the hospital and tells Zach and Kendall that Ian’s condition is serious. Ian’s heart valve needs repairing and he needs surgery, but he is now too weak to have surgery. His condition must improve. It is possible that he may need a heart transplant, if his heart fails. Kendall objects, because she knows what that is like and she cannot put her baby through that.

Petey comes over to visit Colby. Petey is fearful that JR or Tad will kill David if he continues to harass them. Petey tells Colby about David hitting Krystal and then they talk about staying with a man who hurts you. Colby wants to help JR and Adam to find a way to deal with David.

Erica knocks on David’s door and tells him that she needs his help. David does not want to help Erica. He will recommend someone other than him. Erica begs. David remembers his daughter, Leora. He is still traumatized by her death.

Krystal arrives at the hospital and tells David that all is well. He is off the hook for taking Little A. David wants to know what leverage Krystal used to get him off the hook. He tells her that they are just alike.

Natalia gives Jesse her shield, because she let Little A be taken. She now doubts her qualifications. Little A was taken on her watch, and she feels guilty.

JR returns home and he get a call that tells him that Adam has disappeared from the hospital. JR gives Colby the news.

Erica tries to convince Ryan to go home and be with Emma. She also suggests that he pick up Spike, and take him home as well. Ryan wants to stay with Kendall.

Kendall tells Ian to fight to get better. Zach tells him to get better so that they can enjoy the Redwings’ playoff games; Zach also tells him that they need him!

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