AMC Update Wednesday 4/1/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/1/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Amanda says that she doesnít need a waiting period because she knows that she doesnít want the child. Jake says that the waiting period is only a formality. The man says that they would be surprised how many mothers change their minds weeks or months after giving birth. Amanda says that it wonít be her and that she needs the adoptive parents to take over the second the child is born and that she doesnít want to see the baby or know the sex. The man says that he assumes the father is on board with the adoption. Jake says that the father isnít involved and the man says that legally they canít proceed without the fatherís okay.

David asks if Krystal is all right. Krystal says that she is fine and that she isnít laying any blame about what happened. Krystal says that it is nobodyís business. David says that the Chandlers and Martins will make it their business to help JR get custody of Little Adam.

Jesse asks Little Adam where he is going and Little Adam says that he is going to school. Angie says that there is no school today either and Little Adam asks why.

Tad tells JR that Krystal swears that what happened was an accident. JR says that they need a picture of the bruise to prove that David is a maniac, but Opal says that it will never happen.

Erica congratulates Zach on winning the casino. Zach says that the casino was always his. Erica asks if Ryan walked off with the rest of Zachís life.

Kendall says that her eyes are a little less bright this morning and Ryan says that she always shines. Kendall says that Ryan better keep that up because a real-life trophy is no good if it doesnít shine.

Zach says that Cambias is Ryanís headache now. Erica asks if Zach put Kendall and the children in the same category as Cambias. Zach says that Kendall and the kids werenít on the poker table last night. Erica says that Ryan is using Kendall for comfort and Kendall is using him the same way, but they donít belong together. Zach says that Ryan and Kendall are together and he has the casino, so everything is good. Erica says that Zach, Kendall and Ryan have all gone completely insane.

Amanda says that she isnít sure who the father is and the man tells her to find out before they take it any further. Amanda says that it is impossible. The lawyer says that the father could sue for custody after the adoption takes place and that a secret adoption is out of the question. Jake says that it is obvious they will have to tell the truth and ďadmitsĒ to being the father.

David says that maybe Krystal should have kept a low profile. Krystal says that she has nothing to hide and neither does David. David says that Tad is probably out spreading the word that David hit Krystal. Krystal says that she told Tad the truth, that David didnít hit her. David says that Tadís version is going to be a lot worse. Krystal says that it boils down to her word and asks David if he trusts her. David says that Krystal is the only person in the world that he trusts.

Opal says that if JR points the finger, David and Krystalís flaps will go down. Tad says that it will be David and Krystal against the world, with her swearing under oath that it was all a big mistake. JR says that even if David didnít hit Krystal, she has a bruise on her face from a scuffle that they had. JR asks if he can use that to prove that David is unfit to raise Little Adam. Opal says that JR canít until Krystal snaps out of denial. Tad says that if Krystal doesnít snap out of it, David will look like a stand-up guy and JR will look like a big fat liar.

Jesse tells Little Adam that everyone wants him to live with them, so the big judge is going to decide where Little Adam will live. Angie says that until the big judge decides, Little Adam will just stay there and have lots of fun with them. Natalia says that they can go on the fire escape and watch the cars and people go by. Angie says that she has a better idea and it will be a lot of fun.

Erica asks if Zach has ever really recovered from losing his mother. Zach asks what that has to do with anything. Erica says that Zach holds two tiny hearts in the palm of his hands and that his decision is going to mark Spike and Ian for the rest of their lives. Erica asks where Zach is going.

Ryan says that Kendall isnít a trophy to him and asks why she would say that. Kendall says that Ryan is after Zachís assets and it isnít hard to think of herself as part of the game. Ryan says that he is not using Kendall to get to Zach. Ryan says that Kendall is the mother of his son and the woman that he needs and wants. Ryan says that he is still grieving for Greenlee, but when he is with Kendall it feels right. Ryan asks Kendall why she is with him. Kendall says that Ryan is a part of her and without him, she would be lost. Ryan says that other than his children, Kendall is the only thing in his life that makes sense. Kendall says that she doesnít know if she could make it without Ryan. Ryan says that she isnít going to need to. Zach comes in and says that he is moving back home.

Angie, Natalia and Little Adam make hand puppets. Jesse says that he feels left out and asks why he doesnít get one. Natalia says that Jesseís hands are too big and that he could eat them all together. Angie says that her name is Puff-Puff, Natalia says that her name is Garth and Little Adam says that his name is the Big Judge.

JR asks Tad to file a deposition about the bruise. Tad says that nothing will stick and JR says that they will see about that. JR says that he is going to his lawyer and then maybe to the cops. Tad says that if JR does this, it will backfire.

Jake says that he comes from a close-knit family and that they would want to raise the child themselves, but they arenít up to the task. Jake says that he and Amanda arenít a real couple. Amanda says that it was a one-night stand. Jake says that his job is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Amanda says that hers is nonexistent. The lawyer says that he will make the appropriate filings, but Jake and Amanda seem to have a lot going for them. Amanda says that looks can be deceiving. The lawyer says that he will need medical histories of both parents and records of the pregnancy so far. The lawyer says that he thinks Jake and Amanda are making a big mistake and even if the law didnít demand a waiting period, he would insist on one because they are exactly the kind of parents that any baby would be lucky to have. Amanda and Jake thank the lawyer and he leaves. Jake and Amanda talk about the meeting. Amanda suggests that they talk to someone who has done it before and Jake says that he has a little experience in this department. Amanda asks if Jake has been involved in another adoption. Jake says that he has been around the world and back and that his advice is to keep it as simple as possible. Amanda asks how to keep it simple when you are faking a babyís death. Jake tells Amanda to shh and she asks what is the matter.

JR says that Krystalís bruise looks like it hurts and asks if she wants an ice pack. Krystal says that it isnít as bad as it looks. JR says that it looks like someone beat the spit out of her. Krystal says that she lost her balance and stumbled. Opal suggests that JR take her to lunch and he says that he would love to, but says no thanks. JR asks Krystal if she was high and she says no and asks if he bruises easily when he is drunk. Tad tells JR that he is late for work. JR says that Tad and Opal think that Krystal is in denial. Krystal says that they are wrong. JR asks if Krystal understands that her husband is an abuser and Krystal says that David has never hit her. Tad asks JR if he has a meeting scheduled. JR says that he has a meeting with his lawyer to discuss the wife-beating incident and then maybe one with child protective services. Krystal says that JR canít prove anything because there is nothing to prove. JR says that maybe Krystal is okay with being battered and asks what happens if it happens to Little Adam. JR asks what happens if David breaks Little Adamís arm. Krystal says that it will never happen. JR says that it happened to Tad. Krystal says that David is no Ray Gardner. Opal says that she figured that she would let Ray knock her around as long as he kept his hands off of her children. Krystal says that she is sorry that Opal was in a bad place, but that isnít what is happening with her. Opal says that they were supposed to be on a picnic and everything seemed okay, but Ray snapped and broke Tadís arm in three places. JR says that sorry wonít cut it if David puts his hands on Little Adam because he will kill David. Krystal says that she will come back when it isnít so crowded. Tad tries to get Krystal to wait. Krystal asks Tad to tell her when JR isnít there and tells Tad not to set her up again. Tad says that he didnít set her up. Krystal leaves and Tad says that JR handled it beautifully.

Natalia plays with Little Adam and suggests that Angie and Jesse go out to lunch.

Kendall says that she will handle this. Zach starts to unpack. Kendall reminds Zach that he filed for divorce. Kendall asks Zach what he is trying to prove. Ryan says that Zach is trying to prove that he owns the house and everything in it. Kendall asks if Zach wants her to move out. Zach says that he wouldnít tell Kendall where to live. Kendall says that she canít stay there if Zach is moving back in. Zach says that there is plenty of room for Kendall, Ryan, Emma and the boys. Kendall asks what it will take to make Zach go away. Zach says that he needed space and had it, but now he is back. Ryan asks how Zach sees this working out. Zach says that the possibilities are endless, but there is one iron rule. Zach says that the rule is that Ryan is to no longer sleep with Zachís wife in his bed. Ryan says that this is obviously not going to work for any of them. Ryan says that he is going to go pick up Emma and that they will manage through the craziness. Zach says that when Ryan gets back they will have a family meeting. Kendall says that she will move in with Ryan, since that is clearly what Zach wants. Zach says that all he ever wanted was his family and Kendall says that it is a little late for that. Zach says that maybe it wasnít his to start with and Kendall says that Zach left her. Zach says that he said they needed time alone and did everything he could. Kendall says that Zach is pushing her out of the house. Zach says that he couldnít push Kendall because she is a force to be reckoned with. Kendall says that she will take her things and the boys and get out. Zach says that Kendall can go wherever she wants, but the boys stay there.

Natalia asks if Little Adam is hungry and he says that he misses his dad. Natalia and Little Adam talk about dads.

Jesse asks Angie if she wants to head over to the Valley Inn because it isnít too late for a getaway. Angie says that they arenít going to act like criminals and says that they will go eat outside.

David approaches Amanda and Jake. David says that Angie took all of her personal days and asks if Jake is supposed to be covering for Angie. Jake says that he and Angie are covered quite nicely. David leaves to talk to Angie. Amanda asks if she should be eating more vegetables. Jake says that Amanda looks great and tells her to ignore David. Amanda and Jake leave.

Angie looks at the menu. David says that Angie seems to have forgotten that she has a job during her extended vacation. David says that he has a phone call to make and leaves.

Kendall says that she isnít going anywhere without her boys and Zach says that she is staying there then. Zach says that they are his kids too. Kendall says that Spike is Ryanís son. Zach says that Ryan is the biological father, but Zach has been there for everything. Zach says that Kendall shattered the family and that with or without her, he is going to keep what is left of it together and save it. Zach says that his boys are going to be fine. Kendall says that Zach canít have her children. Zach says that Kendall isnít dragging the children out of their home. Kendall says that she will stay where she is, but has no intention of living with Zach. Zach tells Kendall to leave then. Ian starts crying.

David asks questions about a patient. David gets off the phone and tells Angie and Jesse to enjoy the beautiful day. David says that they have a lot going on at home with Frankieís marriage and deployment. Jesse says that David saw it and that something made him flip.

JR asks Tad if David ever hit Dixie. Tad says that Dixie would have murdered David. JR says that Krystal would have a year ago and Tad says that Krystal would have six months ago. Jake asks if David hit Krystal. Tad says that Krystal claims that she and David got into a fight and she slipped. Jake says that Angie and Jesse were having a meal at ConFusion and David ran over to them saying something about Angie taking too many days off in a row from the hospital. JR says that he has to go. Tad says that if JR files the police report, Krystal will deny it. JR says that it isnít about Krystal.

Natalia and Little Adam talk about the movie ďThe Lion KingĒ and she goes to get the movie. David knocks on the door, opens it and tells Little Adam to be quiet.

Erica tells Ryan that they have a serious distribution problem at Fusion and it will take both of them on the phone to fix it. Ryan says that he has a serious personal problem. Ryan says that Zach is trying to move back into his house and Erica says that it is wonderful. Ryan says that Erica can go help Kendall pack. Erica says that if Kendall has a brain, she will stay where she is. Erica asks Ryan to help her save the company that Greenlee co-founded, so they can give Kendall and Zach the privacy that they need to find their way back to each other.

Zach and Kendall talk to Ian. Kendal asks how they decide who leaves.

Ryan says that he will deal with the distributors tomorrow, but Erica says that they need to be dealt with today. Ryan says that he is going back to Zachís and picking up Kendall and the boys. Erica asks if Kendall is moving in with Ryan. Ryan says that Zach isnít budging and Kendall isnít going to stay with him. Erica says that she wouldnít be surprised if Kendall changes her mind.

Amanda says that the lawyer was right about the baby being lucky to have a dad like Jake.

Natalia tells JR that Little Adam is gone. Natalia says that she went into the other room to get some movies and that when she came back, Little Adam was gone. Natalia says that they have to call the police. JR says that he has a pretty good idea where Little Adam is.

Krystal asks David what he has done. David tells Krystal to start packing because they are leaving. Krystal says that they arenít going anywhere with Little Adam.

Ryan asks Kendall if she is packed already. Kendall says that she canít uproot the boys and that she canít move in with Ryan.

Zach tells Erica that Kendall will be back. Erica says that she knows that Kendall and Zach can find their way back to each other. Zach says that the marriage is over and this is just for the boys. Zach tells Erica not to get her hopes up. Erica asks Zach what is wrong and he says that Ian isnít breathing.

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