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Annie asks Tori what she is doing there, and Tori says that she came to see her. Annie says that Aidan doesnít want Tori there, but Tori says that she is the only one who can help Annie. Annie asks Tori to go before Aidan wakes up. Aidan asks who Annie is talking to.

Brot asks Taylor if they had plans, and she says no but she thought that he could use some company. Taylor says that she could use some company. Brot and Taylor talk about her discharge papers from the Army.

J.R. asks Jesse if Little Adam has been there the whole time. Angie says that she hopes J.R. can understand why they couldnít say anything. J.R. says that he doesnít need to understand because this is all he needs.

Opal tells Krystal how to take the swelling down and that foundation wouldnít hurt either. Opal says that you learn the tricks of the trade pretty quickly when you realize that you have married a monster.

Tad says that if David hurts Krystal again, he will come back. David says that he didnít hit his wife and that it was an accident. David says that they were arguing and things got a little out of hand. David says that he hates himself for what happened.

Angie says that Little Adam canít go home yet, and Jesse says that J.R. can come visit any time he wants. J.R. asks if Jesse means it, and Jesse says that as long as they keep it on the down-low, he does. Angie says that they arenít interested in keeping Little Adam from J.R., but Jesse says that he is interested in keeping his job. J.R. says that no one will ever know he was there. Someone knocks on the door, and Angie tells J.R. to go in the back. Jesse opens the door and asks David what he wants. David says that he was hoping they could talk and says that he needs to see for himself that his grandson is okay. Jesse says that it isnít possible. David says that he would be extremely grateful for any information that Jesse could give him. Jesse says that it is time for David to leave. David says that he isnít going to give up and that Jesse should just give in.

Frankie asks Randi if she called for backup. Taylor says that they came over to check on the Hawaiian honeymoon, and Frankie says that she is the worst liar he has ever known. Brot suggests that they should leave Randi and Frankie alone. Taylor tells Frankie to try his best not to blow it, and he leaves with Brot. Frankie asks if it would help if he said he was sorry, and Randi says that it would help if he would let her in. Frankie says that he wants to let her in but he doesnít know how sometimes. Randi says that she feels like she forced him into marrying her. Frankie says that he is the luckiest man in the universe to be able to call her his wife. Randi says that Frankie is all stressed out because of her. Frankie says that he is stressed out because he is going back to war and that it has nothing to do with her. Randi says that she doesnít want to be something else for him to worry about. Frankie says that he will always worry about her but in a good way and that she is his reason for coming home.

J.R. says that he doesnít understand because Jesse is going to let it slide. Jesse says that David didnít officially offer him anything. J.R. says that David wants to know the location of Little Adam and is willing to pay for it and that it is illegal. Jesse says that it isnít the right time to make a move. J.R. asks Little Adam if he is tired, and Little Adam says that if he goes to sleep, J.R. will be gone. Angie asks J.R. if he wants to give Little Adam a bath.

David says that he wasnít sure that Krystal would come back, and she says that she wasnít, either. David says that he is sorry and offers to get some ice. Krystal says that she doesnít want ice or apologies and that she wants some answers. Krystal asks if she is a fool for coming back, and David says she isnít. Krystal says that the whole town thinks that she is. David says that the whole town doesnít know how they work. David asks Krystal to forgive him.

Annie says that she thinks she killed someone when she was a little girl. Tori says that she should go because it is late and she is just a student. Annie says that she needs someone to talk to about this, and Tori suggests calling Annieís shrink. Tori tells Annie not to touch her.

Brot says that they can probably leave now because Frankie is staying. Taylor says that Frankie and Randi will be okay. Brot asks Taylor if their relationship is going to be enough for her. Taylor says that it is more than enough for her and all they have to do is figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. Brot says that he knows he wants to help people somehow. Taylor says that Brot is very good at helping her.

Frankie says that he wants to take out a life insurance policy just in case something happens to him. Randi says that nothing is going to happen to him. Frankie says that if something does happen, he wants to know that she will be taken care of. Randi agrees and says that it is a waste of money.

Angie says that she is happy that J.R. and Little Adam are getting this time together. Jesse says that if David finds out that Little Adam was there or that they let J.R. see him, they could both lose their careers.

Tad says that maybe he should stay out of it like Krystal wants. Opal says that Tad is the only one who can save Krystal.

Krystal tells David to stand up.

Taylor asks Tad if he would like some company. Tad says that he had some company and during that time his mother single-handedly dropped the entire weight of the spirit world on his shoulders. Brot says that it sounds like Tad needs another round. Tad tells Taylor about Krystal and her problems.

David says that he will do whatever Krystal wants. Krystal tells David to prove everyone wrong by being the man that she married and never hurting her again. David says that Krystal is his entire world and that he would be nothing without her. Krystal forgives David.

Brot says that Randi isnít the only one trying to process the information, and Taylor says that Frankie is trying to prepare himself. Taylor says that she doesnít know how she would be if she were the one who had to go back to Iraq. Brot says that a lot has happened to Frankie and being married complicates things because it adds to the weight on his shoulders. Randi says that Frankie regrets marrying her and that is why he ran off. Taylor says that Frankie ran off because he loves Randi and that is why he will come back.

Annie asks why she would have blood on her hand or her dress as a little girl. Annie says that it is just a nightmare and it isnít like it really happened. Aidan says that it is good to talk about it because it will help her get better. Annie says that if she doesnít get better, she can never get out of there and be with Aidan. Aidan says that he has to go. Annie asks if he is going to come back soon, and Aidan says that he will be back as soon as he can and they will figure out the dream. Aidan and Annie exchange ďI love youĒ before he leaves. Tori shows up, and Annie says that she is scared. Annie says that she knows the dream was real because she can feel it. Annie says that she canít tell Aidan anything and that is the reason she is there and why she hurt all those people. Tori tries to get Annie to keep talking, but Annie says that she canít say it out loud. Tori says that Annie can say anything to her.

Randi asks Frankie if he had a bad dream, and he says that to dream, you have to sleep, and he has been staring at the ceiling. Randi asks if he is thinking about Iraq. Frankie says that he canít talk about going back to Iraq with Randi. Frankie says that he is going for a walk to clear his head. Randi tells him to wait, and he says that he has to get out of there.

Brot and Taylor talk about her not going back to the Army. Brot says that she can still be involved without being on the front lines, but Taylor says that she wonít be sitting behind a desk every day. Randi calls Taylor, and Taylor asks what happened to the honeymoon.

Jesse says that he wanted to tell J.R. immediately but couldnít because the laws are in place for a reason. J.R. says that he is glad that Little Adam ended up with Jesse and Angie instead of in foster care or with David. J.R. thanks Jesse and Angie for looking after Little Adam. Angie says that she was sure they would be giving Little Adam back to J.R. J.R. says that they will be but it is going to take a little longer than he thought. Jesse says that they would hand Little Adam over right now if they could, and J.R. says that he knows they would.

David says that he lost control and isnít proud of it. David says that he grabbed Krystal and she yanked away and fell. Tad says that if David touches Krystal again, he will find out what regret feels like. David asks how Krystal is, and Tad says that David doesnít deserve an answer to that question.

Krystal says that David isnít the monster that Opal thinks he is and that David didnít hit her. Krystal says that she fell and that David didnít mean for it to happen. Opal says that she knows all about that because Ray used to tell her the same thing. Krystal says that she is nobodyís victim.

Randi thanks Brot and Taylor for coming and says that she didnít know who else to call. Taylor asks what happened, and Randi says that Frankie is freaking out about going back to Iraq. Randi says that she doesnít know how to help Frankie. Taylor says that Randi canít help Frankie because he needs to deal with it in his own way. Taylor tells Randi that her whole family are soldiers and itís in her blood, so she would go back instantly if she could.

J.R. tells Little Adam that he has to stay with Jesse and Angie for a little bit longer because he has to take care of some things. Angie and Jesse talk about what is going to happen next with Little Adam now that J.R. knows where he is.

Annie asks if Aidan found Tori, and he says that she wasnít in the hall. Aidan says that he doesnít like the fact that Tori wanders in and out whenever she wants. Annie says that they can trust Tori because she is on their side. Aidan says that he doesnít care about Tori an that he only cares about Annie and her getting better. Annie says that Tori helps her see things clearly and tells Aidan that she had another dream. Aidan asks Annie to tell him about her dream, and she says that she doesnít want to because she is afraid of what she might find. Annie tells Aidan about her dream and says that there was blood on her hand.

Krystal and Opal talk. Tad comes back and asks for a beer. Krystal asks if David is okay, and Tad says that David is just fine. Krystal asks what Tad said to David. Tad says that he told David that if he did it again, he would break Davidís neck. Krystal and Tad argue about David. Krystal says that she shouldnít have walked off. Tad tells Krystal not to go back there and that she can stay with him as long as she wants. Krystal says that David is her home, so she isnít staying with anyone else.

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