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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
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Annie asks Aidan what he is doing there. Aidan says that he came to visit but he will leave since she is resting. Annie says that she doesnít want the nightmare to come back.

Jake takes pictures of Amanda for her adoption profile. Jake asks Amanda who she wants to put down as the father.

David says that thanks to J.R. and Tad, Little Adam is out there with God knows who. J.R. says that if David hadnít fought for custody, Little Adam would be at home right now. David says that they donít know where Little Adam is or if he is okay. J.R. says that he wants to believe that Little Adam is a million times better than if he was with David.

Erica asks someone where Zach is, and she is directed to the main bar. Zach suggests that he and Ryan play a game of Texas Hold ĎEm and that they play for the thing he loves the most. Kendall says that they canít win her in a poker game because she decides who she wants to be with. Ryan tells Kendall that Zach was talking about the casino, not her. Ryan says that he will put up the casinos if Zach puts up the cash that he made from their deal. Zach says that it wasnít a deal, it was a hostile takeover. Kendall says that it is stupid and asks if they can get out of there. The dealer tells Ryan and Kendall that when one of them has all the chips, they have a winner. Erica comes up and asks what is going on. Kendall says that the cowboys are comparing their lassos. Ryan wins the first hand. Zach says that he needs a drink, and Ryan says that it is on him. Kendall asks what Zach is doing. Zach says that Ryan picked his pocket and no one steals from him and gets away with it. Erica asks Ryan if it is another way to try to get Kendall back. Ryan says that it has absolutely nothing to do with Kendall and that Erica should stay out of it. Erica asks Ryan to walk away from Kendall and let her get back to her normal life. Ryan says that he doesnít have control over Kendall.

Aidan asks about Annieís nightmare, and she says that she doesnít want to talk about it. Annie asks about Emmaís birthday party. Aidan says that Annie must have gotten confused because it was her birthday, not Emmaís. Annie realizes that it was her birthday, and Aidan says that everything is going to be okay.

Amanda says that she will just be honest about the father and say that they are no longer together. Amanda asks why she doesnít get to see the adoptive parentís profiles and says that they have to prove that they want the child for the right reasons. Jake suggests that they finish the profile. Amanda tells Jake that she is outgoing, independent and likes to have fun. Jake says that those are hobbies and asks her for some interests. Jake says that the more specific Amanda is, the more likely she is to find a perfect match.

Tad says that J.R. canít afford to make mistakes, and J.R. says that he doesnít care because the judge is wrong. J.R. says that the longer this stretches out, the more Little Adam suffers. Tad tells Jake and Amanda that the judge decided that for now the best place for Little Adam is foster care. Jake says that foster care is better than Little Adam being with David. J.R. says that his son is with strangers right now.

David says that he has to find his grandson and that he will tap into Jesseís phone or hack into his emails to find Little Adam. Krystal says that she wants David to sit down with her and explain what it means. Krystal says that she wants to know what happens next and asks if they can visit Little Adam because she needs to know that he is safe. David says that Little Adam will never be safe unless he is with David. Krystal says that the judge was right and David shouldnít be anywhere near Little Adam.

Annie tells Aidan about her dream and says that she doesnít remember celebrating her birthday as a kid and asks why she is dreaming about it. Annie tells Aidan that her dream ends with a scream right before she blew out the candles. Annie asks Aidan what he thinks it means. Aidan says that maybe something happened on Annieís birthday and that the memory is so painful that she blocked it out. Aidan says that they will figure it out together.

Kendall says that she didnít know about the hostile takeover until she saw it on the newspaper headlines. Kendall says that this isnít about the casino. Zach says that it is about Kendall and it is always about Kendall. Zach says that in his life, there were two things that he thought he could call his own, the casino and his wife, but it turns out that only one of them ever truly belonged to her. Zach says that Kendall is irrelevant because, win or lose, they are done.

Ryan says that Kendall is free to choose who she wants to be with and Erica has to deal with it. Erica says that the Ryan she knew would never break up a family. Ryan says that he doesnít have the power to break up a family. Ryan says that Kendall chose to be with him and that Erica can deal with it or not, but he has a card game to win.

Angie tells Jesse that Little Adam is taking a nap.

Tad says that J.R. did great in the courtroom. J.R. says that he let David get to him and now his son is paying the price. Amanda says that Little Adam will be fine. J.R. says that Little Adam is probably scared out of his mind. Tad says that the most important thing is that J.R. owned up to his mistakes in the courtroom and that the judge could see how much J.R. loves Little Adam. Tad gets a call from Opal. Amanda says that J.R. will have Little Adam back before he knows it. J.R. says that David is coming for Amandaís kid next. Amanda says that she is taking charge of her life now.

Pete tells Jake that they need to talk because he heard Jake and Amanda talking about her profile.

Krystal says that the judge made the right call because David is in no condition to care for a child. Krystal says that she is glad that Tad was there because a lot of what he said was true. David tells Krystal to shut up. Krystal says that David is hurting her, and David tells Krystal never to say that he shouldnít have Little Adam. Krystal falls.

Pete says that he understands why Amanda is doing this and that he has what she needs. Pete says that the baby needs to be legitimized and nobody else is stepping up to the plate. Pete says that there is no need for Amanda to fill out the internet dating form because he is ready to give the baby his name and that is what is important. Jake asks if Pete wants to marry Amanda. Pete says that he wants to give the baby his name. Jake says that he will run the offer by Amanda.

Amanda offers to testify for J.R. and tell the court what an amazing father he is because she knows first-hand. J.R. thanks Amanda for the offer but says that he will have to pass because he wouldnít even be going through this if it wasnít for her doing Davidís dirty work. Amanda apologizes. J.R. says that Amanda makes him sick. Tad comes back and asks where J.R. went. Amanda says that J.R. went somewhere that he doesnít have to see her. Amanda says that she made a mistake, but she did care about JR and she still does. Tad says that JR isnít in a place where he can feel that right now. Tad says that not knowing where your child is or who they are with is hell on earth and that at least Amanda will never have to go through something like that.

David asks Krystal if she can hear him, and Krystal tells him not to touch her. David apologizes and says that he didnít mean to hurt her. Krystal leaves.

Kendall says that Zach is trying to hurt her, but he says that he is just trying to win his casino back. Zach says that he didnít mean to insult Kendall and that he is proud of her for making a choice without running it by Erica. Kendall and Zach talk about him kissing Reese. Zach says that Greenlee knew how much he loved Kendall and that it is a shame that Kendall didnít. Erica tells Ryan that it wonít be settled in a poker game because he and Zach are at war. Zach says that he is good to go unless Ryan has changed his mind.

Aidan asks how long Annie has been having this dream. Annie says that she has been having the dream since she last saw Tori. Aidan says that Annie has to be careful about what she talks to Tori about. Annie says that she doesnít want to talk about it anymore. Aidan says that there is a reason that Annie is having the dream and they have to figure out what it is. Aidan says that they can take a break but they have to keep trying. Annie asks why Aidan keeps pushing her, and Aidan says that if he doesnít, she might end up doing something bad again.

Zach and Ryan talk about the game. Kendall asks Ryan to hurry up and beat Zach, so they can leave. Ryan says that Ian and Spike will be very well taken care of.

Jesse tells Little Adam that no matter what, he and J.R. are connected by walkie-talkieís in their hearts. Angie suggests that she and Little Adam go back and play with the blocks. J.R. knocks on the door and asks Jesse to give Little Adamís foster family some things that help him fall asleep.

Jake says that Amanda is being very brave by going through with the adoption for the right reasons. Amanda asks Jake to promise not to let her see the baby when it is born. Amanda says that as soon as she sees the baby, she wonít want to let go and she has to. Jake says that Amanda is going to be all right and says that she has him and Pete to help her. Amanda asks what Pete has to do with it. Jake says that Pete wants to marry Amanda.

Tad orders a beer and apologizes to Opal. Opal asks how J.R. is doing, and Tad says that he is afraid the custody thing will push J.R. right back over the edge. Krystal comes in and orders a double vodka. Tad asks Krystal what happened to her face, and she says that it was an accident. Tad asks if David hit her, and Krystal says that they had an argument and she yanked away too fast. Krystal tries to stop him, but Tad runs out.

Erica says that Kendall has chosen the wrong man and should be rooting for Zach. Kendall says that Erica wanted her to make a choice and she did. Kendall says that she made the right choice. Erica reminds Kendall that Zach is her husband. Kendall reminds Erica that Zach wants a divorce and the most important thing in his life is a casino. Kendall tells Ryan that what he and Zach are doing is completely crazy and that he needs to say goodnight before she loses her mind. Ryan says that it makes perfect sense to him to take away what means the most to Zach. Erica tells Zach to teach Ryan a lesson that he will never forget. Zach and Ryan go all in, and Zach tells the dealer to hold on a second.

Jake says that Pete thought they were talking about a profile for an internet-dating thing. Amanda asks if Pete actually knows about the adoption and Jake says no but they have to be careful because it was a close call.

Opal tells Krystal that it helps to talk. Krystal says that there is nothing to talk about because it was an accident. Krystal says that she should go find Tad. Opal says that Krystal isnít going anywhere.

Tad pays David a visit. Tad says that if David ever hurts Krystal again, he will be back.

Jesse tells J.R. to go home and get some rest. Jesse promises that Little Adam is fine and says that he will make sure Little Adam gets those before he goes to bed. J.R. thanks Jesse and says that Little Adam is all he has left. Little Adam comes running out.

Zach wins, and Ryan tells Zach not to get too comfortable because he will be taking it back soon enough. Zach gets up to leave, and Erica asks if Zach is forgetting something, but he says no.

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