AMC Update Friday 3/27/09

All My Children Update Friday 3/27/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

J.R., Tad, and Colby are ready for court when Erica comes in and tells them that she has arranged for J.R. to get a fair trial. Erica spoke to Adam and he is OK. Colby asks if Erica loves her dad. Erica describes their relationship as being unique and like having ice cream. Erica is not going to the hearing. Colby tells J.R. that she likes Erica and would not mind her being involved with Adam.

Krystal chastises David for playing dirty. He reminds her that he always plays dirty.

Zach is in his room at the Yacht Club. He opens the windows and yells, “It is a beautiful day, and I have lost everything”. He sits on the floor and talks to a portrait of Myrtle. He tells Myrtle about his mistakes and asks for her advice. Erica knocks on the door, and Zach yells through the door for her to go away. Zach asks Erica why is she there. He tells her that Ryan is a good guy, she get along with him, and Ryan probably will be inviting her to brunch pretty soon, so don’t worry about him. Erica tells him to stop acting like an ass. Zach sits on a ledge, and Erica asks him to get down. Zach believes that he deserves to lose everything. He has nowhere to go and no reason to get up in the morning.

Natalia reads to Little A, who says he misses his mom. Natalia tells him that she misses her mom, too. He asks if her mom is in Heaven, and Natalia answers, yes. She tells him that when he feels a breeze, it is his mom blowing him a kiss.

Kendall picks up the newspaper in front of her home. Ryan puts on his shirt coming down the Slater’s hallway. Kendall sees the headlines about a “Hostile Cambias Takeover”. She asks Ryan if he took over Cambias, and he answers, yes. She asks why he didn’t tell her. She tells him that he stole Cambias and the casinos, which leaves Zach with nothing. She tells him that by sleeping in Zach’s bed, and taking his companies, he has killed Zach. Ryan brags that the takeover was brilliant and legitimate. Zach received a platinum parachute, according to Ryan, and will be OK. Ryan tells Kendall that if she is worried about Zach then she should go to him. Kendall is confused. She tells Ryan that he did not take Zach’s companies and she did not throw away Zach’s love; Zach allowed them to hurt him. Zach does not think he deserves happiness, so he is throwing away his life. She thinks that Zach won because he got exactly what he wanted. Zach can’t be happy, according to her, because he does not want to give into happiness. Zach used them to take away all that he loved.

Ryan asks Kendall what she wants, and she answers that she wants him to be comforting, understanding and cry with her as he did last night. Ryan reminds her that he passed the test she left on his voice mail. She has hope for them. They kiss.

Brot and Taylor decorated Frankie’s apartment with a Hawaiian flavor so that they can feel as if they are on their honeymoon. Brot sort of brought up marriage to Taylor, and she asked if he is proposing. He reminded her that he proposed before. She found the ring he had for her and wants to know if he plans on proposing again. He promises that he will do it again one day.

Frankie and Randi are smooching at Jesse’s apartment, and Natalia is playing with Little A. Frankie and Randi talk about having kids. Angie tells them she is not ready to be a grandmother. Frankie wants enough kids for a basketball team. Randi and Frankie make love in their Hawaiian-decorated apartment.

Reese arrives and tells Zach that he needs to wake up in the morning for his kids and he needs to fight for them. Erica tells her that Zach and she are having a private conversation. Reese tells Zach she understands that he has been fighting demons with both hands. She tells him that she has been fighting demons as well. She urges him to not let the demons win because he is fighting for his kids.

David eggs on J.R. by threatening to change Little A’s name to Little D for David. David thinks he will win the custody fight.

J.R. states his case and tells the truth about being an alcoholic. He explains that the 911 call was the result of a mistake. He tells the judge that he is sober now. David berates J.R., and the judge asks him to be quiet. Krystal appears to be agreeing with J.R. by agreeing to his testimony, and then she testifies that David and she are in love with Little A and would be the perfect couple to raise him. J.R. and David start to yell at each other. J.R. tells David he was never a part of Babe’s life and he reminds David that Babe didn’t want him around her and Little A. J.R. tells the judge that David never held Babe until she was dead. David lunges at J.R., and Tad and Jesse pull them apart. Tad testifies and talks about David sleeping with Krystal while she was married to him, his custody of Jenny and not allowing her to be near David. David becomes angry. The judge decides that Little A will remain with his current foster parents in a good home until permanent care is decided. Angie and Jesse look at each other.

Erica tells Reese that she gave Zach a good speech. Reese tells her that Zach needed to hear it. She also tells her that she will be fighting for Bianca and the girls. Erica reminds her that it will be a hard battle.

Ryan talks to the casino staff about his takeover. Kendall is there supporting him. Zach arrives and claps for Ryan’s speech. Kendall asks Zach what he is doing there. Zach ignores her and asks Ryan for a game of “Texas Hold ‘Em”. Ryan asks what the stakes are, and Zach tells him the thing he loves the most. Kendall stares at him, believing that he is referring to her.

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