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All My Children Update Thursday 3/26/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
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J.R. speaks to Adam on the phone. Adam gets upset when J.R. tells him that Little A is in foster care. Erica comes to bail J.R. out, but she is told that he must remain in custody because he is a flight risk.

Little A is living with Jesse and Angie, but no one knows that information. Little A tells Angie that he wants to go home, than he runs towards the door. Natalia walks into the door, and ask Little A to have a slice of pie with her. Angie gets out Frankie’s old train set and Natalia, Little A and she play together.

Jake tries to stop David from taking Krystal home, because she has a head injury. Jake reminds David that Krystal is Angie’s patient, but David pulls rank. Krystal tells David that she feels woozy and should maybe remain in the hospital. He convinces her that she will be OK. David tells Krystal that he is taking her to the courthouse house for a meeting about the custody hearing.

Colby visits Krystal and apologizes for hitting her on the head. Colby is worried about J.R. and asks Krystal to see J.R.’s side. David and Krystal tell Colby that it is better if they let the judge decide whom Little A will live with.

While Zach is talking to Ryan man to man, Kendall calls. Zach guesses that the call is from Kendall and advises Ryan to answer it. Zach wants to have it out with Ryan. Ryan suggests that they leave Kendall out of their discussion.

Erica tries to speak with J.R., but Jesse refuses; Jesse later allows her to speak with J.R. Erica figure out that David has the judge in his back pocket.

Kendall tells Ryan that she does not want to let him go, because they are connected. She does not know if she wants to save her marriage.

Ryan tells Zach that he gave Cambias to him and now he is taking it back. He is also taking the casinos from Zach. Ryan tells Zach that his Chief Financial Officer (CFO) helped him and a foreign company with a hostile take over of Cambias Industries. Zach thinks that Ryan is using Greenlee as an excuse to hurt him. He accuses Ryan of sleeping with his wife. He asks Ryan how does the sweet taste of victory feels. He wants to know if it is everything that Ryan thought it would be or is he as miserable as he was before the takeover. Ryan asks Zach what it is like to live a life where nothing is ever his fault. Ryan wants Zach to say he killed Greenlee. Zach will not say he killed Greenlee, because it was an accident. Zach tells him that he is the reason for Greenlee’s death, because he did not keep his mouth shut. Ryan tells Zach that he owns Cambias and the casinos. Zach is surprised that is all Ryan has to say with all of his chest thumping. Zach tells Ryan that Greenlee and Kendall would be embarrassed of his bragging. Ryan tells Zach that they will never know how Greenlee feels because she is not here and it is Zach’s fault.

The courthouse is closed, but David and Krystal meet with the custody-hearing judge after-hours. The judge is worried that everything that David wants him to do, like keep J.R. in jail, prepare Krystal for the hearing, and rule in David’s favor, will be too obvious. David wants Krystal and he to be prepped for the hearing tomorrow. Krystal tells David that she thought they were fighting fair. David and Krystal go over questions with the judge. Krystal will be the key to winning custody of Little A.

Erica barges into the courthouse and speaks with a southern accent. The judge knows who she is. Erica mentions a conflict of interest with having a meeting with one of the parties involved in the custody hearing. She tells the judge that his behavior is illegal. In order to keep her mouth shut she wants J.R. released so that he can get a good-nights-sleep and look fresh for court.

Jesse sees Angie looking at Little A and accuses her of wanting another baby. Angie calls him crazy. Frankie and Randi return home and did not go to Hawaii, because of a flight delay and lost luggage. Frankie join Little A and plays with the train set. Even though the honeymoon was a bust, Randi is OK, because she is with Frankie.

The judge calls Jesse and asks him to release J.R.

David is excited because he has everything in place for the trial. Krystal warns him to not get ahead of himself.

Kendall leaves a message on Ryan’s phone letting him know that she wants him, but he is pulling away so she is leaving town with the kids to give him space. She chooses Ryan and if he wants her, he can come and stop her from leaving.

Zach arrives at the casino, and his manager wants to know if the rumor about Cambias and the casino takeover is true. Aidan shows up, and Zach tells her to ask Aidan if it is true. Zach punches Aidan. Zach wants to know why Aidan did not know that Ryan was taking over Cambias. He throws out Aidan. Zach tells Aidan that he know that the fight with Ryan is not over. Aidan says that he knows that it is only the beginning of the fight.

Kendall is packing, and the maid wants to know how Zach fits into Kendall’s leaving. Kendall tells the maid that she called Zach and told him that she was leaving town. Kendall looks at the clock and waits for Ryan. She has flashbacks of Zach with the boys and then packs pictures of Zach and the boys.

Ryan put a picture of Kendall and the boys on the table and removes Greenlee’s picture.

Jesse suggests that J.R. use his freedom to prepare himself for the hearing tomorrow. He tells J.R. that his son is in good hands.

David’s happiness is interrupted by Erica’s knock at the door. Erica tells him about the changes in the custody hearing. She tells him that J.R. has been released and that Judge Salke has been replaced.

Zach does not pack up his office. The only thing he takes with him is the picture of Myrtle.

Ryan arrives at Kendall’s home. Kendall tells him that he is late. Ryan says he is not too late, and they hug.

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