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Angie checks Krystal out. Krystal asks if Angie has seen David. Angie says that she hasnít seen him and asks if Krystal wants her to call David. Krystal says that she has called David half a dozen times but hasnít been able to reach him. Tad comes in and comments about Krystal getting knocked in the head and ending up in the hospital and David being unable to pick up a phone.

David says that he has been there all night and asks Jesse where Little Adam is. Jesse says that he isnít at liberty to discuss it. David says that he has a right to know, and Jesse says that Social Services felt that it was best to put Little Adam in foster care since J.R. is in jail. David asks if they have brought Adam in yet, and Jesse says that they are working on it but J.R. isnít talking. David says to give him 10 minutes with J.R. and he will talk.

Colby asks J.R. where Barry is. J.R. says that Barry will be there soon and until then, Colby needs to keep her mouth shut. Colby says that she didnít mean to hurt Krystal like that but she couldnít let Krystal get Little Adam. J.R. says that he appreciates Colbyís help but she needs to let him handle it form now on. J.R. says that Barry will at least keep Colby out of jail. Colby says that David will use this to get Adam back to town. J.R. says that there is something he hasnít told her about Adam.

Erica sees Zach at home and says that Kendall must have taken her advice. Erica says that she said if Kendall and Zach would just sit together and talk, they could get past all their problems. She asks where Kendall is. Zach says that he doesnít know because Kendall didnít sleep there.

Kendall says that the boys are probably wondering why Rachael is there instead of her and that she should probably get home. Ryan says that they canít do this anymore. Ryan says that he is in love with Greenlee and asks what the hell he is doing in bed with her best friend. Kendall says that they are trying to work through the grief together and tells Ryan to stop beating himself up. Ryan says that no matter what they say to each other, it isnít right. Ryan says that the more they try to justify it, the worse he feels about it. Ryan says that Kendall needs to go.

Zach says that he is getting a divorce because he is running out of options. Erica says that Zach is running out on his marriage and his family, but Zach says that isnít what he is doing. Erica says that Kendall seems different but the woman Zach married is still in there. Zach says that the woman he fell in love with has always been in love with someone else.

J.R. says that Adam collapsed and is in a hospital under Stuartís name. J.R. says that he didnít tell Colby before because he didnít want anyone to overhear it and he didnít want to make her more upset. J.R. says that Adam is stable but they are running more tests. Colby says that she has to go see Adam, but J.R. tells her not to because the police will follow her and arrest Adam. J.R. says that they have to do everything they can to keep David away from Adam.

David says that if Jesse doesnít start doing his job, David will be forced to do it. Jesse tells David not to even think about threatening him again. Jesse tells David to get out of there. Jay shows up, and David says that he wants his grandson out of foster care by lunchtime. Jay says that he will see what he can do but the court will want to be assured that the child is going to a stable home with two loving, caring parents. David says that he and Krystal are all that Little Adam needs. Jay tells David to let him handle things there and to go to the hospital and make a good show of loving his wife. David says that he does love his wife and tells Jay never to question it again.

Tad suggests that David doesnít care about Krystal. Angie says that she has tried to tell Krystal that but Krystal doesnít want to listen. Angie says that she has rounds and leaves. Tad says that itís a bad sign when good friends start treating you like a lost cause because they canít reach you anymore. Tad says that someday he would like to be able to tell their daughter the truth - that he did everything he could to save Krystalís life.

David gets Krystalís room number from a nurse. Angie says that Krystal was checked in over 12 hours before. David says that there are people in the hospital who care about their jobs enough to keep him apprised of things.

Tad says that Krystal knows what it is like to have a child taken away and asks why she would want to put J.R. through that. Krystal says that she isnít taking Little Adam away from J.R., she is just trying to keep him safe and that J.R. can see him. Tad says that all David wants is Little Adam and that everything else and everyone else, including Krystal, is secondary. David comes in and says that he would like some time alone with his wife.

Emma comes home and Ryan asks about her sleepover. Corrina goes to put Emmaís stuff upstairs. Ryan tells Emma that they are going to play hooky for the day and spend the whole day having fun. Jack calls Ryan and asks him to come by the hospital to do something important that has to do with Greenlee.

Erica says that Kendall cares for Ryan because they have a child together but Zach is the one that Kendall loves. Zach says that Ryan and Kendall share more than a child and there is something between them. Erica says that Kendall is just confused. Erica says that she thinks Zach doesnít believe he deserves to be happy. Erica says that what Zach and Kendall have is extraordinary and that he canít just walk away from his marriage. Zach says that this time it is too late. Erica says that true love doesnít die that easily. Zach asks Erica if true love has ever died on her. Zach tells Erica to wait for the babysitter.

Jesse says that Colby is free to go because Krystal isnít pressing charges. Colby asks about J.R., and Jesse says that J.R. wonít be making bail anytime soon. J.R. tells Colby to go and says that everything is going to be all right. Colby leaves, and Jesse tells J.R. that it isnít going to be all right and that this is about as bad as it gets.

Angie asks Tad if he had any luck with Krystal. Tad says that David showed up. Tad says that there is something else going on with Krystal, other than David.

David apologizes for taking so long to get there and tells Krystal that he was at the police station making sure that J.R. and Colby didnít get off on some Chandler technicality. Krystal says that Colby didnít mean to hurt her, and David says that Colby could have killed Krystal. Krystal says that she is concerned about their grandson. David says that Jesse assured him that Little Adam has been placed with a good family. Krystal realizes that Little Adam is in foster care. David says that he is in foster care until the custody mess is sorted out. Krystal says that they have to do something.

Tad runs into Opal at the hospital. Opal says that she hasnít been sleeping and was hoping the doctor could fix her up with something to help. Opal says that she can feel Greenleeís soul, cold and alone waiting to be set free.

Ryan and Jack talk about where to scatter Greenleeís ashes. Jack suggests the beach. Ryan says that he thinks Jack should do this on his own because he has already said goodbye to her.

Kendall comes home and asks if it is an intervention. Zach says that the boys are fine and that Rachael had an emergency, so he stayed with them. Zach asks where Kendall stayed, and she says that it isnít any of his business because he filed for divorce. Zach says that it is his business if his boys are looking for her and she is nowhere to be found. Kendall says that all Rachael had to do was pick up the phone and call and she would have come home.

Erica tells them to stop arguing. Erica asks what has happened to Kendall to make her sleep with Ryan. Kendall says that who she sleeps with is no more Ericaís business than it is Zachís. Zach says that Kendall is right and it isnít their business because the marriage is over. Erica tells Kendall not to just let Zach walk out the door because if she does, he wonít come back. Kendall asks Zach to wait and then says that she doesnít know what to say. Zach says that there is nothing left and leaves. Erica says that Zach has been waiting for something to take away the wonderful life they had. Kendall says that the tornado took it away, and Erica says that Kendall did it when she slept with Ryan. Erica advises Kendall to end things with Ryan now and try to save her family with Zach unless she sees herself marrying Ryan and spending the rest of her life with him. Kendall says that Zach has made his decision. Erica says that Kendall needs to make her decision. Kendall says that she loves Zach and Ryan in very different ways.

Zach asks if Francesca got what he wanted, and she says that she burned a copy. Zach listens to Ryan saying that he wants to settle things man to man.

Jack and Opal talk about Greenleeís ashes. Opal says that when Greenleeís soul is set free, maybe they can both find some rest.

Jesse says that there was a warrant out for J.R.ís arrest and he got caught trying to sneak his son out of town when he was supposedly out of the country. J.R. says that he didnít know anything about kidnapping charges. Jesse asks where Adam is. J.R. says that Adam is out of state at a hospital and he was taking Little Adam to visit his sick grandfather. J.R. says that he is owed a phone call.

David tells Krystal that the custody hearing is on Friday and that they both have to testify. David says that he will understand if she isnít up for it, but Krystal says that she has to fight for Babeís son.

Zach stops by Ryanís place and asks where Ryan is. Corrina says that Ryan had to run an errand and that Zach is welcome to wait. Zach visits with Emma and they talk about Greenlee. Ryan comes back and says that he has something for Emma. Emma says that Mittens is back from Heaven and asks if Greenlee will come back, too.

Angie and Jesse talk about David and Little Adam. Jesse says that he found the perfect place for Little Adam to stay - with them.

J.R. talks to Adam on the phone and fills him in about what is going on with Little Adam.

Jay tells David that the judge will see them tonight and asks if Krystal will be up for it. David says that they will be the picture-perfect family.

Jack remembers when he and Greenlee finally connected as father and daughter. Jack says that he fell in love with Greenlee that day and that he hopes she can find peace now.

Ryan says that it looks like Mittens, but itís not. Ryan says that Mittens and Greenlee both have to stay in Heaven because Greenlee is an angel now and she needed a friend. Corrina comes out and asks who that is. Ryan says that it is a new little kitty. Ryan suggests that Emma go play with Alana and the kitty for a little while. Emma leaves with Corrina and the kitty. Ryan asks what Zach is doing in his house. Zach says that he heard Ryan wanted to deal with it man to man and says, ďLetís do this, right here, right now.Ē

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