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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/24/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.
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The Justice of the Peace says that he would love to marry Frankie and Randi right now but there is no one to stand up for them. Angie comes in and says that there is.

Jake tells Amanda to sit down, but she says that she is fine. Jake asks what Amanda is doing there, and she says that she is there for a sonogram because Dr. Pierce wants to make sure the baby is okay. Jake asks why Amanda didnít call him and says that he would have given her a ride to the appointment. Amanda says that she thought she might bail on the appointment. Jake says that Amanda has nothing to worry about. Amanda asks Jake to tell her that he found someone to adopt the baby.

The judge tells David that, legally, it isnít kidnapping. David says that unless the judge wants tomorrowís headlines to read ďJudge coke-headĒ, he will get it done. The judge says that he will see what he can do, and David tells him to do it fast. Davidís cell phone rings, and he says that he is happy to hear it. Krystal asks if they found Little Adam, and David says no. Krystal asks what the big news is, and David says that Adam and J.R. are going to be charged with kidnapping.

Erica says that she has bad news and suggests that they should speak privately. J.R. asks Little Adam to go see if Melissa is done with the cupcakes. Erica says that Adam collapsed. J.R. asks if his father is dead.

Zach tells Kendall that he is petitioning for divorce. Kendall asks if Zach wants a divorce. Zach says that their marriage is over, so it is just a formality. Kendall says that Reese came to apologize again. Kendall asks if they owe it to the boys to at least try to work it out. Zach says that they have tried but it doesnít work because Kendall is still in love with Ryan.

Ryan says that he has a message for Zach. Ryanís cell phone rings, and Jake tells him that the lab is finished comparing Greenleeís DNA and the lab results are being sent over. Ryan says that he will be right there. Ryan tells Aidan that Zach took everything from him and now it is time for him to return the favor.

The Justice of the Peace says that he will give them a few minutes. Randi asks Jesse and Angie how they knew. Jesse says that he saw them leave the building with her in the dress, so he grabbed Angie and they followed Randi and Frankie there. Angie says that Natalia is on her way with Taylor and Brot unless Randi and Frankie donít want them there. Frankie says that he wants them all there, and Randi agrees. Frankie says that he and Randi are grateful for Angieís help with the wedding planning but he didnít want to wait. Angie says that she and Jesse did the same thing.

Jake says that he hasnít found an adoptive family yet but he is working on it. Amanda tells Jake to just pick someone. Amanda says that it is going to be hard enough to deliver the baby somewhere and then make everyone think that it died. Jake says that he is just making sure that this is what Amanda wants because once she does this, there is no going back. Amanda says that this is the only way to protect her baby. Jake reminds Amanda that David said he would leave her alone. Amanda says that even if David did leave her alone for a while, he would change his mind eventually. Jake says that David isnít going to get anywhere near this child.

David says that they just have to be patient and let the legal system do its job. Krystal says that J.R. could be on the runway with Little Adam right now. Krystal says that she wishes she had followed J.R. while she had the chance. David says that he has people at the airport and at the train station. David says that Little Adam could be closer than they think.

Erica says that Adam is in a hospital in Philadelphia under Stuartís name and is in stable condition. Erica says that the doctors arenít sure what made Adam collapse, so they are running tests. J.R. says that he has to see Adam, but Erica says that it wouldnít be a good idea. J.R. says that he needs to go check on Adam. Erica says that J.R. has already run a huge risk by coming to see Little Adam. J.R. says that David has to go down now.

Kendall tells Zach that when she and Ryan went to identify Greenleeís body, they walked out of there into total darkness feeling lost and alone. Zach asks if Kendall only slept with Ryan once and says that he didnít think so. Kendall says that she was hurt and confused, so she went to Ryan. Zach says that their marriage was in trouble for a long time, way before Reese because Kendall loves Ryan.

Krystal says that Little Adam left on Adamís jet. David says that he had someone check the flight plan and Adamís jet took off but there is no record of it landing anywhere. Krystal says that the plane has to be somewhere, and David says that it is probably in some hangar outside of town.

J.R. says that he has to see his dad. Erica says that J.R. needs to take care of Little Adam and she will take care of Adam. J.R. says that either Erica is going to whack Adam or she loves him. Erica says that J.R. is as delusional as Adam is. Erica says that J.R. can help Adam by getting Little Adam as far away from David as possible. J.R. asks Erica to promise that when he gets Little Adam out of the country, she will tell the police that his father has been in the hospital the whole time and that he made up the story about the vacation so that he could make the plans. Erica agrees and says that she should get going. J.R. asks Erica to tell his dad that he loves him.

Zach says that he thinks Kendall loved him as much as she could but then there was Ryan. Zach says that Kendall wants to control everything that Ryan does. Zach says that Ryan got married and was happy but Kendall had to break them up. Kendall says that she didnít want Spike to have a psycho killer for a stepmother. Kendall says that she wants to be with Zach. Zach says that a piece of Kendall belongs to Ryan. Kendall says that Ryan is her friend and she just wants him to be happy. Zach says that he is glad that Greenlee isnít there to see what a great friend Kendall really is.

Jake asks a nurse if there is an envelope waiting for him, and she says that she hasnít seen anything. Gayle hands the envelope to Jake. Ryan shows up and says that Aidan must be making a lot of overtime. Aidan says that he isnít there for Zach. Ryan asks why Aidan keeps following him. Jack says that he called Aidan because he thought that Greenleeís ex-husband should be there when they got the DNA results.

Kendall says that their marriage has been tested in every way possible but their love always gets them through. Zach says ďnot anymore.Ē Kendall says that if anyone should want to quit, it should be her, but she wants to fight. Zach says that he fought but itís never enough. Kendall says that they have two beautiful boys, a home and a life together. Zach says that they had a life before this. Zach and Kendall talk about the changes since she came out of her coma. Kendall says that they both made mistakes and that they are both at fault. Zach says that Kendall hung on to Ryan and Zach hung on to her, so it is time for one of them to let go. Zach asks Kendall to let it be him who lets go.

Jack asks when Greenleeís body can be released to him, and Jake says that he can get the forms now. Jack says that Greenlee wouldnít want Aidan and Ryan to be at each otherís throats. Jack says that Greenlee is at peace and he hopes that Ryan and Aidan can be, too. Jake tells someone that Jack wants Greenleeís body to be transferred to the crematorium as soon as possible. David comes up and asks if the DNA test confirmed that it was Greenleeís body. David and Jake argue about Amanda and her baby.

J.R. calls Colby and asks her to get the passports out of the safe and that he and Little Adam will stop to pick them up and say goodbye. J.R. says that he has a surprise for Little Adam that involves an airplane. Little Adam says ďA trip!Ē J.R. says that it is a very special trip and that it is going to just be the two of them.

Frankie says that Brot has been there with him on some of the worst days of his life and now Brot is there on the happiest. Brot says that he is glad he made it. Frankie says that maybe someday he will be able to return the favor. Angie says that she better work on the hem because she doesnít want to see the bride face-plant down the aisle. Angie says that Frankie is more nervous than Jesse was on their wedding day. Taylor asks if Randi is nervous, and she says that she wasnít until now. Natalia says that if Randi falls, at least she will have a good story to tell her children. Angie says that Randi and Frankie have a long, happy future in front of them. Randi says that she hopes so but if they only get one incredible night, then it doesnít matter what happens because they will always be husband and wife.

Erica asks Jake if his father is there, and Jake says that his father is on medical leave. Erica says that she was hoping that Joe could give her a recommendation for a specialist. David says that Kendall already has the finest cardiothoracic surgeon in the country. Jake says that he will have his father call Erica. Erica thanks Jake. David says that if Erica needs a recommendation, as chief of staff, he will provide it. David asks Erica why she needs a specialist. Erica says that Kendall seems like a different person and she is concerned that something might be wrong. David says that Kendall just needs some time to adjust. David says that J.R. and Adam are going to need time to adjust to prison once they are arrested for kidnapping Little Adam. Erica says that J.R. and Adam have custody of Little Adam. David says that there is a warrant out for J.R. and Adamís arrests.

Ryan asks Kendall what is wrong. Kendall says that Zach wants a divorce so that she can be with Ryan. Kendall says that Zach is setting her free so she can follow her heart but her heart is with Zach. Kendall says that Zach shoved the papers in her face and walked out, while she stood there begging for a second chance. Ryan says that he would give anything for another chance, for even 5 minutes, with Greenlee even if they spent the whole time screaming at each other. Ryan says that the DNA results came back and confirmed that Greenlee is gone. Kendall asks Ryan to let her help. Ryan says that Kendall canít help.

Jesse asks Natalia why she looks like she is about to cry. Natalia says that her mom wonít be at her wedding to help her pick out a dress, walk her down the aisle or make sure she doesnít trip on the hem. Jesse says that he will be there for everything. Jesse says that Rebecca will be there, too, sending energy from whatever far-off place she has travelled to.

Frankie says that he ships out in 3 weeks and asks if there is any chance of starting the wedding before then. Angie says that it wonít happen if he keeps hovering. Angie says that Randi wants everything to be perfect. Frankie says that he is marrying the most incredible woman in the world and asks what could be more perfect than that.

Jake says that the baby is fine and in a couple of minutes Amanda will see that for herself. Jake says that he will bet Amanda $20 that the baby is a girl. Amanda says that she doesnít want to know or see anything because it will make it real. Jake says that it is as real as it is going to get. Amanda says that she is just an oven. Amanda says that as soon as she looks at the screen and sees something more than a blob with a heartbeat, she will get attached and it will make the adoption harder. The doctor comes out and asks if Amanda is ready to see her baby. Gayle pages Jake to the nursesí station, and he tells Amanda that he will be back. David says that it is a good-looking kid, and Amanda asks what he is doing in there. David says that he is admiring the child they made and suggests that Dr. Pierce turn the monitor around so that Amanda can see. Amanda says that she is okay. David says that this is a tremendous moment for a mother-to-be and asks why Amanda would want to miss it.

Krystal says that a child is in danger. The officer says that there is a full APB out on the Chandlers. Krystalís phone rings, and Little Adam tells her that he is going on a trip with J.R. Krystal says that it sounds like fun and asks where J.R. is taking Little Adam. Krystal asks Colby where Little Adam is. Colby says that Little Adam is on vacation with Adam and that the only people at the house are her and Lucretia. Krystal says that Little Adam just called her from J.R.ís cell phone and said that they were at the house getting ready to go on a trip. Colby tells Krystal to check the house if she wants. Krystal tells J.R. to stop and says that J.R. canít take Little Adam.

Randi and Frankie recite their vows. The Justice of the Peace asks for the rings. Frankie says that he doesnít have one, and Angie says that she does. Angie says that Jesseís mother gave him the ring and she has always wanted to pass it down to Frankie to give to his wife. Randi and Frankie are pronounced husband and wife.

Jake tells Amanda not to let David rattle her cage. Amanda says that in a few months the baby will be gone and all David will have left are the pictures.

Little Adam says that he dropped his cow. J.R. says that they canít go back right now. Little Adam says that they have to because Mama gave it to him. J.R. says that he is sorry but they have to get on the plane now. Sirens start going off.

Rachael reads a book to Spike. Zach comes in, and Rachael asks if he can take over. Rachael says that Ian is upstairs sleeping and her mom is sick again. Zach says that he will watch the boys until Kendall comes home. Rachael says that Kendall isnít coming home and that she said she would stay the night. Zach says ok and tells Rachael to go check on her mom. Rachael thanks him. Zach tells Spike that he will always be there for him and will always be his dad.

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