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All My Children Update Monday 3/23/09


Written by Mandy
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Randi says that Frankie is her hostage. Angie knocks on the door and says that they have a wedding to plan.

David tells Jay that they have to push Erica out of her comfort zone to make her bring Little Adam back. David tells Jay to go amp up the pressure, but Jay says that he canít just stroll into a police interrogation. David asks Erica where Adam took his grandson. Jack reminds David that Little Adam is also Adamís grandson. Erica says that she is too busy to be involved in the Chandler affairs because she has her own family to take care of.

Kendall says that she doesnít feel too productive this morning and apologizes for the previous night being chaos. Kendall says that Erica thinks that sleeping with Ryan makes a bad situation even worse and asks what Ryan thinks. Ryan asks Kendall to tell him.

Reese tells Zach that her vision is almost all the way back and that it will be back to 100% in a couple of days. Reese says that she is being sprung today, and Zach says that they have to get her a corner suite in the hotel. Reese says that she has to stop leaning on Zach if she is ever going to get back to Bianca and the girls. Reese says that Zach and Kendall have some things that they need to work on. Zach says that all the decisions have been made.

Kendall says that her life is a disaster area but being with Ryan feels right. Kendall says that now Ryan is her best friend in the whole world. Ryan asks Kendall who she sees him as now. Kendall says that Ryan is the father of her child, a man she trusts and the man that she cares about. Ryan says that he is also the man that she cheated on Zach with. Kendall says that she wanted to call Zach last night but she couldnít because she knew he was with Reese. Ryan says that if Kendall wants to be with Zach, then she should go back to him.

Jesse tells David to get out of the interrogation room. J.R. realizes that Jesse hasnít arrested David for breaking into his house and poisoning him. Erica says that she has no idea where Adam is. Krystal says that Erica told her that she was never going to let Krystal see Little Adam again, and Erica says that she never said something like that. Krystal says that Erica is a liar. Jesse says that he will throw David, Krystal and Erica into the smallest jail cell he has and that it would be a pleasure.

Angie says that someone cancelled a party at ConFusion, so she booked it for Randi and Frankieís reception in a week. Angie says that she also booked the church but she could cancel. Randi says that she is totally on board and that she is going to get dressed.

David asks J.R. if he would like a glass of club soda. J.R. tells David to pour a tall glass of poison club soda, drink it and drop dead. Jesse tells Erica that obstruction of justice is a serious charge that could land her in jail again. Erica asks Jack to give her a moment with Jesse, and Jack leaves. Erica says that Little Adam belongs with his father in his own home. Jesse says that it is for Social Services and the judge to decide. Erica tells Jesse a story about two teenagers and Frankie, as a baby. Erica says that David is every bit as toxic as Les Baxter was.

Angie says that every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding. Angie says that Frankie will be happy that he did this and Randi says that he better be happy unless he is having second thoughts about marrying her. Frankie says that he wants to give Randi the wedding that she dreamed of. Randi says that she dreams of marrying Frankie and everything else is negotiable.

Kendall says that she is going to get some air and runs into Reese. Reese says that she and Zach are friends and that is all they ever were or ever will be. Kendall says that Ďfriendsí is a very broad category. Reese says that she is gay and in love with Bianca. Kendall says that being gay and in love with Bianca didnít stop Reese from sucking Zachís face. Reese apologizes for kissing Zach. Ryan says that he is going to get some air. Kendall tells Ryan that he can stay and finish his work and promises that it wonít take long. Reese says that kissing Zach never had anything to do with wanting him. Reese says that she hopes Kendall can forgive Zach.

Myrtle tells Zach that he is in charge of his own life. A woman brings Zach a package.

Angie starts going over wedding details. Frankie says that he draws the line at the penguin suit. Randi says that she picked up a chiffon dress and put it in the back of her closet. Angie tells Randi to go put it on, and Frankie tells her to model for them. Angie asks Frankie if he should be getting to the hospital. Frankie says that he should be and asks Randi what happened to her keeping him hostage. Randi says that his mother happened and she has the biggest event of their lives to plan. Frankie says that he should be around for a little bit because he needs a say. Angie says that Frankie needs to go to the hospital, and Randi agrees.

Jesse tells David that Erica doesnít know where Adam is and that they donít have anything to hold her on. David says that it is incompetent, and Jesse tells David to file a complaint. Jack tells J.R. to keep Erica out of Adamís next caper. J.R. says that Erica isnít involved in any way. David tells Erica that it isnít over, and Jesse tells David to get out of there. Erica and Jack talk about Fusion. Jack tells Erica to call someone else the next time she needs a lawyer. Erica asks J.R. for a moment. J.R. says that it is Little Adamís birthday, and Erica says that it is Mirandaís, too. Erica says that she canít celebrate with Biancaís little girl but J.R. can give Little Adam a special gift. J.R. says that he will never be able to thank Erica enough, and she says that she will think of something.

Jesse says that if he catches David shadowing Erica, he will be arrested for stalking. David says that Erica abetted a kidnapping, and Jesse says that Adam took his grandson on a trip. Jesse says that he is still gunning to nail David for poisoning J.R. David says that Jesse doesnít have the chops or the evidence. Jesse says that he has chops in spades and evidence has a funny way of cropping up when it is least expected. David reminds Jesse that he has real evidence against Frankie for falsifying medical records to help a friend. Jesse says that Davidís ass is his.

Kendall says that her marriage is over and Reese and Bianca are finished. Reese says that she is fighting for Bianca, and Kendall should be fighting for her marriage, too. Reese says that she will prove to Bianca that she can be trusted. Kendall says that Reeseís chances are slim to none. Erica gets off the elevator. Reese says that no matter what it takes or how long it takes, she will be Ericaís daughter-in-law.

Aidan tells Zach that Ryan has quit hacking into Cambias files. Zach says that Ryan probably has everything he needs. Aidan says that he is blocking Ryanís every move, but Zach says that Aidan isnít blocking every move. Zach says that Aidan has betrayed him again.

Erica says that Bianca is moving on. Reese says that she will catch up with Bianca. Reese says that her mother tried to reform her and that she carried her motherís shame with her always and that is what sabotaged her relationship with Bianca. Reese says that she is now free of that shame. Reese says that she will prove that she is the woman Bianca deserves.

Zach says that Aidan didnít tell him about what Ryan and Kendall did after hours. Aidan says that what Ryan and Kendall do in their private time is none of his business. Zach says that Aidan made it his business and then covered for Ryan. Aidan says that he didnít cover for Ryan, he covered for Kendall. Aidan says that he is covering Ryanís business moves and if Zach wants Ryanís personal moves, he has to find another guy.

Reese says that Erica keeping an open mind would be more than enough for her. Erica says that she will see what she can do. Kendall says that the woman who tanked her marriage is the perfect distraction from saving her company. Erica says that Reese never had the power to tank Kendallís marriage all by herself. Erica says that every marriage has rough spots and you just have to work through them and that if Kendall wanted to be with Zach, she would be. Ryan says that Zach is a walking black hole. Erica says that she knows that Greenlee is dead but Zach is alive and Ryanís bitterness isnít helping Kendall. Ryan says that it should be the other way around. Ryan leaves. Kendall tries to stop Ryan, but Erica tells her to leave him alone.

Jay says that his client is too distraught to know what he is saying. Jesse says that David is also under investigation for putting J.R. in the hospital. David tells Jay to get him out of there. Jay asks what David was thinking when he threatened the chief of police. David tells Jay to go get Judge Salke. Krystal says that she got an eyeful of J.R. and Erica head-to-head in the hall and that Erica handed J.R. a note and he walked off with a smile. David says that means that J.R. is going to see Little Adam as they speak.

J.R. visits Little Adam and wishes him a Happy Birthday!

Frankie and Brot run into each other, and Frankie realizes that he is on the wrong floor. Frankie says that the wedding is in 7 days, and Brot congratulates him. Brot asks what he has to do to get an invitation to the wedding, and Frankie asks Brot to be his best man.

Angie says that Randi will be the most exquisite bride that anyone has ever seen.

Jesse says that Frankie looks like he is running on fumes. Frankie says that he just hit empty and asks if he can crash on his old bed for a few hours. Jesse asks if Randi and Frankie are having problems. Frankie says that they have just one problem and that is him reporting for duty in less than a month and Angie being in wedding overdrive. Jesse tells Frankie to go home and says that he will take care of Angie.

Randi says that she used to see little girls with their moms fussing over party dresses and she never had those moments with her mom. Angie says that if Randi needs a mom, she is applying for the job. Randi asks when Angie can start, and Angie says that she thought she already had. Angie says that Randi hasnít seen fussing yet. Randi says that she doesnít have a sewing kit. Angie says that she will run to the mall and get a sewing kit and look for some sort of veil. Angie tells Randi not to sit in the dress because it will rumple the back. Randi says that she will just stand. Angie leaves, and Randi starts humming ďHere comes the bride.Ē Frankie walks in and grabs Randi. Angie comes in and finds Randi gone. Jesse says that Frankie and Randi ran for their lives.

Randi and Frankie ask a man if he can marry them immediately.

David says that he wants to press abuse charges against the chief of police and the department. A man says that Davidís position is weak. David asks for a moment alone with the judge. David says that scandal sells and that he could have the judge on the cover of ďTempoĒ magazine by morning. The judge asks what David is demanding now. David says that he wants kidnapping charges brought against Adam and J.R.

J.R. gives Little Adam a remote-controlled car. Erica shows up and says that sometimes it is really smart to hide in plain sight. J.R. asks where his father is, and Erica says that Adam was there for a while but there is some bad news.

Kendall remembers what Reese and Erica said about Zach. Zach gets off the elevator and gives Kendall a petition for divorce.

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