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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/18/09


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Reese says that she sees the light and asks what it means. Angie says that the new MRI shows a cyst is a possible cause of the blindness. Angie says that it is possible for Reese to get her sight back after the operation.

Colby suggests that Pete should sit down, but Pete says that he is fine. Colby asks Pete if he wants to go another few miles, and Pete says that he would but he has to go move into Tadís. J.R. tells Pete to watch out for Amanda because she might try to stick a knife in his back. J.R. tells Colby and Pete that David is the father of Amandaís baby. J.R. says that he doesnít ever want to hear Amandaís name again. Krystal comes in and says that she has big news about Amanda.

Amanda tells Jake that she didnít sleep at all last night. Jake, Tad, Amanda and Kathy get ready for Opal and Peteís arrival.

David tells Jesse that a judge has issued an order for Adam to appear in court and a search warrant for the mansion. Jesse says that he will execute the warrant. David says that he wouldnít miss it for the world because J.R. is going to go ballistic.

Ryan says that he thought he heard someone in the room with them. Kendall says that it was probably just the wind. Ryan says that what happened last night was a huge mistake, but Kendall says that he is wrong.

Angie tells Reese that the operating room is being prepped. Reese says that the surgery will work. Zach says that if it doesnít work, they will do something else. Zach says that he isnít leaving. Reese says that she hopes that she can work everything out with Bianca but that she will figure it out. Zach asks if Reese wants him to step outside, and she says no. Reese says that she is afraid that she will wake up from the surgery and everything they have worked through will vanish because of Kendall.

Ryan criticizes himself for what happened, while Kendall tries to justify it for him. Kendall says that Ryan canít go through the helplessness and the ache alone. Ryan says that they both have to be honest about what this was. Kendall says that she will not apologize for looking for some comfort. Ryan says that he wants to take everything away from Zach but he would never use Kendall to do it. Ryan says that what happened brought back a lot of feelings.

Krystal tells J.R. that David has signed a legal document saying that he wonít pursue Amandaís child. J.R. says that he only cared about Amanda because he thought the baby was his. J.R. says that Krystal got the document to protect her marriage. Krystal says that she cares about J.R., and J.R. says that Krystal betrayed him. J.R. tells Krystal to leave him out of it. Krystal says that she is just trying to help, and J.R. says that if she wants to help him, she can get David to sign a legal document saying that he wonít come after Little Adam.

Kathy says that Opal can have her allowance. Opal says that the only thing she doesnít understand is how all that money just evaporates. Jake says that the money went into the pocket of a very greedy, crooked business manager. Tad tells Opal to relax and make herself feel right at home. Opal says that she will pull her weight and that she can cook and used to have a beauty parlor.

David tells J.R. to step aside because Jesse has work to do. Jesse says that he has orders from a judge to search the house. J.R. says that Adam isnít even there, and Jesse says to get in touch with him so that they can let Adam know when to appear in court. J.R. says that he doesnít even know where Adam is and that all he knows is that Adam took Little Adam on vacation. Krystal says that she should get going. David says that he will see her back at the house and then she will tell him what she was doing there.

Kendall says that she needed Ryan last night. Kendall says that she wanted to hurt Zach but that is not why it happened. Kendall says that their making love stirred up something inside of her, too. Kendall asks Ryan to hold her.

Zach says that his face is going to be the first that Reese sees when she opens her eyes. Angie takes Reese down for surgery.

Tad and Jake try to get furniture up the stairs. Pete says that he canít breathe. Tad says that they canít find the right angle, and Pete tells them to try a 30 degree angle. Opal says that it is too inconvenient and that they will just head out to the Pine Cone. Tad says that he wants them to be there and promises that they will work it out.

J.R. says that David is desperate to hold on to someone and that is why he is going after Little Adam. J.R. says that the only child he ever cared about was his son and tells David to search the planet if he wants, but he is never getting his hands on Little Adam. David says that if the mansion was a safe, stable and peaceful home for Little Adam, he would have been happy with the occasional visit - which J.R. denied him. J.R. says that if David was a stable, safe grandfather instead of a psychopath, he might have been invited. David says that J.R. killed Babe and he wonít let J.R. kill Little Adam, too.

The phone rings and David asks J.R. if he is going to answer it.

Tad asks Jake how long Amanda is planning to stay there, and Jake says that she will be there until she gets on her feet. Amanda asks Jake to make Opal stop. Amanda says that Opal keeps going on and on about the joys of motherhood. Amanda says that the only way the baby can have a safe and happy life is by putting it up for adoption. Opal comes in and starts talking about formula and motherís milk.

Kendall says that she and Ryan have to promise each other that it is about them and not about getting back at Zach.

Angie tells Zach that the surgery is going well. Zach thanks Angie. Angie says that it seems like yesterday that Zach was standing in the same corridor waiting for news about Kendall. Aidan comes up and says that he has an update on Ryan.

Jesse asks if someone is going to answer the phone. David says that someone obviously wants to talk to J.R., but he refuses to answer. Jesse tells J.R. to answer the phone or he will be arrested for obstruction. J.R. answers the phone and says ďHi, Dad.Ē David says that Adam needs to bring Little Adam back immediately because he has a court order. Jesse takes the phone and says that he needs Adam back in Pine Valley. Jesse hangs up and says that it was Corrina calling for Colby. David says that he was hoping that they could handle this like mature adults, but obviously J.R. is incapable of that. Jesse tells J.R. and David that if he hears anymore threats, he will throw them both in jail.

Opal, Jake, Amanda, Tad, Kathy, Colby and Pete play a game. Pete says that he will pay for dinner because he got a promotion. Krystal shows up and asks if Opal is there.

Aidan says that he found a long trail of email messages that are very interesting. Zach asks what kind of messages they are, and Aidan says that he doesnít have all the details yet. Aidan says that Ryan really does want to take everything from Zach.

Ryan asks Jesse to tell him when he can get Greenlee out of there. Kendall says that Jesse will take care of it as quickly as possible.

Pete brings Krystal into the room where the game is going on. Krystal asks how Opal is doing, and Opal says that she was fine until Krystal walked in. Krystal says that she brought over some clothes for Opal. Tad asks Kathy to help Colby with the soda and asks Krystal what she wants. Krystal says that she wants to say hello to Jenny. Tad says that it isnít a good time. Krystal says that she has good news for Amanda and that David has signed legal documents saying that he will not pursue custody of her baby. Tad asks Krystal what she is doing. Krystal says that she thought Amanda would want to know. Tad suggests that something went wrong with David and now she is trying to wedge her toe in the door. Krystal says that isnít what she wants. Tad says that she doesnít get a second chance.

Kendall tells Ryan to get started with Jesse and that she will get them some coffee. Kendall asks Zach what he is doing there. Zach says that Reese is in surgery. Kendall says that she and Ryan just got back from identifying Greenleeís body in Connecticut.

David says that J.R. is going to learn his lesson the hard way. David says that he is going to force Adam to bring Little Adam back to Pine Valley. Krystal asks David what he is going to do. David says that he has to go and when he gets back, they will have the talk about her visit to the Chandler mansion.

Jake tells Amanda that with David out of the picture, maybe she could keep the baby and show it a great life. Amanda says that if David really wants her baby, a piece of paper wonít stop him. Jake says that they could fight it, and Amanda says that they would lose and that she has made her decision.

Zach asks Angie how the surgery went. Angie says that Reese is just coming out of the anesthesia and they wonít know anything until the bandages come off. Zach asks if he can sit with Reese for a while.

Kendall apologizes for bailing on Ryan. Ryan says that it is fine and that he is done. Kendall says that she told Zach and Aidan about Greenlee. Ryan asks what Zach was doing there, and Kendall says that Reese was in surgery. Kendall says that she has to get to Fusion and will talk to Ryan later. Aidan tells Ryan that he was at the morgue, too.

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