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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/17/09


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Randi says that she will be there when Frankie gets home from Iraq and that she is going to pray every hour that he is safe. Randi says that she wants those prayers to come from his wife. Frankie says that he would love to marry Randi and start a family with her but he canít, and he apologizes.

Kendall says that she misses Zach and wants him back. Zach asks her why she didnít say these things when he was walking out the door, and Kendall says that they both thought they needed time. Zach says that maybe it is too late. Kendall assumes that Zach slept with Reese. Zach says that he didnít but he wanted to. Kendall says that it was obvious that the kiss meant more than he said.

Reese thanks Zach for coming back and says that she needs him. The door closes again.

Jesse tells Ryan that some fishermen found a body in the river and the sheriff thinks it is Greenlee.

Taylor asks when they are going to talk about it. Brot asks if Taylor wants to discuss how he saw the fire and froze. Taylor says that Brot saved Opalís life. Brot says that he hesitated because he was afraid.

Frankie says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Randi making her happy, and she asks why he wonít marry her. Frankie says that going back to Iraq changes everything and that there are no guarantees. Randi says that she isnít after guarantees and that Frankie isnít going to scare her off. Frankie says that when he came back before, he wasnít the same man. Frankie says that he wonít be the same man she wants to marry.

Jesse says that someone needs to identify Greenleeís body and that Jack couldnít do it. Ryan says that Jack shouldnít have to do it and that he needs to do this for Greenlee.

Aidan shows up at the casino looking for Zach. A woman says that Zach will be back later for the security briefing. Aidan says that he will wait at the bar.

Kendall says that everyone thought she was paranoid. Zach says that Kendall is the only woman he will ever love, and Kendall says that he wants to sleep with Reese. Ryan calls and tells Kendall that he is going to Connecticut to identify Greenleeís body.

Frankie says that he has to play down the danger to spare Randi and Angie but nobody knows what he saw in Iraq. Randi asks him to tell her because she can handle it. Frankie says that he can spare Randi all the pain because she can walk away from him. Randi says that she doesnít want to walk away from him. Frankie says that she doesnít want to marry into his life. Frankie says that he wonít let Randi pledge her life to him because it isnít fair and apologizes.

Taylor says that Brot isnít the same cocky tough guy that he was. Taylor says ďthatĒ Brot was the guy she fell in love with 2 years ago and ďthisĒ Brot is the man she has fallen in love with since.

Aidan tells Zach that he wants reassurance that Zach will hold up his end of the bargain. Zach says that as soon as they take Ryan down, they will deal with Annie. Aidan says that he found out who has been helping Ryan hack into the Cambias system and the person is now working for them.

Ryan tells Pete that it isnít a good time. Pete says that Colby forgot her Pol-Sci book when they were studying and that he wanted to drop it off to her. Kendall shows up at Ryanís and says that she is going with him. Kendall tells Ryan that they will call Randi from the car and tell her to take care of things at Fusion while they are in Connecticut. Kendall says that the most important thing is being with Ryan.

Zach tells Aidan that he needs to hear something concrete by tomorrow. Pete calls Aidan and says that Kendall and Ryan are going to Connecticut together for the night.

Frankie tells Taylor and Brot that he got his papers and will be back in Iraq in a month. Taylor asks if Frankie has told Randi yet, and Frankie says that he just left her at ConFusion. Frankie says that he hopes Randi can forgive him when he gets home because he just broke things off with her. Frankie says that he doesnít want Randi giving up her life for him when he doesnít know what is going to happen or who he will be when he gets back.

Zach goes to see Reese. Reese says that she wanted to apologize to Zach earlier but he walked out again. Zach says that he ignores things because when he ignores things, they can just disappear. Zach says that he canít ignore what he did to Reese and tells her that his marriage is over. Zach says that he is exactly the same as his father and brother.

Randi tells Jesse that Frankie doesnít want her waiting for him while he is overseas. Jesse says that Frankie loves Randi but doesnít want to see her hurt and doesnít want her to have to sacrifice her own life. Jesse says that Frankie is scared to death that one day Randi might have to go through the hell of identifying his body. Randi asks if Jesse thinks that Frankie is doing the right thing, and Jesse says that it is up to Randi and Frankie to say what the right thing is. Jesse asks Randi if he can give her a lift home, and she says that she is going to hang out for a while.

Frankie says that he doesnít want to come home and have Randi take care of him for the rest of his life out of some sense of obligation. Brot says that if he had to go back and do it all over again, he would marry Taylor the second she said yes. Brot says that at least then, if he died, Taylor would have had something and he could still take care of her.

Taylor tells Randi that Frankie couldnít have been more wrong in what he did. Taylor says that Brot and Frankie need to be heroes, and Frankie is scared to death about going back to Iraq. Randi says that she asked Frankie to marry her but he said no and cut her loose. Randi asks what else she can do. Taylor tells Randi to fight like hell for Frankie.

A man tells Ryan that the body was in the water for a while and it might be impossible to make a positive ID. Ryan says that he understands and asks for a moment. Kendall says that maybe they should wait for the DNA testing to come back. Ryan says that he has to know so that he can put it to rest. Ryan says that he has to do it. Kendall says that Ryan doesnít have to look because it is Greenlee and shows him the engagement ring. Ryan tells the man that it is Greenlee.

Ryan and Kendall talk about Greenlee. Kendall says that she would do anything to change what happened. Ryan says that it wasnít Kendallís fault. Kendall says that she was the one who ran Greenlee off the road, and Ryan says that Kendall and Greenlee were both on the road that night because of Zach and Reese.

Reese says that Zach is nothing like his father and brother. Zach says that he is going to find a way to fix this. Reese says that Zach is allowed to make mistakes and allowed to be happy. Reese tells Zach to let her help.

Randi asks Frankie what he is doing there. Frankie says that he doesnít want to lose Randi, and she says that he didnít have to. Frankie says that he has tried to give Randi an out so that she could walk away before it gets too deep. Randi says that it is too late for that because she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Taylor returns home and asks where Frankie went. Brot says that Frankie is getting engaged, if Randi doesnít drop-kick him to the curb. Taylor asks if it was Brotís idea, and Brot says that he told Frankie that he would be an idiot not to snap Randi up. Brot says that everyone deserves a little happiness and says that he is sorry that Taylor had to wait so long for it. Taylor says that he was worth waiting for. Brot asks Taylor if she is disappointed that Frankie is going back to Iraq, and she isnít. Taylor says that Iraq was about being close to Brot.

Reese asks Zach to turn the light back on. Zach turns the light on, and she says that she sees a blur of light with shadows in it.

Ryan tells Kendall that he will get her a wake-up call and that she should get some sleep. Ryan says that he doesnít know how he would have gotten through the last couple of weeks without Kendall. Kendall says that Ryan helped her, too. Kendall asks why she should bother fighting for her marriage when Zach has admitted that he wants someone else. Ryan says that Zach is a fool for walking out on her, and Kendall says that they have both been fooled.

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