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All My Children Update Monday 3/16/09


Written by Mandy
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Frankie says that he signed a contract and has no choice. Randi says that if Frankie goes to Iraq, they are over.

Jake tells Amanda that he is going to do whatever he has to do to keep her safe. Amanda says that she needs to get rid of the baby and canít do it without Jakeís help. Amanda tells Jake that she has the perfect plan and that he is the only one who can make it happen.

Pete and Aidan talk about Peteís hacking skills. Aidan says that he knows Pete used Kendallís computer to hack into the Cambias system for Ryan.

Kendall scares Ryan. Ryan says that he was just going over the numbers for the meeting with the advertisers. Kendall says that Ryan is using her computer to do it again, and Ryan apologizes and says that his computer isnít on the network yet. Ryan asks if Kendall heard from Zach, and she says no. Kendall asks what is wrong with her and why she wonít fight for her marriage.

Reese asks Zach to leave her alone for a minute, and he says that he canít. Reese says that she wants Bianca and her family.

Frankie tells Randi that she knew this day would come. Randi says that she canít live every day wondering and worrying about getting the knock on the door saying that he has been hurt or killed. Frankie tells Randi to have faith, and she says that honoring a manís duty blew up Taylor and Brotís lives and that she doesnít want it to happen to them. Frankie says that he will put in his time and come back to Randi. Angie comes in and says that they canít stop Frankie from doing what he needs to do. Randi says that there has to be something they can do, and Jesse says that they will let Frankie go.

David and Jay talk about getting Little Adam away from the Chandlers. Krystal says that Adam didnít kidnap Little Adam. David says that Little Adam almost drowned years ago when he was supposed to be taken care of by J.R. and asks if they can bring that up in court. Krystal points out that it was an accident. Jay says that he will ask the court for a hearing date and then Adam will have no choice but to return with Little Adam or face criminal charges.

Pete says that he would never hack into a companyís files and that Aidan has the wrong guy. Aidan says that he has the right guy and asks Pete if he noticed the new firewalls when he last hacked into the Cambias system. Pete says that he was just helping Ryan and will never do it again. Aidan says that he wants Pete to keep helping Ryan and then report back to him. Pete says that he tried corporate espionage once and that he is going to back away slowly. Aidan says that if Pete backs away, he will tell Zach and Kendall what has been going on. Aidan says that he is offering a lot of cash on a regular basis. Aidan suggests that Pete should take Colby out for lobster. Pete asks how to reach Aidan, and Aidan says that he will find Pete. Pete tells Colby that they are going out for lobster.

Kendall says that she pushes too hard, and Ryan says that Zach will come back if that is what they both want. Kendall and Ryan talk about her actions since the coma. Ryan says that he doesnít want Zach to hurt Kendall.

Zach asks if there is any news on Ryan, and Aidan says that he got confirmation that Ryan is using Kendallís computer and passwords to access Cambias data. Aidan says that they are one step ahead of Ryan. Zach orders a scotch and asks what made Aidan fall in bed with Kendall.

Jesse tells Randi that they are counting on Frankie being safe. Frankie says that Randi is overreacting. Randi leaves.

Amanda tells Jake all the details of her plan to give her baby up for adoption and fake a death certificate. Jake says that the plan is never going to work.

Zach tells Aidan to keep him posted. Reese comes up and says that she wants to talk to Zach. Zach says that it isnít the place, and they leave. Kendall sees this and asks if Zach and Reese are having an affair.

Jesse says that Randi will come around, and Frankie suggests that maybe they should just end things like Randi said. Angie says that she will be right back. Jesse says that Frankie would be making a huge mistake if he turned his back on what he has with Randi. Frankie says that Jesse turned his back on him and Angie. Jesse says that he didnít have a choice but Frankie does.

Krystal asks David about Amandaís baby, and he says that he doesnít care about that baby. David asks what he has to do to prove it to her, and Krystal says that she wants a legal document stating that David will not pursue custody of Amandaís child, signed by him. David asks what she will do if he doesnít give her the document. Krystal says that she might decide that Little Adam belongs with the Chandlers.

Kendall asks Aidan if Zach and Reese are sleeping together, and he says that he doesnít know. Aidan asks if Kendall still loves Zach. Kendall says that she loves Zach and the life they made but she doesnít know how to get it back.

Angie tells Randi that they want the same thing for Frankie but that she has realized she canít stop Frankie from making a decision that he needs to make for himself. Angie says that Frankie has a life with Randi and wants more. Angie tells Randi to savor and nurture what she has with Frankie and it will give him something to come home to.

Amanda and Jake talk about her plan. Amanda says that she loves the baby and it deserves a real home. Jake says that there has to be another way, and Amanda says that it has to be this way.

Pete tells Colby that he came into some cash. Colby asks Pete where he got the money and why he is acting like this. Pete says that he is exploring his employment options. Colby asks if Peteís new boss knows that he is exploring his options.

Zach says that he is done hurting Reese. Reese tells Zach to get out.

Pete and Ryan talk. Pete says that there could be new firewalls and security measures. Ryan says that they should shelve business for now because Pete has a date with Colby and Ryan has a date with his daughter.

Frankie says that letting Randi go would be protecting her, and Jesse suggests that it would be a cop out. Frankie says that if Randi canít handle him being in Iraq, he would rather just let her go. Jesse says that Frankie should convince Randi that he would walk on water to come back to her. Angie says that they will settle for coming home and that Frankie doesnít have to walk on water. Frankie asks where Randi is, and Angie says that she is taking her time. Angie suggests that she and Jesse butt out and let Frankie and Randi enjoy their evening.

Krystal asks if Amanda is there, and Jake tells her to go away. Krystal says that she wants to talk to Amanda and explain that she wants to help protect the baby.

Randi says that she hates that Frankie is going back to Iraq but she will be waiting for him when he gets home. Randi says that she wants to marry Frankie.

David gives Krystal legal documentation that he has no intention of going after Amandaís child.

Amanda talks to the baby about her plan for her babyís future. Amanda says that she will do anything to keep the baby safe.

Ryan promises Emma that he will be on time for their next date. Emma asks if Ryan was working to get the bad people who hurt Greenlee. Ryan says that they arenít bad people and he isnít angry anymore. Ryan says that he misses Greenlee a lot, and Emma says that she does, too. Ryan suggests that they go to the park the next day, and she agrees. Jesse shows up, and Ryan asks Emma to go upstairs and pick out her outfit for the park. Jesse tells Ryan that he thinks they have found Greenlee.

Reese apologizes for yelling at Zach and thanks him for coming back because she needs him.

Zach tells Kendall that he came to kiss the boys goodnight. Kendall says that she misses Zach and that she wants him back. Kendall asks Zach to tell her what to do and she will do it. Zach asks why she didnít say this when he was walking out the door. Kendall says that they both thought they needed time. Zach says that maybe it is too late. Kendall asks Zach if he slept with Reese and says that she saw him going to Reeseís room at the casino. Zach says that he didnít but he wanted to.

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