AMC Update Friday 3/13/09

All My Children Update Friday 3/13/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.


Angie tells Opal she is lucky she survived the fire. Opal is sad, because her mansion is a pile of rubble. She blames herself for burning the tarot cards. Jack tells her she is in financial trouble; he tells her she is broke. Jack thinks Opal’s business manager stole her money. Tad asked Opal to move in with him. Tad suggests to Jake that Amanda move out to make room for Opal and Petey.


JR yells at Frankie for keeping Amanda’s secret about the baby’s father. Krystal walks in and JR tells her that she disgusts him; he also tells her that Babe would be ashamed of her. Krystal slaps him. JR blames Amanda for being responsible for his troubles with Little A, David and Krystal. Amanda tells JR that she loves him and wanted him to be the father of her baby. She knows he loves her too, which is why he is there. He tells her he is there to say goodbye.

David tells Amanda that he will sue for custody of the baby if she makes one error in raising it. He promises that she will not have a David free future. He threatens that she will regret it if she keep him away from his child. David taunts JR about having a room at Wildwind for Little A.

Aidan and Annie make love in her bed at Oak Haven. Aidan reviews Cambias files and Annie is curious. He tells her about his new job. Annie tells Aidan that Petey was the computer expert at Fusion and a light come on in Aidan’s eyes. A graduate student, Tori enter Annie’s room. She wants to do a thesis on Annie. Annie gives Tori a makeover to help her get a boyfriend. Tori has read Annie’s file and know about Ryan; she mentions Ryan, and Annie become upset. Annie told her that Ryan ripped her life away, and stole her daughter. Annie loses it, and Tori quietly leave the room.

Ryan encounters added security on Fusion and Cambias’ files.

Kendall arrives at Fusion with her boys. Rachel had an emergency. Ryan asks if Zach has seen the boys, and Kendall answers no. She tells Ryan how she attempted to call Zach, but could not do it. Kendall tells Ryan that she wanted Zach to visit the boys. She later admitted that she missed Zach also. Spike keeps asking for Zach. She is happy that he is not there to argue, but she hates the silence. Ryan tells her that the silence is the worst, and urges her to call Zach, even though he hates him. Kendall calls Zach and tells him to come see the boys at Fusion. He wants to know why he wasn’t called earlier. Zach arrives. Ryan gives Spike to Zach. Zach will bring the boys home and put them to sleep. Rachel has taken care of her emergency, and will meet them at Zach’s house.

A specialist examines Reese, but there is no change. Zach promises to call another specialist. Zach tells Reese he left Kendall and Reese blames herself. Zach assures her that their problems started before Gabriel. He assures her that their separation has nothing to do with her. Angie visits Reese, and Reese confides in Angie about Bianca, the girls and wanting to run away.

Petey tells Randi that his family is poor. Colby agreed to go on a date with him, and he has no money. Natalia wants to talk to Randi about Frankie returning to Iraq. Randi was not told about Frankie’s orders. Randi finds Frankie and he tells her about David and Amanda. Randi wants to know why Frankie is keeping his return to Iraq a secret. She is upset about him keeping a secret that impacts her.

Aidan visits the casino and Zach wants to know if he has any news. Aidan tells him that someone has been using Kendall’s computer and accessing Cambias’ financial records. Zach saw Ryan at Fusion using Kendall’s computer. Aidan put up a firewall for protection, but Zach does not think that will keep Ryan at bay. Petey show Ryan how to get around the firewall. Zach’s manager gives him a letter addressed to Reese from Bianca.

Kendall asks Ryan about his intentions toward Zach and about using her to get to Zach. Ryan promises that he is not using Kendall.

Jake promises to protect Amanda from David.

Krystal wants to know why David turned on Amanda. She knows he wants Amanda’s baby. He promises that he wants Little A only.

Colby and Petey are at the casino getting free food. Aidan see Petey in the casino and approaches him.

Ryan stays after work to use the computer, thinking that he was at the office alone. Kendall noticed that he was trying to hide something from her, and she asked about it.

Zach reads the letter from Bianca to Reese. Bianca mentions that Kendall called to tell her about Reese’s accident. Bianca cannot return to Pine Valley, but she wishes Reese well. She mentions that the girls are fine and she is adjusting to her new life. Bianca want good things for Reese. Reese asks to be left alone, but Zach tries to hold her. She pushes him away and he leaves the room.

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